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The great big Autism obfuscation

UPDATE 5/20/19: He’s back! Here’s the LINK to his article again.

UPDATE 5/11/2019: John Rappoport’s blog has been suspended, so the link to his article is gone, for now anyways…sorry. I left this here for the comments down below in case anyone is interested.

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16 thoughts on “The great big Autism obfuscation

  1. If I was just a healthy everyday person, perhaps. My situation is due to an artificial aortic valve, and an artificial ascending aortic trunk. This leaves me more open to fatal complications. Catching the Flu or Pneumonia would tremendously increase the risk of fatal infection. It would be a life ending event because the infections would go straight to my heart and aortic trunk. That is why I stressed the importance of having all the information rather than only the con or only the pro oriented information. I know you won’t post this response so I am printing it and hitting to post it so that you at least read it. I feel you are missing major important detail on this. It is dangerous for anyone to go off half-cocked due to only one sided info being present. In many cases, the Vaccines have presented problems for children and some adults in a way that hasn’t even been approached here. I did not take away from any of that information with what I pointed out here. I simply added more to the picture. That should be considered to be a good thing, rather than being considered to be supporting a mindset that I clearly do not support. I usually totally agree with you on what you are posting or saying. I am just trying to offer more info than was originally provided.

    1. You wrote, “the Vaccines have presented problems for children and some adults in a way that hasn’t even been approached here.” Yes they were mentioned in detail with links provided if only you had looked at anything. You believe vaccines save you from diseases; that’s your prerogative. Even the industry claims only about 50% effectiveness with flu and pneumonia vaccines. Then there are the damages: & Like I already said, do what you want with your health, but please stop promoting vaccine industry scare tactics using my time. Without fully listening to BOTH sides, no one is actually informed. The industry is in the process of shutting down ALL opposition in every way they can, and you’re helping them. This has been far too repetitive. No more, really.

    2. If you’d looked at my book, you’d have seen examples of the lies we are being spoon fed about vaccines. One of those is the medical-journal-published results of a pneumococcal vaccine clinical trial where more of the vaccine recipients subsequently developed pneumonia and/or other respiratory infections than the placebo group (which they labeled “an impaired immune response”). What is most interesting about it is that just 3 days after this medical journal report, the medical cartel put out a major press release telling how this same pneumococcal vaccine protects against pneumonia and secondary infections.

      The exact opposite of what was in the medical journal! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not possible to unravel decades of deliberate lies in a little comment bubble.

      You may know a lot about dairy, but you know zip about the truth regarding those shots of poison.

      Flu Shots Are Fraud – The Wild Doc

      1. Thanks, Sue.
        Well, on 2nd thought, Chazz, if you want to reply to Sue, have at it, but I may not approve it for awhile since I’m gonna be busy. No need to reply with just more of the same though, please.

  2. Laura, I am not supporting mandatory vaccinations. I very much feel parents should be educated on the subject with all the facts there for them to know, and I believe that they should have the freedom to make their own decisions on the matter instead of having the decision taken away from them. I don’t believe in Mandatory Vaccines, I don’t believe in Mandatory Seat Belts, and I don’t believe in Drinking the proverbial Kool Aid. I think the people who want to push it off onto parents and their children are dangerous and anti-American. I believe fully in being given the whole picture and I believe in Being allowed to make up your own minds. I am ignoring nothing with it, and I am not supporting mandatory anything.

    1. But the people you (and many like you) are further empowering are rabidly for mandatory vaccines. You might not “believe” in them being forced, but you are helping the people who do want that power and are already wielding it over most everyone using bullying and scare tactics. You obviously don’t care about all the vaccine-damaged people or you believe they’re lying or ignorant and that those of us who oppose vaccine mandates or any such medical tyranny are also lying or ignorant, or worse. No one is telling you what to do, like you accused Sue of doing. What I want is the continued freedom to choose our own health practices, remedies, preventives, etc. and the right to refuse ANYTHING as well. The vaccinists that you have so much faith in are strictly at war with that freedom, and they need to be stopped. And it’s painfully obvious that you do not look at the other side, going by what you write. I feel like I should have just not approved your first comments and been spared this stress, but I think this might be educational for any possible readers, so that’s why it stays. So please stop now, you’ve had your say.

      1. Fine, I won’t continue discussing, But if you look closer at what I have said you will see that I am advocating parents having the right to make informed decisions rather than that choice being taken away from them. I am a bit baffled what leaves you with the thought that I am doing anything other than advocating a pro-choice stance on the subject. I am quite blunt and if I thought it should be mandatory I would have bluntly said so. I’m not someone who has between the line meanings to what I say.

        1. Not the way I see it. There was nothing “between the lines” about what you said, which was meant to terrify people into obeying the vaccine pushers. The “informed decisions” you mention are to be dictated by the industry and obeyed, according to what you wrote. Bye now, I’ve no more time to deal with this.

  3. Although vaccines may not be the only source of “hypertoxicity,” they are, BY FAR, the major one, since the heavy metals, noxious chemicals, plus incompatible (and therefore, pernicious) foreign animal cells, RNA/DNA/viruses, are injected directly, bypassing all the natural filters of the body.

    Also, autism is only one of many dozens of ‘adverse events’ created by vaccination, both short term (SIDS, seizures, fever, infections, etc.) and long term (autoimmune diseases – including types 1 and 2 diabetes, cancer, leukemia, life-threatening allergies, blindness and deafness, and a lot more). The industry denies all this via their media outlets, but all are documented, and admitted, in medical reports and journals (of course, not meant for public viewing).

