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Global Report on the Novel Coronavirus

I’ve often wondered over the last several months if anyone would thoroughly investigate this whole “covid 19” business and put together a comprehensive, useful summary of why no lockdowns, quarantines or mask mandates, etc., were ever in order, except as tools for corrupt power seekers to herd the masses into ignorant, terrified compliance with economy harming/destroying dictates. (Along with the race riots, etc.) All for political gain for globalist/socialist (Marxist) types. Well, some admirable people did, and I am very grateful to them. Here it is, for those who agree and want confirmation, or those still in terror of The Virus, or on the fence, who will take the time to read and comprehend and realize what’s going on:

Comprehensive pLandemic evidence all in one place, CLICK HERE

4 thoughts on “Global Report on the Novel Coronavirus

  1. NICE! Brilliant vaccination section beginning on page 52 as well as what really caused the “Spanish Flu Pandemic” on page 62! (hint: starts with a v) Loved the mention of the Tanzanian paw paw fruit & goat testing positive! Everything else was super impressive, well put-together. I do wish they’d start referring to cinchona bark (available for pennies just about everywhere) instead of promoting the synthetic pharma version of this healing plant (HCQ). Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see the explanation of the PCR sequence test not even designed to detect a virus. Overall a stupendous job! I shall be sharing!!! Thanks Laura this is a real keeper

    1. Thanks, it sure is a keeper. Anytime someone challenges me with a “covid terror” talking point, I can just go there and do a search and get an effective reply. I understand cinchona bark is quinine, and no, no mention of that in the e-book. But they’re going to do regular updates, here: So you might want to drop them a line, but I cannot find a contact for them (Proton Science Group) as of now. Whoever put that together deserves huge praise.

  2. It’s great information (Eleanor McBean, who was about 13 years old during the “Spanish Flu,” also added in her account that when the soldiers came home from overseas, there was a surplus of military vaccines, and so there were vaccination centers set up to offer those shots to the general public, with the media message being that the troops were bringing back diseases from foreign countries).

    The sad part is, as I have learned from trying to convince the naysayers, they will not look at it, or they will immediately go the the corporate/ government propaganda in order to “debunk” it.

    1. Thanks Sue; here’s hoping that something huge happens to cause the masses of brainwashed people to “dirty up” those brains a little and become very, very skeptical of “public health” types, Marxist dictators posing as caring humanists, and all the rest of those we know are enemies of liberty and truth. This e-book, if people will just sit down and read and THINK freely, could go a long way towards that.

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