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Hmm, seems something is missing from this story…

Can anyone figure out what’s been left out here? I think the last video posted here has it figured out. 😏


This video poster wisely concluded (do note his/her extreme sarcasm*) that the privileged WHITE woman attacked the poor BLACK (and Muslim) man…*if you go to youtube and see the vid description and comments:

Imagine living in this world for 92 years, surviving all sorts of life’s blows, and still able at that age to walk around town…then possibly dying like this. But it’s okay, you see. Slavery. Black rage. White privilege. All that.

It was such a relief to see that she survived and will recover.

The man has been arrested for assaults and other violent crimes about 100 times but always gets off through New York’s liberal loopholes. How progressive! I’m impressed.

None of the mainstream media reports on this mention race or color. Imagine, if you can, the situation being reversed…young white man, very elderly black woman. Imagine. Worldwide headlines. “Black/white. White man. Frail black woman. White privilege. White racism. Slavery. Reparations. Rage. Riot. Loot. Destroy. Laugh, and laugh some more.”

Rage against whites.



Cities burn.


Things remains shitty for the triumphant.

4 thoughts on “Hmm, seems something is missing from this story…

  1. The world is insane, and full of ‘human’ predators. No person or group of people can cure the insanity. The largest group of victims, by far, are the voiceless animals. Lord have mercy on them, and fix this mess.

    1. Thanks Sue. πŸ˜” The animals are only voiceless to the “deaf” who refuse to hear. And yes, we need the supernatural force of love to please fix this mess. I never thought things could get this insane, but here we are. Inner peace is all that’s available now, and that will have to be enough.

  2. Hmmm is right. Just checked & this is being totally HYPED UP and blown up all over the news. I question the whole validity of the incident. Why is she completely blurred out??? They had no problem showing the entire Floyd “death scene” in full HD technicolor up close in detail for 10 minutes. I highly suspect this could be just fodder to incite more racial division. Gotta keep people pissed off and hating, kick off some more riots for diversion and martial law. Call me suspicious of the MEDIA, but something about the timing of this “incident” and it not even being clearly shown just sets off my BS detector.

    1. UPDATE: Here the woman is not blurred out:
      I see the incident as real, unfortunately. The mainstream media is not hyping the racial component at all on this one because the victim is white and the perpetrator black (and Muslim I just learned). She’s not clearly shown in some footage because she probably wanted to remain anonymous for her privacy. Her interview with the reporter seems real to me too. My point here was that the rotten corrupt media would have actually made this another race dividing issue and there’d have been far more coverage nationwide/worldwide had the “races” been reversed. And there’d be a whole new set of riots in that case. Anyhow, thanks for sharing your thoughts, rebellious one. 😊

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