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My Great Love for Handbags…as a Weirdo…Explained

(See my current top picks at bottom.)

While many women go in for “designer” status, insanely buying bags for hundreds if not thousands of dollars, my interest is far more practical and sentimental. And cheap. I’m not the least bit interested in owning a high-status handbag, consider it a silly waste of money engaged in by the sort of women I will never, ever understand or be like. The ones who also wear six-inch spike heals, even as old ladies. Simply unfathomable to me. Can anyone explain those ladies’ motives? But, back to topic

“What is this thing with women and their purses anyhow?”

My interest and great love for cute, practical yet sort of sophisticated handbags began as a child, when as a Christmas present I got this little patent “leather” light green number with off-white trim from my cousin. I was only nine or ten so had no real use for a handbag except as a make-believe thing, like someday as a real, grownup woman I’d make excellent use of such an accessory, filling it with all sorts of handy-dandy items of great use in everyday life. Everything from a nice wallet stuffed full of spending money to cosmetics, snacks, tissues, pen and paper, first-aid, tools, etc. The stuff of big girls with real lives… dreamy lives that I never could quite attain later on, not even to this day. But still I try, and have my trusty “bag of tricks” with the usual stash of useful goodies to assist me in my imperfect little life.

My childhood hero, Felix, and his magic bag of tricks

I simply feel good when searching for, looking at, examining, feeling (my brother calls it fondling), pricing, buying, and using handbags. However, being a shameless cheapskate, I rarely spend more than about $15 on one from the clearance rack. At times I’ve used a $10-off $10-minimum-purchase coupon to get a clearance bag for under $5. Yep, I’m a shameless bottom feeder in the handbag market (as well as elsewhere), although I strictly go only for sweet gems. Real steals I call them.

It’s sort of a primal thing with women, the handbag.

The well-used bag signifies womanhood; it accompanies us to all sorts of happenings and the everyday run-of-the-mill stuff of life. It’s our go-to for just about everything. It’s also a storage place for things we pick up along the way, like books from the free libraries outside people’s homes, rolled up jackets for when it gets chilly, all that sort of stuff. We also love to look at them and admire their cuteness, their splendid design, how it makes other people view us, as if other people actually care about our handbags. But we pretend they care, so it’s all good.

My Type of Bag

I personally only like bags that are lightweight, aren’t too tall and that stand on their own (no tipping). They need to have at least three main compartments with at least one of them fully zippered for wallet security, and at least one outside pocket for keys and such. I prefer short handles for carrying on my arm but also can use a shoulder bag as long as it’s doesn’t hang down too low. I of course only use vegan handbags since about 1985 so have gained a great appreciation for what they can do with polyurethane (PU) and other materials.

As far as appearance, the four below are prime examples of what I’d own if I could manage to splurge and spend more than $25 on one (although one is only $25 and very tempting). Hah, perhaps if I win the lotto, I’d buy all four and spend a whopping $125!

Sigh, I’m so miserly.

Still, handbags…I just love them! Anyone else have this sort of handbag “thing,” where it’s not about status but about comfort and security and playing at being a real, bonafide woman? Hope I’m not the only weirdo like this, but as things go, that’s probably the case.

Below are four bags I consider ideal, all have all the features I love and all are cute and dignified but not gaudy. The prices are only approximate and can vary widely depending on sellers. They can be found online but I prefer to not mention where, exactly, unless they want to pay me, hahaha. As if being mentioned on my little blog would make their sales skyrocket. Poor me, my little dreamworld…

Anyhow, enjoy the lovely vegan handbags, my recent top picks in random order and only selected from online viewing:

⇓ 1 ⇓

MKF Collection Jeneece M Signature Tote Bag by Mia K. Farrow $40


⇓ 2 ⇓

MK Belted Collection Fashion Hobo Handbag Women’s Tote Bag Satchel Handbag w/coin purse $38 – zipper pocket on back


⇓ 3 ⇓

Dasein Snap Around Gold Belted Accent Handbag $33 – zipper pocket on back


⇓ 4 ⇓

Chooray Plaid Satchel Shoulder Top Handle Bag $25 – zipper pocket on back

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