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Twenty Stunning Glass Art Pieces (with an out-of-place covid rant)

UPDATE 5/26/20: Video of David Patchen’s art glass creation process added at bottom.
First, unrelated rant…

To hell with this tired old “COVID-19 crisis” being “lovingly” browbeaten into everyone, for months now. We should all get our lives back to normal and never again allow any self-proclaimed power elites to mess so horribly with our lives, as they’ve enjoyed for far too long now…one day would have been too long. To hell with these public “health” social engineers! My life is mine, not theirs to do with as they please.

I’ve strongly suspected this Virus calamity was politically motivated psychological warfare from the beginning. I’ve never listened to their incessant propaganda; only listen to aware people who refuse this “new normal” and would never kneel before Gates-Fauci and company in abject obedience. Up off your knees, the rest of you!

Protect and quarantine the ill and immune compromised, like always. No more of this “everyone shelter in place until we have a vaccine” and “let all the ‘non-essential’ businesses and the economy die” insanity. Vaccines are risky, deadly to some, so lets have a harmless, placebo vaccine to go along with the virtual disease, eh? But only for those who want the jab. And all businesses are essential to those who’ve worked hard to build them and succeed and live well and independently (except for any who abuse animals, that is).

That brings me back to things I love…

Since childhood I’ve had a thing about art glass, although back then I thought of the pieces simply as pretty, smooth, soothing little objects. Something about glass is magical to me. It’s made from sand, but look at its gleaming transparency. So simply beautiful! My favorites were the tiny, brightly colored blown glass animal figures. Go figure. I was born an animal lover, although it took decades of learning to finally live according to those principles.

Anyhow, those richly colored, clear or translucent tiny animals set me up for a lifelong love for all things artistic made of glass. Well, not everything in art glass, of course, but only those I find extra pretty. Below in random order are twenty of those from the web…Murano features heavily here; probably some prejudice on my part due to being half Italian. But the Muranos are just so stunning. Enjoy!

(Click on image for full size viewing.)

1) Blown Glass Lizard – sold on Ebay

2) Bull Terrier –

3) Butterfly –

4) Cranberry 24k Gold on Glass Murano Vase – sold on Ebay

5) David Patchen Handblown Art Glass

6) Floral Bouquet – Oregon

7) Murano Bull – sold on Ebay

8) Murano Cats –

9) Murano Dachshunds – sold on Ebay

10) Murano Dragonfly – sold on Ebay

11) Murano Elephants – sold on Ebay

12) Murano Horse – sold on Ebay

13) Murano Latticino Paperweight – sold on Ebay

14) Murano Millefiori Pitcher – (sorry about the tag)

15) Tulips in Murano Millefiori Vase –

16) Murano Venetian Bowl – Ebay UK

17) Murano Venetian Bowl –

18) Lovely Paperweight

19) “Glass Art, Tacoma Washington, 2016” (I think it’s Dale Chihuly) – pixabay

20) Tutti Frutti Murano Bowl 1960s –

Regarding No. 5 above, here’s how David Patchen makes those magnificent pieces:

9 thoughts on “Twenty Stunning Glass Art Pieces (with an out-of-place covid rant)

  1. Glass art can be so beautiful (and shiny!!). Do you remember when blown glass trinkets were sold at the fair? As a child, I had a chain necklace with a glass globe-shaped bird cage (how ironic, since becoming an animal activist) with a bird in it. It was pink and white, and very pretty. I treasured it, but apparently not enough, because now have no idea what happened to it.

    I don’t take very good care of “stuff,” but still have my stuffed toy cocker spaniel, “Sleepy dog,” a gift from 1953. Come to think of it, still have a lot of the dog memorabilia – (which apparently means the most) so my favorites are the glass dogs.

    1. Yes I remember the blown glass trinkets from fairs and such, but distinctly remember some little glass animals I got at a Farrell’s ice-cream parlour in the mid-sixties (no more cows’ milk sundaes for me, thank goodness). Those simple, tiny, shiny, transparent, colorful animals are what started the whole thing. I have a couple of the bowls like #16 and some blown glass pitchers, but am still searching for a little clear and yellow swan that got lost. It’s odd and annoying how things like that “disappear.” I can go crazy searching for them. But of course your favorites are the dogs…you should see my little ceramic dog figurines…precious!

  2. Great rant! And why not a FAKE vaccine to go with the FAKE pandemic? Unfortunately part of the agenda involves poisoning the population who will be eagerly volunteering for the “magic shots” as well as those it will be forced on (elderly, poor, schoolchildren, healthcare workers and newborns).

    My favorite pieces were the psychedelic vase #5 and the dragonfly #10.
    Thank you for this, it has inspired a new topic (the artwork that animals, birds and insects create in nature).

    1. Thanks! No. 5 is probably my favorite too, wow that David Patchen is something! But I love them all so much, notably the simple ones like the bull.
      Hey, I’m approaching elderly (63) and my brother’s already there (69) so those damned shots had better not be forced on us. My unmolested (for several decades) immune system must not be tampered with. Too many people now are opposed to vaccines; even some covid believers don’t want them to be mandatory. So we’ll see, and keep on praying for sanity and truth and justice.

      1. Glad to hear you have the same favorite. I would love to watch his process of creation.
        When they say they’re going to be targeting the “elderly” they’re referring to the ones being warehoused in the nursing homes and the ones deeply embedded in the allopathic medical system (regular checkups, annual vaccines and on pharma drugs) So don’t worry, you’re off the grid and not in a target group (unless you move to an “impoverished, medically underserved” neighborhood)
        And remember, you don’t have to answer the door to anybody you don’t want to unless they have a warrant and a battering ram 😉

        1. Thanks for that reassurance. Hah, I’ve already been paranoidly averse to answering door knocks for decades. If I’m not gladly expecting someone, no one has any business telling me to open the door. So they ain’t getting in here, unless they want to see if there’s life after death. 😉

          1. Cool video! He’s very masterful at his craft (and a very helpful assistant with great arms). That looks like a very physical process with much artistic and deliberate planning. It’s like he incorporated peacock feathers and dragonfly wings into the design. Nature inspires so many beautiful things.

            1. Yes, I know! I wonder if they ever have total botch jobs that are interesting anyways. I think even a misshapen blob from those two would be beautifully interesting. Even that would relate to nature.

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