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12 Most Beautiful and Quaint Homes

Huge and abrupt change of pace for this blog, but that’s me (weird as heck). Things I love is what it’s about as well, and beautifully designed homes I do love a lot.

Yep, as much as I do not appreciate the human race, I’m over the top with appreciation for us at our best, and one of those bests is home design, especially the older style homes or those new ones that reflect well on the past.

So, following are some pics of houses that I particularly love the look and “feel” of. I don’t so much like huge stately mansions and such, preferring smaller charming places that don’t resemble hotels. One reason is that I don’t find housecleaning fun, lol. Big green yards, especially back yards, are a plus though…so big lots I like, just not huge houses.

My little condo is nice and I love it, but wouldn’t mind owning one of these lovely homes at all…hope you enjoy looking and dreaming, too. I of course picture them only with vegan foods in the fridge and pantry and happy dogs lolling about in bliss. No mean people allowed!!!

(All images are from the web, labeled as public domain or free to re-use or credited where required.) Click on pic for full size view…

Harriet Phillips Bungalow – photo credit: Daniel Case
Lake Little Historical House, Port Townsend, Washington
Spanish Mission-style House in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
Craftsman Bungalow
Pisgah Historical Home, Highland Park, California – photo credit: Ilmari Karonen
George L. Burlingame House – photo credit: Ed Uthman – PROBABLY MY TOP PICK 🙂
California Bungalow, Alexandria Virginia
Sears Catalog House circa 1926 – photo credit: Bootbearwdc on Flickr
Craftsman House, San Jose, California – photo credit: David Sawyer on Flickr
Red Brick House
Simply labeled “home”
“Holiday House”

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