Hey Vegans: Have you taken the covid shots?

Image from Pixabay

If so, are you still vegan. or are you now “plant based”? Do you shun animal products due to your love and respect for animals, and for yourself? I’m pretty sure you care about your health. Well, if you’re voluntarily vaccinated, especially with the covid shots, you may well have seriously compromised your morals, as well as damaging your health. Please read the following from the NIH and see if you want to continue being a participant in what is going on. Or do you utilize that big, gruesome “but…” when it comes to what you’re told will benefit you? You do realize that people who imprison, abuse and kill animals as if it’s perfectly acceptable are practiced liars, right? Please read:


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4 thoughts on “Hey Vegans: Have you taken the covid shots?

  1. Thank. you for posting that information. A lot of people online have claimed the vaccine is dangerous because “animal testing” was skipped. It was NOT. They also fail to see the bigger picture, which is that all the poisons which are foisted upon us are tested on animals, and as Dr. A.V. Allen wrote in “Vivisection Is A Business,” the people at the top have to know it is phony.
    But on top of that, vivisection is the most vile and cruel activity for which our tax dollars are allocated. I know absolutely, without a doubt, that good can never come from evil. The following video was posted once on my social media, a platform which boasts “free speech.” After I posted it, it was blocked from being posted again.


    1. Thank you for those excellent statements and for sharing that unbearable video. I cannot watch vivisectors in action anymore, had my fill of their evil, lowdown activities long ago, and it’s way, way too heartbreaking to see those animals undergoing those idiotic, sadistic “experiments” when there’s nothing we can do to free them. But people who still want to believe what the blatantly corrupt media tells them about animal “research” need to see it and hear it until they wise the hell up and stop being duped by what truly are monsters in lab coats pretending to be scientists. Fauci is a prime example. He’s all about ego and socialist tyranny, not at all about health. Vegans who let their “liberal” politics rule over their “concern for animals” are truly DEPLORABLE.

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