    Most people just don’t know (and many of them don’t want to) the depth of corruption, the span of censorship, and the massive amount of propaganda contrived and churned out daily, to further the vaccination agenda.

    1. A noteworthy and interesting point (as a sidebar) is that Dairy also is linked to Diabetes, Leukemia, Allergies, intensifies arthritic pain, inflammation, bloody stools in baby diapers, and is even known to cause more severe symptoms in those who suffer asthma. It has been linked to an even larger set of illness and health problems and yet Americans along with many other countries seem hellbent on continuing their consumption of it. I am stuck with medical problems that even as a vegan I am forced to take yearly vaccinations against Flu strains, and Pneumonia. Not doing so would truly endanger my life in a major way. Though what I have just pointed out is true, I don’t speak in favor of Injecting all children with Vaccines but at the same time, I will not condemn the parents who do so out of a fear that their child will die of an avoidable illness without it. All any person can do is educate the public and pray they make the right decisions in favor of their children’s health and life. The debate on Innoculations has been waging for almost as long as I have been alive if not for far longer than that. I doubt it will ever cease to continue being waged even long after all of us here are laid to rest.

      1. Do what you want with your own health and in grappling with your own ethics, but by defending vaccinists you’re defending mandatory vaccines.

        Consider the animals, then consider these parents:, and many more cases of all sorts of vaccine damage here:

        The Nanny State vaccine pushers are intent on silencing all debate, all opposition, even all doubt, and having total power over us all to force vaccines into us, from birth, throughout “life.” So if they have their way, all medical freedom will soon be completely lost and many lives will be irrevocably ruined that would have been fine otherwise. This is seriously criminal, but the self-appointed rulers will possibly as usual go off scot free.

        More info here, for anyone else reading here because it seems you’re not at all interested in seeing the other side:

      2. It appears nothing has sunk in. But that is, unfortunately, the norm, because most people don’t react like I did when I first learned about vaccines causing leukemia. I was very intrigued by the fact that not only was this information never shared with the public, but it occurred to me that I’d only heard fawning praise of vaccines; nothing negative at all. So, I said to myself, “What else are they not telling us?”

        One would think that this would be the reaction of the majority, considering the seriousness of the subject, but such is not the case. It’s as if the steady stream of industry propaganda has also somehow programmed people to jump immediately to defend the practice of injecting known poisons, without doing a moment of real investigation.

        But again, it propelled me to the medical libraries, where I found yet more information which contradicted what was, and is, reported to the public. I put some of this information into a book, and, as Laura stated, for those who ARE interested in learning, instead of parroting pharma script, it can be read for free online, thanks to the antivivisection group “People For Reason In Science and Medicine.” The title of the book is “The Vaccination Connection,” and is listed in the right column of the home page:

        1. It isn’t about anything not sinking in. It is just not new information for me. That doesn’t change the other facts I pointed out. The things I point out are far from being industry propaganda. Especially since the dairy industry will go out of their way to keep the facts I mentioned from coming to light. As for my medical situation which leaves me stuck coping with the influenza inoculations and the Pneumonia inoculation as well, those medical situations are very real and since you don’t have my medical history nor do you have my medical records you don’t actually have the room to judge the steps I take to avoid death. I happen to be one of those pesky vegans who researches everything to death. I have also been coping with my medical problems for many years and I have been researching it every step of the way as well. I M headed toward my 20th year of survival since being diagnosed while being very much aware that I was expected to have died nearly 15 of those years ago, but due to my diligence and my researching everything to death and applying the learned info, I have outlived their expectations. Due to my knowledge on the subject, I was someone who had always refused those shots. It wasn’t until I found myself in this medical state that I finally gave in because not doing so would have been both foolish and suicidal. The key for me has been the intensive studying and the intensive research that I do. For me, it was a matter of weighing the pro and con points of it all and following what I knew was the best choice I had to make.

  4. I need to explain. There are varying degrees or varying types of Autism. The same can be said for my Syndrome. I have Marphan’s [sic] (blog author note: it’s “Marfan”) Syndrome. Many try to blame Inoculation shots for causing Autism. I have friends who are Autistic to varying degrees, and they are each displaying their Autism in different ways. I don’t think it is as simple as a one description fits all scenario. I fear it is dangerously short sided to attempt to label it as that.

    1. That’s what Jon is showing in that article, that what people call autism is actually a separate yet variable condition that is specific to vaccine damage. Like Dr. David Mihalovic said, “Vaccines don’t cause autism. They cause hypertoxicity which leads to neurological impairment, and cell death. Draw your own conclusions.”

      Most people’s genetics and constitutions may be resilient enough to resist those damages, at least apparently, for the time being, but too many are susceptible to the harms and thereby have their lives (and that of their families) ruined. So forced vaccinations, especially, are a serious crime, whether recognized as such by “authorities” or not.

      As you may know, vaccines are intrinsic to the vivisection industry, rife with animal abuse from development to testing to their ingredients. Then there are the billions of dollars paid out (using tax funds) for human damages from the VICP since 1986, especially considering that only a small fraction of the damages/deaths are reported and/or acted on.

      On a side note: Over 95% of people born before 1957 are considered naturally immune to measles, mumps and rubella…why? Because they had the diseases as they were meant to by nature, as that was before vaccines for them were concocted. THAT is real “herd” immunity. But unprofitable…

  5. I believe that autism has many likely causes I don’t think it links back to a single cause at all. I believe that it is a mixture of environmental ecological and chemical that has produced the illness.

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