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Not So Fast Bill Gates (videos)

UPDATE 4/26/20 – See MORE EVIDENCE at bottom.
UPDATE 4/18/20 – New video added down below. After you watch the videos you may want to sign this: It’s already doubled its goal at over 200,000 signatures in a week, but the more the better, please share.
Here’s the guy who IS the root of the whole “Covid 19” insanity which will bankrupt our country (USA in my instance) and destroy everyone’s freedom if allowed to fester for much longer. When will he be stopped? Not as long as most everybody is playing right into his hands…
…THAT THE COVID TERRORIZED HAVE BEEN SEVERELY DUPED like no huge number of people have ever been duped before. Looks like Michigan’s liberal governor Whitmer (probably the worst lockdown tyrant) and cronies throughout the US knew about the coming “coronavirus crisis” back in June 2019.

Look here: and note that the bill was introduced June 13, 2019. Click on Official Text in the header there, then scroll down to download the “House Introduced Bill” for the brief (extremely vague) text on Bill 4729 which is at the very bottom of the list. THEN go to “Bill Analysis” and download & read that for more details on the coming “coronavirus emergency,” and remind yourself again that this bill was introduced LAST JUNE. Six months before the “surprise breakout of The Virus” that is ruining the US and world economy. Four months prior to Bill Gates’ Event 201. All of it leading us toward a Globalist Medical Dictatorship. People do no want to live like that.
But I know, it’s all a conspiracy theory, right. Tinfoil hats, all that. Sure.

This freakish charade needs ending, with full justice for all the perpetrators. What say you? Anyone?

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