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GLUTEN FREE? But why? Really.

Only celiac patients (and a few others) need to eat gluten free.

Like paleo, keto, etc., the gluten-free fad is based in a nasty bit of profitable nonsense serving mainly to help the animal slaughter business in its ongoing struggle against the rising popularity of veganism.

Earlier this evening, I happened to catch a bit of an infomercial by a Dr. Amy Myers on public tv and I was really irritated by her routine. She’s an “ex-vegetarian” who has a smug and snide attitude about having been so silly for so much of her life as to eschew meat (while loading up on eggs and dairy). Well yeah, that was silly, but sadly so. She should have been vegan. So now, in her supposedly hard-earned wisdom, she goes on and on about the horrors of wheat, etc., with all sorts of terrifying stories to share.

She surely would advise that vegans are the most foolish creatures on the planet, especially since we are not potential customers for her array of expensive products.

Well, I’m a long-time vegan and eat a variety of tasty and healthy plant foods including grains, organic soy, etc., including gluten foods … all the things this woman says are practically poison for humans. Yet I’m a very healthy 61-yr-old woman on zero pharmaceuticals, never been on hormones. The last (and only one ever) prescription drug I was on were pain pills for an extracted impacted wisdom tooth in the year 2000.

Hypochondria for Sale

People without celiac disease or particular food sensitivities are not at all harmed by eating ORGANIC, NON-GMO whole wheat, etc., these so-called “gut wrecking, brain destroying” foods are actually good for us, providing needed zinc, selenium and so forth.

However, any grain or other produce, including GMO corn (corn is gluten free) grown using glyphosate is potentially harmful to consumers’ health, and that would be the real cause of anyone without celiac disease having problems from eating certain foods. It’s not the wheat, it’s the glyphosate (etc.); I truly believe that. Good video explaining all that:

This “ex-vegetarian,” Dr. Myers, seems to be on a quest for extreme wealth through selling books and products to gullible people by promoting hypochondria and painting eating food as more complicated than rocket science. And she’s pretty obviously in service to animal agriculture, i.e. the meat industry. But sadly, lots of people sit in her audience and eat up whatever she says, and they buy her products and follow her diet including “grass-fed beef and organic poultry.” Or at least lots of people did follow her; I don’t know how popular she still is.

Apparently eating almost nothing but fat and achieving ketosis is the new fad among the animal-ag puppets. Sigh.

Anyhow, I say, don’t trust “ex-vegetarians” with stuff to sell you.

As a 27-year vegetarian, Amy Myers ate eggs and dairy all along, probably lots of them, so any health problems she suffered were far more likely due to that than to wheat gluten or anything else.

Here’s what the real celiac community thinks of Dr. Amy Myers:

And here’s a good article debunking the whole “gluten-free” mania of today:


11 thoughts on “GLUTEN FREE? But why? Really.

  1. I despise people like her. The fact she was once vegetarian but never vegan speaks volumes for her ignorance and mental deficiency. I always have to ask, what exactly is the intended purpose of vegetarianism? What good do people expect that to serve? They are still supporting the cruelty industry, and still contributing to the needless killing of billions of innocent animals. So, exactly what good are they accomplishing? It stands to reason that they would also end up demonstrating greed, and a mental deficiency to recognize the continuance of the evils they pretend to be standing against. Now about the subject of Gluten containing foods. I am constantly reminding people that unless you have a gluten sensitivity or allergy the Gluten rich foods do not harm you. They are good for you. I am sick to death of the, “avoid gluten” fads that are running rampant in the world today. It is senseless.

    1. Thanks! I was busy in the other room while she was blithering on the tv and my blood started boiling…had to go and change the channel before my head exploded.

      1. That happens to me too often. LOL! I have no patience for that type of crap. I even find myself getting angry when I see people smack talking vegan food while they munch down on chunks fo dead animal flesh. It is disgusting, and it racks every last nerve in my entire being.

  2. Hear hear I love gluten and I’m sick of seeing gluten free products and recipes all over the place. And the assumption that vegans are gluten free. That’s how it seems in Australia at least. Gluten free is plastered on almost every vegan friendly product and I personally don’t like it. It’s a way of making vegans seem to be health nuts and keeping ethical concerns in the background. The whole gluten free thing is really annoying to me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. “I love gluten”…LOL, thanks for that. It’s liberating to even see those words in print. “Gluten-free vegan” is of course a way of making veganism seem more “scary,” since many vegan foods have gluten. Many celiac people hate the gluten-free fad; it makes products they really need more expensive, and other people are annoyed and dismiss them as health-nut trendies. Glad you’re not one of them!

  3. I keep hoping you will add your thoughts about animal welfare, and even about Diiet on my AAIWS site. I think the members would love it… Most anyway. I have one member that seems to have a problem with vegans or the vegan lifestyle in general. I have made my own stance rather clear. I figure that if we met in person, he knows I’d likely punch him in the mouth. LOL

    1. Nothing’s more “precious” than an animal protectionist who not only eats them but bitches about veganism. I’d like to sit at the sidelines and watch if you meet him in person, hah.

    1. Thanks Sue, interesting article, and comments (ugh)…lots of confusion created by know-it-alls in the biz; and Snopes was even cited as an “independent verifyer of information” by one commenter, LMAO! All wheat is said to be NON-GMO since 2015, but a farmer or two in those comments were openly admitting to using Glyphosate on wheat crops as of 2016, and I understand that only GMO crops get sprayed with Glyphosate! I try to get organic and non-GMO labeled foods as much as possible, especially corn and soy and anything on the “dirty dozen” produce list such as here: It’s all I can think of to do about all this craziness.

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