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The Left Media and Left Wing Are Animal Advocates, Right?

UPDATE 9/28/18: Info on Christine Blasey Ford’s credibility (see at bottom of article).
UPDATE 10/1/18: I was mistaken about which Supreme Court Justice had recently retired and is being replaced, whether it was Scalia or Kennedy. It’s retired Kennedy being replaced now of course; Scalia died in 2016. Text has been revised.
Credit: Fibonacci Blue

Most animal activists love to attach themselves to the liberal side of politics, believing that side is pro-animal, opposed to the meat industry, opposed to animal testing, the fur industry, and all the other horrors happily accepted by the media-taught masses as normal and needed. One who purportedly loves/respects animals might wonder why a population largely trained by the mass media accepts all those horrors, but that makes one’s brain go all dizzy, so one avoids such thoughts.

The liberal media talks a good game when it comes to animal “welfare”; most liberal politicians do too. But that’s talk. Look at what they DO.

Most any “news” hour will be sure to have a segment celebrating everyone’s love for big fat juicy burgers, or whatever happens to be the meat dish or restaurant of the day. Free advertising is rampant in these “news” sideshows. Deep-fried pigs’ feet and such at county fairs are another favorite…let’s everybody indulge and grin from ear to ear!

NY State Fair Food 2015

These are, of course, the same “news” outlets that “objectively” rage against everything Trump, no matter the good he is doing for the country outside of his often crass remarks.


Every time some animal testing lab concocts what they call a “promising breakthrough,” that same liberal media can’t wait to breathlessly tell us all about it, regardless of any scientific validity and with no mention of what the animals endured for the latest fundraiser to benefit the sadists in lab coats. Nothing loosens up people’s purse strings more than stories of cures “around the corner thanks to animal sacrifice.” And the liberal media, great friend of animal activists, gleefully shouts those headlines with abandon. While animal-rights supporters evidently turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.

It would seem that despicable GREED is behind what the media does, but NO, greed is a right-wing Republican thing, ain’t it?

I regularly get replies from my liberal representatives regarding specific issues, say animal testing for one. Full of vagueness, sounding supportive of my “concerns,” but the bottom line is always: This industry is here to stay, it’s necessary, but I will always fight to ensure that the animals are treated humanely. Same goes for animal slaughter, et al. Humane life in a cage being used as experimental fodder; humane life in a cage being grown as food and ending up murdered by knife attack. The humaneness of it all makes me want to vomit.

Our mass media gladly endorse these monstrous deceptions, and their power in influencing public opinion is massive. So, why would they continually use that power to help industries that torture and kill animals, while talking all pretty about how they love animals?

We can clearly see the media’s full-blown liberal activism and power to influence people’s minds with the Brett Kavanaugh case of late. He is of course President Trump’s pick to replace retired Judge Anthony Kennedy on the US Supreme Court. All the progressive minions have Kavanaugh cast in stone as a vicious gang rapist based on some liberal activist woman’s (Christine Blasey Ford’s) dredged up memory of a “party” of her, her best friend (who doesn’t remember the event) and 4 boys from 36 years ago, about her being manhandled (not raped) by Kavanaugh when he was seventeen.

(public domain image)

Since the woman’s recollections are apparently so full of holes and since she was balking at testifying under oath, we see the backup plans in motion: Two or more “survivors” of the monster that is Kavanaugh have come out of the woodwork to keep him off the Supreme Court. The plan obviously is to keep this circus going till November when the liberals think they can win Congress and keep Kavanaugh out. They want a liberal activist judge to replace Kennedy, not a conservative constitutionalist like Kavanaugh. And they’re fighting lowdown and filthy to get their way. This all seriously stinks, regardless of what anyone thinks about Kavanaugh.

A whole lot of people, including liberal ARAs and vegans, are swallowing this load of chicanery, hook, line and sinker.

But imagine if the media dealt in TRUTH regarding the animal-using/killing industries and employed their influence in that realm. Imagine how much faster veganism would grow, along with all the rest of the needed changes. But no, the media does not do that. They do the opposite.

The liberal media regularly does cutesy animal adoption stories and the newscasters all rejoice in their love for “pets.” They’ll occasionally briefly cover a case of animal abuse and look glumly at the camera. “We’re with you, we feel your pain, our hearts break too,” their eyes say, for an instant. Then after the next commercial break the same heads will blare an “amusing” free advertisement for bacon-egg-cheese-burgers, implying that they, too, in all their obsessive thinness, indulge in the occasional big fat burger too. Don’t we all? Yum yum! Tee hee. And mind you, all those meat commercials you see/hear have absolutely nothing to do with it!

(public domain image)

The same polished heads will then later chirp with beaming faces about the latest breakthrough in weight loss or some other continual bane of us all. Look at the big fat sluggish mouse in the before pic. Then after the breakthrough treatment…voila!…thin, active mouse! Will these miracles never cease? People eat it all up like the gullible twits the media counts on us to be. It’s like magic, they think…take a pill and look like the latest trending hotsie-totsie guy or gal! Are you ready for bikini season? You’d better be.

