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The Obesity Maker – Casein, a.k.a. Milk Protein

The Fat Lady – Royal Easter Show of 1935 – Australia

Click Here for “This Is Your Brain on Cheese”

And a Happy Easter to all; please celebrate it by respecting life. 🌷🌱🌸🌹🌺🌻🌼💐🌿🍃

4 thoughts on “The Obesity Maker – Casein, a.k.a. Milk Protein

  1. I saw someone adding macadamia nut cheese to a noodle dish, and it looked good. So I looked it up and found this:

    Macadamia Nut Cheese – Simple Vegan Blog

    1. Wow that looks so good, a bit pricey at about $22/lb for those nuts, but oh so rich and tasty looking. But I guess any nut could be used in place of the macadamias. Thanks for sharing, so many innovative ways to stop enslaving cows for their babies’ milk.

    1. 🔫 Carry on…

      Oh, get a load of what I learned, here’s what some really brainy guy commented, verbatim:

      “Vegans if you eat to much nuts you develop all sorts of health problems as nuts are high in healthy fats but to much and they become bad fats so you can’t get as much protein from them without harming your body and that’s a fact look it up you should not eat more than a handful in a week you don’t get the same proteins from a vegan diet as meat and its only the positive shown about veganism not the negative if you can’t give out the negative your clearly hiding something both must be seen as if not you can say what you want”

      I feel so much smarter now! Wow. I’d better give up the peanut butter, walnuts, etc., after many years of good health eating some every day, because that bodily harm surely is raring to crop up any day now.

      And were you aware that the animal ag industry reports the negative in their products and that they hide nothing, unlike those vegan scourges? Well, now you do.

      Seeing the “thoughts” of all these anti-vegan nutjobs in print is so reassuring that veganism truly is THE BEST. I’ve gotten to where I enjoy reading that crap, but then worry about those who actually believe them, of which there are many. 😣

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