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21 Sweet Vegan Dreams

Vegan desserts, food porn alert!

Look away if this will cause you to bake (or prep) up a storm and pig out! But to find the recipes if you dare, just tap “Click Here” under photos.

I’ve always been a bakery junkie; the smells alone that waft from those happy houses of sweet and rich are so very intoxicating, drawing one in like a bee to nectar, but much worse of course, as nectar is good for bees.

Those people who whip up these delectable, ultra-rich baked goods and desserts are like the Devil in Fairy Godmother finery to me. They’re like drug pushers. But since I went strictly vegan back in early 2009 I’ve managed to curb my luscious-sweets addiction with a healthy big bowl of mostly molasses sweetened cereal every morning.

Still, I can’t have the sorts of things in this recipe collection around and be alone with them. They whisper (or scream) my name relentlessly until I give in and start in on “just one dainty serving, like a normal person.” Then all bets are off…the whole bunch of it is going down the hatch, but slowly, as I’m a slow eater, always the last to finish a meal in any group. No eating-contest style wolfing for me. Anyhow, I must say a resounding NO to these luscious sweet concoctions, and can only dream, since all that sugar really wreaks havoc on our health.

I do envy those smuggies who can have a dainty slice of cake and then push the plate away and be done, really done. Me? Never. Unless there’s no more to be found. As long as it’s not on my radar and reachable, it’s safe. Sigh.

So on with those vegan desserts (or main dishes as with the pancakes), in random order…mmmmmmm!


Crispy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies from Click Here


Guava Cake from the Click Here


Jelly Donuts from Click Here


Blueberry Muffins from Click Here


Vegan Glazed Cinnamon Apple Fritter from Click Here


Vegan Date Cookies from Bishdar on Click Here


Vegan Shortbread Cookies from Click Here


Vegan Chocolate Mousse from ElodiV on Click Here


Pumpkin Muffins (with surprise center) from Click Here


One-Bowl Gluten-Free Carrot Cake from Click Here


Lemon Meringue Pie from Click Here


“Paleo” Vegan Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies from Click Here


Lemon Pie with Ginger Cookie Crust from Click Here


Easy Vegan Lemon Almond Poppy Seed Bread from Click Here


Vegan Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Fudge Sauce from Click Here


Pancakes from 😋 Click Here


Easy Raw Vegan Fudge from Click Here


Vegan Confetti Cookies from Click Here


Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake from Click Here


Vegan Eclairs from Click Here


Vegan Cherry Pie from Click Here

6 thoughts on “21 Sweet Vegan Dreams

  1. If I had access to all those desserts, it would be all over. I’d be on my way to breaking a weight-gain record. Luckily, I put it out of my mind most of the time.

    1. That I can relate to. It’s like the taste buds go haywire in outrageous bliss and the mind goes berserk and you want to insert into pie hole till it’s ALL gone. That chocolate cake…oh MY.😍

    1. Haha, I made myself hungry, but am totally used to only looking at chocolate cake😋 and all the rest, not touching (like an alcoholic around booze). If it’s not vegan it’s totally out of the question anyways. Those vegan eclairs were in honor of my mom, her favorite bakery treat (cheesecake for my dad). She got a guava cake at a popular bakery once, about 1972(!), and I still remember it like a dream today; WOW that was a fantastic cake. SWEET & TANGY! YUM! People (probably like you) who can eat those amazing sweet things and remain in control, satisfied with just one, are quite the mystery to me.

  2. My goodness they all look delicious, I’m going to try making a couple of these at least. Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy the Christmas time for what ever that means. Much sadness for me as I am aware of the loss of those I love and of all the ongoing suffering and death of billions of animals all over the planet. 💙

    1. You must be one of those dainty portion people I envy.
      It’s raining and cold here all week so I might not want to drive all that way on Christmas to visit family, so may just stay home and celebrate with Tyler (the 8-lb guard dog lol).
      Always these losses of loved ones and always the knowledge of the real hells going on in this world at every moment surely do put a damper on the happiness we can muster. But we all got a Life Sentence here, so on we go.

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