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YET ANOTHER UPDATE 3/31/20 – very important:

From literature regularly shared by hospitals…

Risks of Being on a Ventilator

Patients on ventilators run a higher risk of developing pneumonia because of bacteria that enters through the breathing tube. It can also make it difficult for them to cough and clear airways of irritants that can cause infections.

UPDATE 3/28/20: See three revealing videos at bottom.
URGENT UPDATE 3/26/20 – Epidemiologist behind dire predictions for coronavirus drastically downgrades those numbers by about 96%:

UPDATE 3/25/20 – Sharing this very important related article:
The terror-happy media announced an astounding news bit about coronavirus yesterday.

There’s a new and mysterious symptom being reported by those afflicted with this terrifying disease.

Get ready, sit down…… the new symptom is…


Will these horrors never cease?

They predictably neglected to mention that this symptom of flu, cold, head cold, and allergy sufferers is well-known and very common probably since time began, and is TEMPORARY, and is a result of clogged sinuses, which virtually everyone has experienced. I had the flu twice last year, different but awful both times, lost the sense of smell/taste for a few days too, but here I am, somehow I survived, no flu yet this year.

As always, mass public FEAR is the media’s goal with this incessant, ever more “scary” corona reporting, day after day, all day long. More and more deaths, they say, worldwide lockdowns, many terrified and peering out behind surgical masks, millions of businesses at serious risk, countless jobs possibly being lost, people unable to pay their way in life, loss of homes, etc., etc.

Because of a flu.

Far milder than regular flus, but supposedly more contagious and just as extra risky for ailing elderly people and others with serious illnesses. Regular flus evidently are far more prevalent and kill far more people every year, including this year, despite (perhaps due to) all those incessantly touted, risky vaccines. Yet here we all are this year, due to corona, in terror lockdown, ready to let the economy and our self-sufficiency and freedoms go to hell in a hand basket, under the spell of the crazed, sensationalist mass media.

The media and the Globalist Left obviously hope to continue to ride the hell out of this “crisis” month after month, on up to the election in November when they dream that the public will be ready for Joe Biden (😨) to come to the rescue after President Trump has “failed to save us from corona and at the same time ridden us into a terrible economic recession or depression.” When that blame would be squarely on the media in reality…100 damned percent.

Here’s hoping that the president is able to put this mass hysteria away where it belongs, into the great trash bin of societal embarrassments. May we all come to our senses and get the economy back on track before we’re all only wishing we had, for years to come.

Listen to An0maly’s take on things, and separate yourself from the stampeding herd of mass media fear puppets (unless you’re already sensible, that is):
Just a few of many videos people are taking of their local hospitals in cities shut-down by The Virus:


  1. People can lose their ability to smell and taste regardless of any acute illness such as flu or cold. This is a well known sign of zinc deficiency. You mentioned you had a bad case of the flu two times in one year? I’d try zinc supplementation if I were you.

    1. Thanks, but I use a good zinc supplement, have done for a long time. It was just a bad year for me, caught the first one from a lady who’d been vaccinated and had the flu anyways. The second miserable thing, I don’t know what it was, didn’t last long. Normally I don’t get sick. Anyhow, my sense of smell and taste are great normally, no zinc shortage. That wasn’t the point of the post anyways, it was just one of many examples of the media’s breathless, alarming sensationalism about what is not news, at all, only meant to terrify people.

  2. Laura, we are living in a movie except the people think it’s real. If the News completely went off the air (on the TV and the Internet), none of this would be happening. No more sickness than usual. It’s a hoax that’s funny only to those in charge laughing their heads off at all the gullible fools screaming in fear and fighting over toilet paper and lining up at the doctors for shots and DNA swabs. I believe every virus is man-made created in a lab and put in vaccines to spread. That’s why they give the flu shot away for free, it’s a good contagious shedder.
    I’m doing a video on ID2020, the vaccine they’ve got ready to roll out in the Fall for the big bad “Coronavirus Plague.” It’s pretty damn scary as it contains an ID chip. It’s being tested right now on the homeless in Austin Texas and in Berkeley California, and of course all the children in the 3rd world countries. This has been their plan all along — total control achieved by medical martial law. If only just half of the population could see what’s really going on but no one questions it.

    1. It began as a screenplay written and acted out last October by Bill Gates and cronies in the drug industry, “Event 201” it’s called, but I assume you already know about that. If not, THEIR very own highlight reel video is posted in my last article. They blatantly show this stuff knowing what dupes the vast majority of people are, most of whom would believe Gates and company are just looking out for us all, brilliantly so. I almost hate to watch your video because if everyone is going to be forced to take this vaccine or be locked up, what can we do about it?! But I’ll watch it, and just continue to pray that all of this insanity is put to an end, quickly.
      You and others might find this informative, although it’s a lot of reading:

      1. Yes, Event 201. They like to do things “hiding in plain sight” — giving little hints, sometimes being blatant, privately chuckling at the stupidity of the masses. I mean just look up at the geoengineered sky that everyone is pretending is normal.
        There has to be a mass effort to warn everyone not to take any vaccines. Unfortunately the publicity for Vaxxed II has been effectively & deliberately buried, the traveling bus is grounded. I don’t understand the resistance in the vegan community to the fact that vaccines are definitely not vegan. It seems they have tunnel vision and can’t get past the diet. It’s easily verifiable that vaccines are loaded with animal blood and body parts. Many deniers that vaccines are bad are blind worshipers of “science.” But there is quite a population of pharma shills embedded in the vegan community, pretending they care about animals while pushing vaccines.

        The way I see this new vaccine being carried out is on all newborns. Sure, there will be many volunteering and lining up for the shots, but I believe this program won’t take effect until the next generation, when the newborns are old enough to work. Hopefully by then the masses will have woken up.

        1. You may have gotten my email about Vaxxed; if not, check it out…it seems even they are to be doubted. Also, Del Bigtree cites animal studies on his Highwire blog.

          I’m not one to be afraid of “chemtrails” and I don’t mean to be snide by the quote marks, but I just wanted that to be clear. We can all disagree on points but remain civil. No need to debate/convince on either side of that one.

          I thank “goodness” ID2020 won’t likely take effect in my lifetime, not for me anyways, but that’s selfish. I do worry for generations to come. It really is outrageously criminal to do such things to newborns and their harried, intimidated parents. Hope I don’t have to come back to this Brave New World again. Imagine being born today or in the future, as long as people are going down this godawful road, allowing more and more Globalist control over their lives, giving up their freedoms and independence under media-generated FEAR. Shivers. No joke.

          And the animals, what about them? God help us all. Thanks for the input.

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