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The Thing About Pack Rats

Looks dangerous.

It may seem to be a strange time to write about hoarders or “pack rats,” what with the USA going to hell in a hand basket under the depraved leadership of the Biden administration. But I need to block off that portion of my awareness and keep it in a “safe space” where it cannot plunge me into a severe depression. What that man is doing to our once great nation and its reputation around the world is absolutely disgraceful, to the worst degree. And yet he can and will probably do even worse. To all who voted for him: Only you deserve what he’s doing. The rest of us do not. I hope you’re coming to your senses and realizing that your Trump Derangement Syndrome was the real pandemic of the last several years. But to the subject at hand.

My mom would’ve liked this one…lots of treasures.

I lived with hoarders all of my life, and it turned me into a fanatical anti-clutter nut. I hate clutter! Don’t understand how anyone can live among masses of stuff surrounding them throughout their homes with little trails cut into the mess which only reach essential areas, like the kitchen sink, the bed, etc. Everywhere else is smothered by a hodgepodge of “stuff” from floor to ceiling. Each hoarder has his/her own special style of hoarding, but since the sight of masses of things is overwhelming to non-hoarders, they all end up looking pretty similar.

Messy Desk

Sometimes it’s a matter of one being an overworked slob with a chaotic mind and no sense of order, as with work areas jammed with stuff, like the above pic. Although I think most hoarding stems from worrying about the state of the world and of their lives, as in wanting to have plenty of spares and huge stockpiles of anything that either is essential or might come in handy or even pleasing or cute someday, for when everything has gone to hell and we can’t get stuff anymore. Makes sense in a way. But who wants to live like that? Not me!

Where to put your feet!

I say hoarding makes sense only in that all of my family except for me are or were hoarders, and over the years many of their hoarded items have been put to good use by me, in loving memory of them after they passed on. I got Mike Lindell’s My Pillows, a supply of tooth brushes, cotton swabs, flash lights, etc., etc.. Boring stuff to write about, but that’s too bad, haha. Anyhow, having hoarders in the family is like having your own sundries store, and it’s free!

Rather untidy, this one 😉 …trail almost gone.

That’s the good part. The awful part is the cleanup, as you can well imagine. The things you’ll find in those piles, too, wow. Years ago in my mom’s collection I found several rare antique vases, etc., which I sold for boo-koo bucks to uppity antique dealers. Hoarders also provide their loved ones with adventures like that…dealing with testy dealers who make you feel like you’re assaulting them for coming in and offering such “tawdry” pieces (like beautiful Rookwood vases) for “so much money.” Yet they usually come around and give you what you wanted in the first place, even though you started out much higher.

Pops of red. Nice.

I have one more hoarder left in the family, but he’s sort of succumbed to my relentless nagging and preaching about it and has hauled away tons of stuff to thrift stores and such. Still, there are tons left, so more nagging and preaching are in order, along with my hauling stuff away from his house as well.

This is the one most similar to my late younger brother’s hoard.

You won’t find anything resembling hoarding in my home, except for my purse collection, all of which I USE, however. And some spares of household items all in one closet. I’m a neat freak if not so much a clean freak. I’ll dust and clean on occasion but hey, one doesn’t want to get too carried away with that! Mainly I have everything in its place and ample empty space, and yes, I’m one of those kooks who cannot have a crooked picture hanging on the wall without it bitching at me to come straighten it.

The microwave is a nice touch.

I know this is probably boring to any readers, but I wanted to share the (public domain) hoarding pics seen here and thought I’d blither some using my poor old typing fingers to at least explain why the pics are posted. Whoever you are, reading this, I hope you got something out of it.

Don’t judge. You don’t know what it’s like.

4 thoughts on “The Thing About Pack Rats

  1. I find this absolutely fascinating, and I am the exact opposite of a hoarder – lol! Having said that, I can sort of understand a hoarder’s mind – as in the story you tell yourself about how an item could be used or come in useful one day, and the picture conjured up from that story. The difference is knowing whether or not that will ever actually come to fruition 😊

    1. So you’re like me in that the less cumbersome stuff you have, the better. I find hoarders fascinating too, love watching videos of people going through abandoned (or deceased) hoarder houses, but it’s sad, too.
      About the possible future need for the stuff…I doubt that my late brother’s 500 or so pairs of good quality size 11 flip flops would’ve done him any more good than perhaps 10 pairs, lol. I gave many of those away to a homeless couple who probably became street flip flop salespeople for awhile, with only men’s size 11 buyers.

  2. That’s a lot of flip flops – lol! Hope the homeless couple made a few dollars for themselves out of it. Yes, the compulsion to hoard is a hard one to understand, but any psychological disorder is complex, I guess. However, the older I get, the more I realise that I don’t understand a lot of things, and that’s okay. We do need to maintain some order in the world, though, to function optimally, so disorder is uncomfortable and disturbing in its own way.

    1. This homeless couple were regulars around here for some time; they had two adorable little dogs they transported around in a covered wagon type thing; seemingly took good care of them, and even had help from our police and animal control depts. I haven’t seen them around lately, for some time, and wonder what happened to them and the dogs. I certainly hope they found a good place to live.
      Disorder and clutter really are disturbing, even to hoarders. The more disturbed they are by the mess, the stronger the urge to gather more stuff, since it’s the acquiring and bringing home the things that gives them the high that temporarily relieves the disturbance. I get that feeling with my purses; but have a rule now: No more will be added without one of them going. Same with everything else. No proliferation allowed! That’s crazy too; but then we’re all nuts, me thinks.

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