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10 Videos on Why They’re STILL Vegan and Probably Will Be Forever

Like I always thought, the more some beneficial change becomes trendy (rebellious and “everybody’s doing it”), the more trend slaves hop onboard, and then when they flake out (as trend slaves usually do), look out, they go on the attack against what they failed at and spread all sorts of destructive misinformation, as in the “I’m no longer vegan” nonsense so popular today. Some are outright liars from the start, never were vegan, planned from the beginning to come out scathingly against veganism after a while, all in the interest of the industries.

Human corruption on parade, so commonplace these days. Ho hum.

So, in response to all that, and in random order, below are 10 smart, healthy, loyal vegans who prove the lie of the anti-vegan ex-“vegan” trend of late, about 1-1/4 hours of video in total.

I’m with them all on this issue alone, having no idea how they are politically or on other issues and may disagree with them strongly on some things; but on this, “why stay vegan,” I’m with them 100%.

So take your pick or watch them all, they’re all pretty great.

My favorite? All of ’em…


4 thoughts on “10 Videos on Why They’re STILL Vegan and Probably Will Be Forever

  1. Vegan for the animals. I can’t turn my back on that. But a self-centered, shallow, superficial, selfish asshead would. And we have a lot of those these days. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing. I’ll watch more as time allows. I can only watch from the office, though. Our backwoods, country internet satellite shit lacks only the squeal of a modem to compete with dial-up, frustrating as hell watching videos buffer. About twelve years ago Obama said folks in the country need internet. Never happened. Trump says farmers need internet. I’m no farmer, but I live among them. Still, it never happened. It’s going in about four miles down the road, though. So maybe in another ten years? Wait, I’ll be dead by then.

    1. Sorry you have terrible internet at your house, that really is annoying, aside from being horribly time wasting. I think you’ll like all those videos.
      I think another term for “self-centered, shallow, superficial, selfish asshead” is narcissist, of which the world is chock full these days, only you’d need to add “malevolent” to the mix. It seems like the better about half of the population gets, the worse the other half gets, or something equally sad, like there’s a balance kept but a really sorry, nothing balance equalling indifference and moral/ethical stagnation. But I hope that’s not really true and that the lot of humanity can and will vastly improve and actually become HUMANITY.
      And you, dead in 10 years? Don’t talk nonsense, you’ll live till at least 100!

  2. If one is both sensitive enough to know that torture and killing is wrong, plus courageous enough to face what is involved in putting corpses on his or her plate, the answer is clear. And I will repeat the word “corpse.” Decaying flesh. UGH!

    1. They’d obnoxiously say that only a human body is called a corpse. Maybe the creeps like “carrion” better. Dead bodies all the same, and those that have had hell for “lives” and died being stabbed to death. Good going, “humans.”

      I had the most delicious dinner of stir-fried tofu, broccoli, carrots, and yellow squash in a lemon/peanut sauce tonight and a frozen-banana & chocolate smoothie for dessert, and supposedly that and everything else I eat (all tasty and healthy) is “controlled malnutrition,” according to one proud, blathering ex-“vegan” of late. Instead of “debating” with the goons giving this demented woman kudos, I found and posted these instead. I am sick to death of these ex-“vegans” and of “debating” with them. There’s another UGH!!!

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