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Get the Other Side of the Corona Scare Right Here!

URGENT UPDATE 3/26/2020 – Epidemiologist behind dire predictions for coronavirus drastically downgrades those numbers by about 96%:

“OMG, gotta get those surgical masks and emergency quarantine supplies before the shelves are empty! And by God, when’s that vaccine gonna be available?!”

Readers may be interested to know that Paul Offit of vaccine mandate fame said in an interview among his people that FEAR is their greatest tool against vaccine resistance. See video for source of that statement, which is attributed to Bill Gates there, but it’s actually Paul Offit speaking. And wow, do they love utilizing that fear, with their beholden media inundating us with the “scary stuff,” while they all…including Bill Gates…likely sit back to enjoy watching the public go nuts.

Remember the measles hysteria from this past Fall and at other times…always with the push for vaccines and with “compulsory” public school vaccine bills being passed all over the U.S. while the people were all scared and ripe for the picking? Remember how we were all warned of measles-infected people passing through a mall or wherever and how it was as if the Black Plague was making the rounds? (Measles was a mild disease we all had as children in the old days and thus were naturally immune to thereafter.) Why no more headline measles stories now? Or mumps, or pertussis, etc. One should wonder. And come to the conclusion that “corona” is just far juicier. (See more on the “measles epidemic” HERE)

Ka-ching! Here come those huge buckets of cash to fight the wicked COVID-19!

Please consider how this (so far) $8.3 BILLION being flushed down the bottomless toilet of “corona” funding could instead do some huge good for, say, cleaning up the water supply of Flint, Michigan, among other old, ongoing, horrible problems throughout the US. Instead it goes completely to waste, including to torture “lab animals.” People should be furious about that, but instead are furious at anyone who doesn’t believe the media narrative.

Don’t you think it’s about time people stopped listening to the mass media and their primary backers—the pharmaceutical industry? They’re not about your health; they’re about their financial well-being and luxurious lifestyles. They don’t get there by your being healthy and largely independent of them.

Just click on the orange title below for the other side of this corona hysteria, and you may also want to check out all of Jon’s other articles on this topic. It should all make you feel a lot better about this “virus,” at the same time causing you to feel a lot worse about having any sort of trust in certain people of power and influence in our world, which amounts to a large number of people being totally non-credible, shamefully (i.e. shamelessly) corrupt. I don’t remember corruption of this level being the norm at any time in the past. It’s a treacherous world and people have got to toughen up to it, stop being gullible.

Anyhow, here’s the article:

Corona baloney: it’s the money, honey


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Vaccines and Politics, Info for Those Who Care

Source unknown from Pinterest

It is claimed by the vivisection industry that animal “research” and testing are vital in the development of vaccines, as well as animal substances being needed as vaccine ingredients. Strangely enough, it appears that many “progressive” socialist vegans and animal activists have no problem with all that, as long as President Trump isn’t involved. I’ve seen several Trump despising animal activists, vegans and anti-vaxxers promoting Bernie Sanders as our next President, and find that a bit bizarre. Unless they just don’t know what’s up with him and the rest of their liberal heroes, in contrast to the “evil stupid rich orange man” (as they refer to our president among other scathing insults) and crew.

So, I gathered some info…several links, so please come back for the rest:

To those who want everyone to “feel the Bern”…Sanders on vaccines, from 2015: and from 2016:

Original slate of 2020 presidential candidates stances on vaccines, from last year: Here, by far, the least tyrannical on vaccines are Trump and possibly the few who didn’t (dare?) respond to the question:

NOTE that the absolute worst there is the man who walked out in a huff at Trump’s state of the union address on February 4…Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio who said, “I believe mandatory immunizations and vaccinations are critical to keeping our families, our kids, and our communities safe.”
MANDATORY, i.e. FORCED, whether you like it or not.

Pixabay image

Both sides’ numbers regarding vaccines:, showing that Republicans and Independents are more likely to oppose mandatory vaccinations, and that as time goes by, Republicans become LESS likely to say vaccinations should be required, while the liberals go further in the opposite direction.