Plus, over here, this rat covered in tumors has been cured! Here comes the cure for cancer, but only if we get needed funding. (Translation: Cure Daddy sporting the lab coat needs another summer home.)

Say the public: Those researchers are absolutely awesome! Thank goodness we have animals to test our stuff on! Ima donate to all those kids with cancer now…those researchers say the cure is around the corner. Naysayers claim they’ve been saying that for several decades, but it’s only because they haven’t got enough money yet that the cure’s not here. Anywho, look at all the advances we’ve made, what they are I don’t exactly know, but I hear we got ‘em! Let’s all donate to animal research and be happy our taxes are funding it. What could be more warmhearted and caring? Anyone opposing animal testing is an anti-human MONSTER! Let’s experiment on THEM!

Same goes for vaccines, needless to say, and vaccines are undoubtedly a product of animal experiments and make use of all sorts of animal products. But many now recognize vaccines as yet another highly effective form of guaranteeing future profits for the industry, and they get viciously attacked in return. Take over the role of disease prevention by shooting toxic cocktails into the masses and messing around with those immune systems and, lo and behold, people become medically dependent for life! The media REALLY love touting vaccines as “news” (i.e. more free advertising, this time for their other high-paying advertisers—pharmaceutical companies).

(public domain image)
And the animal activist’s great friend, the rabidly liberal mass media, gladly serve as the great, prolific circus barker for it all.

And our other great friends, progressive/liberal/socialist politicians, continue to grease the skids for themselves while telling us how much they feel our, and the animals’, pain. No matter their animal-friendly votes and such, it seems that things don’t actually change for good based on those votes and new laws. Things only really change for the better and permanently when people change en masse, when laws aren’t even needed for people to behave decently. Without that fundamental change in people, with new laws there’s always the backsliding when the opposition, such as puppy mills, barge up and demand their “rights” to torture and exploit animals. They scoff at the word “torture”; after all, one cannot torture a thing. Soul-dead René Descartes taught us ages ago that animals feel nothing.

(public domain image – PETA)

So, without enough of the populace firmly on our side, we cannot get sufficient firm, lasting changes for animals. So puppy mills, slaughterhouses, vivisection labs, fur farms, et al, continue on, profiting all the way, under the liberal media’s self-interested, coddling watch. It would seem that the media heads know all this fully well. And still they do what they do, continually assisting the other side in keeping the populace far away from honest, effective animal advocacy and progress. When the smoke is cleared away, we can see clearly how they actually foment hatred in the populace against true animal advocates.

I’ll take the increased honesty and freedom-loving of the right, Republican wing. At least I know where I stand with the opposition on that side; and their people who are working for animals, including Matthew Scully and Lara Trump, and all the conservative animal activists I’ve known over the years let me know I’m not alone in being conservative and entirely opposed to all abuse and exploitive killing of animals.


CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD is an animal “researcher,” a VIVISECTOR, one who enjoys abusing captive animals for career/financial gain. Any animal activists still find her credible, honest, delicate, and a victim of Brett Kavanaugh?

She is co-author on six animal studies from 2006 to 2012, one using mice, six using rats. Read them here:


In case anyone doubts that she participated in the abuse as a “co-author”:

All authors must have participated in efforts to such an extent that they can take public responsibility for relevant portions of the content. One or more authors should take responsibility for the integrity of the work, from planning to publication. Only those who meet all of the following three criteria should be co-author of an article:

1) substantial contributions to conception and design, acquisition of data, or analysis and interpretation of data;
2) drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content; and
3) final approval of the version to be published.
Authors should meet conditions 1, 2, and 3.

Ref.: Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals: Ethical Considerations in the Conduct and Reporting of Research: Authorship and Contributorship.


13 thoughts on “The Left Media and Left Wing Are Animal Advocates, Right?

  1. Brings to mind Barbra Streisand having her dog cloned, and the many thousands, if not millions, of animals who have suffered and died behind laboratory doors just so that Babs and her peers can have dogs that are identical to one they had before. It’s not the same dog, but that doesn’t matter – and neither do those thousands to millions of others who were used as laboratory “tools” and then discarded as trash.

    1. Just the fact that she had to have a rare and pricey breed of dog for her image says it all. Coton de Tulears the dogs are called. But even they have rescue groups for the homeless and abused, which Babs could have gotten new dogs from. But no.

      From a NY Times article on dog cloning: “At the Korean lab, the process requires operating on the egg donor and the surrogate mother — two dogs rented from a lab-animal provider. And, at least in the case of Sooam Biotech, it’s not clear what happens after those dogs are no longer needed.”

      Egg donor and surrogate mother they call them, when they’re dogs who live in cages and get “rented” and used for the benefit of toxic narcissists. These people are the ones who anthropomorphize animals. “Donor” means someone knowledgeable and able to legally consent, a human.

      With love like that from progressives like that, no one needs enemies.

