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Omnivore diet (along with keeping cats) is child abuse! Let’s go get ’em, angry mob!

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Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

If these subject parents were vegans, “THE vegan diet” would have been blamed, but they’re meat eaters, so bad parenting is pointed at. Nice how that works, isn’t it? Check out the fridge contents at 0:56 in the below article’s video…chicken packages. Casserole and roasting pots on the counters, commonly used for meat dishes. Bottle of steak sauce in the mess too, along with plenty of liquor bottles mentioned. Five starving children in a meat-eating household. Just imagine the field day everyone would be having if those parents had instead been uncommonly ill-informed, nutty “vegans.”

Article with video:

(Poor kid, imagine, trying to sell his toy to get a bit to eat, and four more hungry kids at home. Poor cats too. I hope all are safe now.)

Consider how about 15 to 16 million children (infancy to age 18) in the USA live in households where they are unable to have enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life. Realize that the vast majority (if not all) of those households rely on (often government supplied “free” with food stamps) meat/dairy/eggs as their main calorie sources. It is neglect and abuse causing these children suffering and ill health…inherent in that are bad food choices, lack of fresh produce, reliance on packaged junk and animal products and a general total lack of care, along with poverty which should preclude people from bringing children into the world to depend on them. That total lack of care was exemplified in these parents’ evidently caring more for their drunkenness than their children. 

So when a child neglect/malnourishment case occasionally occurs with ill-equipped vegan parents, please put 2 + 2 together and see these “vegan malnutrition/child abuse” stories as what they are. They’re hyped up garbage dug up by meat interests and spread by a beholden and unscrupulous media, and gobbled up and hatefully enjoyed by the public, so eager for legitimate sounding excuses to continue supporting animal abuse and killing. “It’s vegans we should hate, not our own culpability!”

FarmSanctuaryGo vegan. Stay vegan. Be healthy. Be impervious to the vicious and relentless, hugely financed campaign against veganism. And forge ahead. We are the animals’ only hope and we must grow and grow and succeed.