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Something I know far too well

You may be all to familiar with it too…


13 thoughts on “Something I know far too well

      1. Thanks. I closed down my 3 Ning Sites and now I only do my Animal Help Site. I have purchased on 2 platforms and intertwined them into one mega site which is all geared for Animal Help and Vegan Pursuits.

        1. Great work; I’m sure you’re having a positive impact for animals, keep it up! It’s best to be inclusive of all good animal people, regardless of politics and such.

  1. I meant to also mention, this is Chazz. I didn’t realize it had stopped listing my name on my comments on Wordpreess. I opened a wordpress but haven’t done anything with it yet. I will though

    1. Ah, I’d had a feeling this might be you, Chazz, when I sort of recognized your email in the notification. Politics can sure be a terrible divider. The animals shouldn’t have to rely on human politics, only on our ethics/morality. Conservative animal advocates like myself can serve to help others come out of the closet. Liberal animal people may hate us or be bewildered and shun us, or worse, but that helps what? I’ve had more than my fill of such grief as well as the worse grief over loved ones who’ve passed (including many animals), to get back to the post here. Why we must suffer so much to love others is such a hard mystery.

    1. People believe if they’re content and safe for the moment that all’s well with the world, despite that billions are in nightmarish hells every day. But one devastating event can take a happy-go-lucky person down into the depths of despair and change that life forever.

      On a related tangent…something that seriously makes me grieve and inspired the video above: I’m reading “The Hot Zone” these days (one of my late brother’s book collection). It’s a well-written but revolting book about Ebola, from the 90s. I despise the author in his assertion throughout that animal vivisectors are heroic and that animals are mere things to be used…kidnapped and stuck in lab cages and made to suffer horribly and go insane from the confinement alone…continually referred to as their “giving their lives” and being “sacrificed” for humanity. Nauseating! Vivisector insanity runs so deep that, despite the fact that monkeys die in droves from Reston Ebola, that strain does not harm humans…and still they behave as if animals are our models for disease and “cures.” Aside from the horrible, evil spirit that allows these people to keep animals like that at all and experiment on them, they’re also profoundly insane. They’re so insane in their egotism that, what did they do after Reston Ebola had devastated a building full of monkeys they’d kidnapped from the Philippine jungles, and they feared that Reston Ebola could mutate to kill people horribly as well? They imported hundreds more from there!!! I may do an article on the Ebola insanity soon. Actually this tangent was almost an article, but I plan to get into it deeper.

      1. Ironically, I just received an article from Health Impact News, titled: “African Ebola Victims Get Dangerous Experimental Vaccines While Proven Life-saving Therapies Denied.” I will forward it and tag you on it.

        1. Sue: Thanks, I found it and skimmed through, will read fully later. What a tangled web people have weaved by “scientists” traveling around the world and poking their noses around where they don’t belong, and bringing their “work” home with them. How disgusting that an experimental vaccine (they’re all experimental and worse, always) is preferred over a safe, far cheaper and initially proven treatment like ozone therapy. Imagine the raging level of insanity of shooting a syringe full of treated virus along with a cocktail of toxins into a person who’s already infected with Ebola! Nothing could be more crazy. But crazy like a fox, since nothing can quite compare to the mega-profits and future “need” for ever more medical expenses that vaccines generate.

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