    1. Laura, a follower left a comment on my blog about your post, and I don’t feel I have the right to speak for your opinion… When you have time, check it out and if you want to say anything…go for it!!

      1. I saw what he (or she) said there and your great reply, so I don’t think you need any help. If you want, just refer him to my reply to Geoff here because it answers him too. I hate to copy and paste the whole thing on your blog. It’s pretty much hopeless to argue, so I’m always promising myself to quit, lol, for many years I’ve been promising myself that.

          1. Nancy: Well, I went and broke my self-promise to not get in an argument on your page, so there that goes. Thought it was important to share this sampling of the real and significant damages done to animals by Obama and company: So if we’re looking for true friends in politics, we’re on a losing mission. There are terribly few true animal advocates in power…since, after all, they’re elected by THE PEOPLE.

            1. Hi Laura, I guess I should have kept my mouth shut, but you’re the first one that actually sees it the same way as I do, they keep pushing for the Democrats and after 8 years of Obama and what he did for environment, animals and the country as a whole and since none of them are really for the environment or animals…I am totally done with the Democrats after this pathetic display!! Thanks for this information.

              1. No, please don’t keep your mouth shut! Your voice is needed. And you’re welcome. Even I was shocked at King O’s DEPLORABLE record on animal issues. And that article didn’t even include his smart-ass remarks at the turkey “pardon” about how he’d ordinarily “kill those suckers.” And the smiley vegan progressives continued lovingly worshipping him.

  2. Thank you for enlightening us about Christine Blasey Ford and her connection to animal research. All my sympathy for her evaporated after reading your post. And you are 100% correct about the Left and the liberal media being no friend of animal rights. (Just listen for a week to NPR, if you can stand it. I rest my case.)

    But anybody who aspires to being a defender of animals must recognize the unparalleled effect that environmental degradation has on wild animals and the fact that the political Right in this country, most certainly including Brett Kavanaugh, is hellbent on undermining such modest environmental protections as are currently in place. One cannot simultaneously be an animal rights advocate and a Republican sympathizer or other right-wing minion. Anymore than one could be a member of the NAACP and an active supporter of the Klan or find a home in the Jewish wing of the Nazi Party! Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court may or may not be a set back for women in this country but it most assuredly is a disaster for the environment and the many species of wildlife whose continued existence is dependent on it. For that alone he should have been consigned to the dustbin of history.

    1. First off, using your logic, it looks like one cannot be a Democrat animal activist:

      You cannot tell me I cannot be an animal rights advocate or vegan for my being Republican any more than I can say the same to you for being a Democrat or whatever your political leanings are. I am conservative mainly because of taxation issues and because they’re the party primarily opposed to vaccine mandates, for our freedom in health care issues, while socialist types regularly cry for forced vaccinations “for our own good.” I could also say that you cannot be an animal advocate if you’re in favor of vaccines, especially compulsory shots, since they’re a massive cause of animal suffering in their manufacturing, development and fraudulent testing, as well as human damages.

      After all, we cannot very well advocate for animals if taxed out of our homes to pay for socialist “equalization” programs and full of toxic vaccines and on that “schedule” for life, resulting in being chronic “health care” patients.

      Left/Right wing politics do not control people’s consumption and buying habits, which are the root cause of all legalized animal abuse/killing. You mentioned the Klan and NAACP, while they’re both Democratic orgs. The KKK was considered the Democratic army back in the day. The NAACP says they’re apolitical, they don’t endorse candidates, etc., but I seriously doubt that their get=out=the=vote page is intended to register fiscal conservatives opposed to socialism.

      Kavanaugh has ruled against protections for endangered species when those protections mainly serve as blockages for people’s developments and enterprises. Kavanaugh applies the rule of law in those cases, as cold as that seems. But Kavanaugh (nor anyone in power) does not control markets or people’s growth and needs for industry, etc.; the people control all of that by their reproduction rates and immigration policies and by their consumer habits, so the people need to change before the markets and the laws that uphold them will change.

      Trump’s ending our participation in globalist trade deals like the TPP has helped animals as predicted here, by a proud socialist, Roland Vincent, who I disagree with on just about everything except for animals: And Trump’s compassionate daughter-in-law Lara works regularly to help the cause of animals.

      The Supreme Court and President (nor anyone in power) don’t dictate what people want and/or buy; the people control the marketplace; what we want/buy, people will produce. The vast majority of people deny yet support all this horrifying legal animal abuse. When the people face the truth and stop supporting animal abuse enterprises, those markets and institutions will dry up and be gone someday and be replaced by non-animal-exploiting/abusing enterprises. And Kavanaugh will be there to apply the rule of law impartially at that time too.

      Here’s another article by Roland Vincent that should interest you, showing how the Democrats talk a good game about respecting animals, but in reality are no better than Republicans: And yes, I know you already stated that.

  3. Anyone wanting to comment here needs to keep in mind that only civil comments will be approved. I’ve no time to get into your trading of insults and other rudeness and nonsense.

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