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22 Mind-Altering, Shareable Graphic Messages





bukowski meme
… “doubt” as in being skeptical of people and the world, and possibly of themselves. To me, “full of confidence” means unwarranted or ridiculous overconfidence, like the cardiac patient, bacon-cheeseburger lover boasting about being “top of the food chain, supreme over all the inferior creatures.” Truly deserved confidence is another matter, and is usually a far more humble thing. ~ Laura









































6 thoughts on “22 Mind-Altering, Shareable Graphic Messages

  1. On all those news reports and crime shows, if I only had a nickel for every time anchors or narrators remarked that they can’t understand where this violence comes from… Never mind the fact that society and the “education” system teach us that violence is not only OK, but desirable, when it’s directed at other beings who just don’t happen to be in the same kind of bodies as our own. Vivisection and dissection (some students kill their own “specimens”) are taught in school. Slaughter is taught in some schools. Bullfighting, if you can believe it, is STILL glamorized.

    Seriously, do people actually suffer from such cognitive dissonance that this escapes their notice?

    1. They pretend it escapes their notice, that’s almost as comforting. All this evil behavior really is a serious mental disorder of this species, and those of us who escape it or fight against it are the scourges, not the psycho “science” teachers or any of the other demented sadists, as long as they do it legally, of course.

    1. Thank you! Animals are just so terribly innocent in the face of our special knowledge, and people do the most horrifically evil things to so-called “inferiors,” while nothing anywhere could be lower than such humans. It’s not easy, because they can react badly, but I hope you share vegan info with any new people you can.

  2. I wish I hadn’t looked to be reminded of my anger, rage, and hopeless exhaustion. But maybe, just maybe, some flesh-eater will stop by and reconsider. Maybe.

    Hard for me to click the Like on this, but I know it’s only in appreciation. You must have gone through hell putting this together.

    Peace, strength, courage

    1. Just the usual hell, which is just a sorry part of life, for several decades. We of course do preach mainly to the choir, but there’s always that one, or those two…new eyes, ears and souls, or just those who needed reminding, who’d settled back into “comfort” with society and “forgotten” the truth. We can reach them, and need to never give up trying. The pig in unspeakable agony in the scalding tank…”it happens all the time,” a worker said. There really are no words.

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