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Dog Walking – What’s It All About?

We walk dogs, they walk us. It means everything to them. To us it means happily watching their boundless joy at the simple pleasure of being out and about, exploring the world.
Their noses are the height of it all; their amazingly acute sense of smell tells them things we might only dream of.
Dog walking also gets us off our behinds and out for some good exercise and fresh air (as fresh as we can find it anyways).
Even picking up their poop with those biodegradable bags makes us stoop and stretch a bit; ah yes, what a workout.
Before we know it we’ve already walked over a mile, and speedily.
If your dogs are anything like mine, they’re always in a rush, full speed ahead, except when it’s time to apply the brakes and stall, to savor some mystery odor, for several minutes if need be.
Ever watchful we must be, as dogs can be reckless and brash, overcome by excitement, so our perceptions and reactions get sharpened in the bargain, too.
Add sight-seeing to the mix and our harried senses are multitasking!
Preventing dog fights and/or coyote attacks is a special skill we enjoy honing; the old “holy crap, exit stage right!” routine.
If you’re one of those lucky people with calm, sensible, blood-pressure-lowering dogs, well, I’m intensely jealous of you, but love my dogs no less.
I dream of a day when such a level-headed dog may come my way and into my life, but for now it’s “all hands on deck, full alert!” while out for our daily jaunts.
It’s truly amazing how quickly dogs can scoop up some alarmingly crunchy tidbit from some viscous, reeking mess and chomp and gulp it down before you can grab it away.
At those times, hopefully never again, you only pray that whatever it was gets digested and eliminated without problems.
Being always grateful that your dog hasn’t gotten him/her self killed (or that you haven’t done so), dog walking also heightens our spirituality. Grateful to who? Well, to whoever’s in charge “out there.” God even!
Dogs teach us special things we cannot put into words, really. Something about appreciating the little things in life to the fullest.
Something about the spirit, and togetherness, and love.

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4 thoughts on “Dog Walking – What’s It All About?

  1. Actually, cats aren’t smarter across the board, and certain breeds of dogs aren’t smarter than others. In my several decades of rescue and observation, I’ve learned that each individual in all species (including the one that can read and write) has many different levels of “smart” in various arenas. And, unfortunately for some cats, there have been “trainers” who have shown us that if you employ enough brutality behind the scenes, you can make at least some cats go through humiliating, uncomfortable, and dangerous “tricks.”

    A friend of my mother had two cats who jumped a burglar. He fled the scene bleeding heavily, and rueing his decision to underestimate the power and determination of a few felines.

    1. True that, and what it takes to make cats obey and do those sorts of tricks really is awful. I love the story about the attack cats, “stinkin’ burglar, think again!” 😼

  2. My last dog was a Cairn Terrier from the animal shelter. She loved to walk, even after she lost her sight. A little sweetheart, I miss her. I’m a cat man now. They’re lower maintenance, just as lovable. Meaning no offense to dog companions, I still love dogs, but cats are smarter, if only because you can’t train them. They won’t submit to such human frivolities. 🙂 Of course, they won’t deter any would-be burglars. And there is the problem of the litter box.

    A lovely well-created post, Laura, takes me back to my dog days. Love the pictures.

    1. Terriers are intense, your little Cairn girl must’ve been adorable. Cats smarter? Smarter schmarter, lol, but I loved your comment nonetheless. My dogs won’t submit to training either so they must be geniuses. Yes, cats are just as lovable…that’s why true cat people like you (as opposed to breeders) are essential to this world. 💜

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