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“Fear Of Donald Trump Kept Putin From Invading Ukraine. Here’s How Trump Pulled It Off” – The Federalist

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Sharing an excellent article, well worth the time to read and let sink in, notably for Trump haters. Please, read: Click here to go to the Federalist article.

Reader: If you haven’t yet, please do realize what a complete and tragic disaster Joe Biden and his administration are, not only for the USA but for the world. From the covid debacle to the fraudulent election to all of the disastrous decisions and actions by the Biden administration, to the terrifying war going on in Ukraine, with the threat of nuclear war now real, again, along with all sorts of other world menaces…none of this should ever have happened.

With Trump in office, we in the USA had energy independence; no more relying on other nations to supply us with oil; even became a supplier for other countries. Peace negotiations were happening with Israel and Muslim nations. Our employment and economy were booming like never before. The list goes on, about 99% of it greatly positive in my opinion. What did Trump get for it all from the establishment? Bizarre, drawn-out, phony impeachment attempts, which served to harm his reputation among the ill-informed masses.

Then, when Fauci’s and the CCP’s covid plandemic and media generated race riots hit us, it all began to fall apart even further, including our voting system, which led to the disastrous 2020 election. Then things really fell apart, with Biden and his people insanely determined to undo every great thing President Trump had accomplished, including the border wall, which opened us up to a flood of illegal immigrants, including violent criminals, like had never been seen before, and they’re still coming. Then came the demands for no voting rules or qualifications, to allow all of those illegal immigrants to vote here, no ID, no nothing required. (Gee whiz, I wonder what party they might vote for.) To oppose that insanity, we’re said to be racist and trying to prevent Black people and other non-Whites or poor people from voting, as if they’re too shiftless and/or stupid to get photo IDs, or to get to a polling place. Thus, massive mail-in voting, vote “harvesting” and all sorts of other voter-trust destroying lunacy and corruption.

This is beyond mere insanity…it is criminal insanity, of the treasonous variety.

What’s it all about…what’s at the core of all of this disaster and injustice? Mindless hatred of a man named Donald Trump, generated by our corrupt, politically biased mainstream media, due to Trump’s being an outsider who dared to win an election over a Clinton. A man who truly loves the USA and wanted life to be better for all, regardless of “race”…and he was doing it.

Genuinely aiming to eliminate miserable poverty which leads to class envy, friction and resentment among the people? Thriving businesses, gainful employment, independence and better prosperity for all Americans of all “colors”? Well, that’s just totally unacceptable to “progressives” in power, since all of their relevancy and power stem from…miserable poverty leading to terrible morale, class envy, race riots and high crime. Then there was the “defund the police” movement; until the “progressives” realized they could use THEIR (federal) police force against all dissenters. Now they’re suddenly pro-police, according to Biden’s “FUND the police!” statement recently.

Could things get much worse or more insane?

I say we get a total reversal going…barring any horrific disasters brought about by Russia and Vladimir Putin, and our “president’s” continuing to do all the wrong things. I pray for peace in Ukraine and the world and for all innocent people and animals to be spared further harm and loss of precious life.