Over 800 Cats and Dogs Rescued In China

Thanks to Nancy at Our World (nackpets.wordpress.com).

Just sharing some good news and more ways to help in the fight against the dog/cat meat trade. But of course, don’t forget, you must be vegan to be standing on firm ground on this issue. Also, for more about the rescuers, check out:

Cecils Pride

stand up against dog meat.png

Great news from CHINA. Over 800 Cats and Dogs rescued by group ‘Ping An a Fu’.

Ping An A Fu volunteers saved 170 dogs and over 600 cats. These lives were at the brink of horror and death. They were in transit to the tragic fate. The rescue was more than difficult and dangerous. So much ups and downs in this saving process and every little action required humongous courage. Though Ping An A Fu family already has almost 7000 children, we couldn’t not ignore these innocent lives who were struggling on their way to human’s selfishness.

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After a whole night insist , All the cats now have been handed over to volunteers. One of the NGO in Nanjing will take over all the cats to their Rescue Shelter .
Thanks for front-line volunteers . Thank you for your insistence ! Thank you for your…

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