But, for Republicans (or anyone) to express any vaccine doubts or opposition publicly is political suicide, with the “scientific community” (pharmaceutical industry) being so powerful and overwhelmingly in favor of forced vaccines.

Regarding the Congressman from Glendale, CA, ADAM SCHIFF, who wants “counseling” for vaccine resisters:

Unrelated to vaccines, here’s where the 2020 presidential candidates stand on several other issues, updated regularly:

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My End of the World Last Meal

Firstly, to get the “kvetching” (mustn’t swear) and intro out of the way…

Anti-vegans claim vegans are always thinking about food; they say it’s because we’re starving on crappy fake food and only need to down a bloody steak and wash it down with cow’s milk to get us focused on more important things in life than food, like they are, hahaha…hah. When omni or carny food lovers obsess about what they love to eat and blather loudly about it all, they’re affectionately called “foodies” who simply and naturally enjoy eating tasty stuff. Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

I absolutely love all of my everyday healthy vegan foods, but do dream of being able to stuff myself full of “forbidden” treats like pizza and cake…veganized of course. If only I could, without suffering the sorry and severe consequences.

I watched a video yesterday of all the strangest Last Meal requests of Death Row inmates (most of their menus being expectedly meat heavy), and it got me thinking, what would my preferred last meal be? If I were on Death Row I’d probably want little or nothing, since I lose my appetite and get sort of nauseous when totally stressed out, scared or depressed.

So I thought of another scenario…

Say that in some dummy’s fantasy, the media has reported that there’s a giant asteroid headed towards Earth and it will be here the day after tomorrow. You’re a foodie and your thoughts turn to what will be your final meal (or full day of gorging) before the big kaboom and your journey into the unknown, sans body. You have no idea what’s to come following that. Regardless, you’re gleefully happy and cannot wait for this spinning lunatic asylum full of death and unjust suffering to finally be finished off. So you’re going shopping (assuming any shops will be open), for ingredients if you’re a cook at heart, and/or for ready-made items that you sometimes wish you could eat yourself to death with, having blissed out in crazy taste-bud ecstasy for hours, possibly all day long with several breaks, since I eat nice and slow.

So, below are my choices…and I hope to see others’ Last Meal selections in the comments, but who cares about my hopes? Probably no one, sigh. Anyhow:

Everything’s VEGAN, naturally.

Serving sizes? No such thing! All you can eat…

• Green chili & black bean tamales (greasy!)
Source: Susy Languren Di Vegan – youtube
• Pizza with lots of Miyoko’s mozzarella and some hot peppers (also nice & greasy)
Source: avantgardevegan – youtube
• Shortbread cookies (again greasy, and nice & crumbly)
• Glazed jelly donuts (What, me worry about sugar? No more!)
Source: Mayim Bialik’s Hannukkah Doughnuts
• Chocolate layer cake with lots of chocolate frosting (mmmm, more sugar and lots of deep brown chocolatey gooeyness)
• Premium smooth peanut butter, lightly salted

And to wash it all down…
• Big tumbler of chocolate peppermint soy milk

That’s one huge pig-out for me because my maintenance calories are 1800, and a rough estimate of calories here is about 3800. That’s probably equal to my all-time pig-out record and possibly all I could eat without dropping dead (and I’d want to be fully conscious for the asteroid hit, heheh). Anyways, who’s counting calories any more on “D Day”? I must be nuts.

Of course I’d have plenty of extra food on hand and let my dog(s) (and family) stuff down as much as they could, too, since what dog or human wouldn’t love to gorge on all that in glazed-eyed, Buddha-bellied abandon, knowing there’s no tomorrow?

With my luck, after finishing that gut busting, weight packing, heart-attack, diabetes-chow feast, the asteroid would unexpectedly change course and this purgatory would grind on, and I’d be stuck bloated, several pounds heavier, and probably ripe for some dreaded, food-related, chronic disease.

Oh well, the world’s end is only a dream, but still I pray.