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The Creation of a False Epidemic with Jon Rappoport

UPDATE 4/4/20: Very important video to listen to and there’s a related petition to sign, scroll down please.
Just sharing the following; please listen, please share…

The Creation of a False Epidemic with Jon Rappoport

Dr. SHIVA LIVE: We are at War. #FireFauci. End the Shutdown.

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8 thoughts on “The Creation of a False Epidemic with Jon Rappoport

  1. Nice, Laura! Glad you enjoyed my last video. (those bacteria-laden ventilators are great for finishing people off…) So great to see more and more AWAKE people! We must acknowledge the horrific reality then figure out a way to move on without being affected by the FEAR.
    There’s also a video that is mindblowing that I agree with 100%. It’s from a guy named Eric Dubay (he’s a vegan that sometimes comments on Joey Carbstrong videos)
    There’s mention of the coronavirus vaccine patent from 2006; the 1989 AMA Encyclopedia definition of “coronavirus” as “common cold” and the “Italy coffins photos” debunked as actually being pictures of a 2013 boating disaster!!! Here is the link: “Worldwide Lockdown over The Common Cold?”

    1. Thanks, am listening now and loving it. I checked out Eric’s page and see that he’s apparently a Flat Earther? Why, oh why do people have to do that? It doesn’t downgrade what he has to say and expose about this “pandemic,” but mainstreamer nitwits would surely use it that way.

      Yes, I saw that Italian article exposing how those dozens of coffins from the 2013 shipwreck were claimed as being corona victims! The lies and fraud and corruption know absolutely no bounds, nothing is too lowdown for these criminal power freaks and their lackeys.

      Yeah, they have that vaccine patent for many years, but nowhere to shoot it, so they’ve come up with this “pandemic” and whip people up into a frenzy of fear, and before long the eager dupes will line up and bare their arms and take the jab, and will viciously attack anyone who doesn’t do their part to protect the herd. Until their effects begin and ruin the lives of the unlucky, that is. Then after a bit of time they’ll move on to the next “pandemic.” Like always. But this one is the Big Daddy of them all. Stinks so bad and is so very INSANE that I’m wondering what the hell is this reality, anyways.

      I listened to parts of Jon’s podcast (will do more later) but especially loved the last 15 minutes or so of that last episode…gave me some hope. Do not let those demented PsOS take our lives as we choose to live them (within ethical bounds of course) away.

      1. Yep, unfortunately he’s one of “those.” I see it exactly as you do, that it could serve to negate anything authentic that he says. But the Flat Earther’s just don’t get it, how meaningless and trivial what shape the earth is, that there’s no proof anyway, no map showing where the “edges” are you’d fall off into space, no explanation why the earth is the only planet in the solar system not round etc… I personally believe this FE theory was deliberately stuck in with the “conspiracy theorists” to label everything else they said as crazy. It was then taken up by those who wanted to feel “smarter” like they knew something no one else did. What a shame, it’s like the “bad apple” that taints the whole barrel.

        I first listened to the last episode of Jon’s too and he 100% understands how the world is controlled, very impressive. I heard someone else say that those in charge enjoy the fear of the conspiracy theorists who know what’s going on almost as much as they enjoy the fear of the trusting populace which makes sense. Doesn’t matter what you’re fearful of, it’s the fear itself that weakens and poisons you.

        And they don’t mind as long as the awake stay a minority of course, as they can just be labeled whackos — I get that comment whenever I talk about this stuff even among vegans — who are so clueless as to how the world works. Surely after seeing Dominion they must realize there’s a powerful force of evil in the world to have gained so much control over the animals. They don’t think those same psychopaths really want to have the same control over humans, and that it’s their ultimate goal???

        I think after this initial shock of OMG, this is it, this is the New World Order, it’s here, the one we’ve been warned about for decades, especially since 9/11. And all it took was the cooperation of a global media to act like it’s really happening and a dumbed down gullible majority to believe it. I see the awareness as a grieving process… the next step will be letting go of the fear and creating our own reality of how we want this thing to turn out. After all, we were demanding change… well, we got it. Now we just have to make it the change WE want. It won’t be easy but I’m just grateful I’m not the only one screaming into the wind and being called nuts!

        1. You put that perfectly, thanks for all of what you said! This is OUR WORLD TOO and OUR LIVES…how dare those freaks💩 and their henchfreaks💩 and their giant herd of gullible, malleable, conformists and snitches think they can press their giant slimy “thumb” down on me?! 😡😤❗️❗️ They’d better let people get back to OUR OWN lives real soon, or there might soon be vigilante militia groups that go out and start attacking pro-shutdown goons in power positions. This is how civil wars begin.

          1. RIGHT ON!!!!!! Next video: Fashionable “Masks of Fear” and proof of farce (soldiers in wars not being quarantined etc….)

            1. I am so disgusted by people wearing those fashionable masks of fear. Unless they’re elderly and frail or already ill or have some other condition, there’s no excuse for such idiocy. And what about their eyes?! They’d need goggles too, to be legit. But goggles might reflect glare and not allow those fearful eyes to be seen by everyone…gotta have those worried eyes on display now, don’t we? I believe that if there’s some new disease going around, nobody really knows what’s causing it, and that Bill Gates and his cronies including the Chinese government are behind it and that it’s being done for Gates and his ilk to take total control of everyone regarding our own health. Bill Gates wants a medical dictatorship, with vaccines the driving force behind all of people’s lifelong dependency on “health”care. Like Jon Rappoport said, they want human society to be one huge hospital. Isn’t it interesting how Gates didn’t have his own kids vaccinated. His progeny’s health is all that matters to him.

              1. Earthling Ed, That Vegan Couple, Vegan Zombie have all had thumbnails of videos wearing those stupid masks. I got a desperate email from Etsy (whose website is being crushed, as are all other non-governmental jobs) suggesting sellers make masks & sell them. I got the idea to make some with the words FEAR on them and promote them as fear masks. I’ll let you know if they sell. Hey, goths might buy them. LOL

                I was at the cashier at the Sprouts supermarket checking out and noticed a woman (about 30s or 40s, no mask) who was in line behind me but was obviously keeping a six foot distance. I looked back at her like, REALLY? I wanted to say “Hey, it’s okay, I don’t have cooties. You can come closer.” It really bothered me. She had such a look of FEAR in her eyes. In fact everyone in the store was tense, some wearing masks, like we were all forbidden to speak or interact with one another.

                My personal theory is that COVID-19 is the code name for the 2019 flu vaccine they put a live attenuated virus in, which makes it even more contagious. People like me with incredible immune systems didn’t feel it a bit but others prone to sickness might have, just a slight flu-type cold that lasted a week. And I have no doubt that the 2020 flu shot will be the one with the microchip. No doubt at all. It’s why it’s called ID2020.

                Vegans need to stop running to their doctor to get tested for vitamin deficiencies or whatever else they’re trusting them to “check” for. The only way out of the allopathic medical system is for everyone to realize they need to be in control of their own health with plant based food and medicine. It’s the only way out: get off the poison pharma!

                1. It’s so sad and disappointing to see prominent vegans riding this indescribably moronic bandwagon, really. I think politics might be the motivation there…all the “progressives” have taken this on as yet another “failure by evil stupid Trump.” I actually cannot believe this is happening to our country, our lives. It really is too insane to be real, yet here we are. Bill Gates is one evil monster, and that’s no exaggeration, and he and Fauci are tight as thieves. I’m doing an update on this post, a very important video…hope you can take 52 minutes to listen, and there’s a petition Dr. Shiva has put up, getting a LOT of signatures, please sign and share as widely as you can, and ask all to share:

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