Boom: the Clintons, US uranium, Putin, and the FBI – Oct 23 – by Jon Rappoport

It becomes even more evident that Putin feigned support for Trump for US President in order to help Hillary win, but it wasn’t quite enough of a boost.

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Hillary Clinton by Ranan Lurie – Source



Making Lemons into Lemonade – On President Trump

President Trump in January 2017 – OMG!

donald_trump_phoenix_2016Check out the two older articles linked below, they’re especially relevant to vegans and animal activists on this day; lots of food for thought in them. I like Thinking Vegan a lot more than full-blown socialist Roland Vincent, but both of them explain how Trump could possibly be good for animal rights and veganism regardless of his assholery on the issue or left-versus-right politics:

I especially feared Hillary in power because she would have forced vaccines (through appointing her CDC director) on us all as a lover of policymaking and enforcement and a strong proponent of vaccines, while the anti-vax people say Trump is suspicious of vaccines and not at all likely to have them made compulsory by appointing a vaccine nazi as CDC director.

Whether you favor or oppose vaccines, no one should support forcing others to submit to them, which is where the vaccine movement is headed and has been for some time.

Sadly though, Trump is no friend of animals or vegans, but, believe me, neither are the Clinton, Obama or Sanders crowds, even if they talk a good game at times.

Also see the two videos and the 10/2015 Savage-Trump discussion linked below.

Outspoken radio talk host, Michael Savage, trained in medicine, is a possible choice for Trump’s Director of the NIH (or possibly the CDC instead?), and this would most likely be very good for the anti-vivisection movement, especially for those poor animals stuck in those cages. Listen to him here especially around 4:50 to 5:55:

The NIH directs all funding to research institutions! So keep a watch and hope for Dr. Savage to get this appointment, as it has been suggested by some.

Savage also opposes vaccines and would likely never support compulsory vaccines as shown here:

Savage is not a friend of animal activists though; he often rages against us too, says he hates animal cruelty but can’t stand us either…so keep that in mind. But what he says and what he’ll actually do and its effect on animals is what we have to keep in mind, not our touchiness about being condemned as activists.

Trump-Savage interview:

Dr. Ben Carson – NO LONGER my pick for U.S. President 2016

YET ANOTHER (SAD) UPDATE – January 28, 2016:

I’ve just seen this regarding Carly Fiorina: …yet was not entirely surprised. Like many “dog lovers,” she’s psychopathically drawn that false bloody line that mercilessly puts other species on the butcher block for her plates of disgusting food, not to mention her wanting to hold onto the huge funding she receives from animal “farmers.” Who knows, she probably even supports the dog meat trade as other cultures’ freedom of commerce. I’m done thinking there are any “lesser evils” among politicians and believing there is actually anyone decent to vote for to lead our country. There is NO ONE. Whomever gets in will be equally as vile as anyone else yet in “different” ways…it all boils down to all decent people and all animals being betrayed and being on our own in this massive fight for simple human decency. There are no heroes among the powerful. I may not vote at all anymore, I don’t know. To hell with it all.


Now that Rick Perry’s dropped out of the race (see 7/21 update below), I’m for Carly Fiorina as President since, besides being an intelligent, sensible conservative, she’s a dog lover and is for vaccine choice, leaving the decision to parents without force involved, at least for now. Who knows if or how she might change her position under intense bullying pressure from the medical industry and the media? Donald Trump is horrible when it comes to animals…he’s actually outraged that Ringling Bros. is phasing out their elephant abuse acts due to public pressure, thinks they never should have given even an inch as far as animal rights concerns. So if the Republican ticket is Fiorina and Carson (see below) I’d be pretty happy, despite Carson’s tyrannical forced vaccine position…as Vice President he wouldn’t have much to say about that, I hope. I don’t plan to do any more updates here, will just vote for the lesser of the evils if nothing better is possible and leave it at that. Feeling pretty hopeless though.

IMPORTANT UPDATE July 10, 2015*:

Ugh, this is embarrassing…

Well, it’s been a year since I wrote the below article, including the statement, “…unless I learn something truly terrible about him,” and indeed I have found something terrible about him, so I will NOT be voting for Ben Carson after all if he really is actually on the ballot this coming election. Here is what I found, that he’s for forced vaccinations; hah, some freedom fighter. See here:

For the record, *ADDITIONAL UPDATE 7/21/2015:

After doing a bit of research I’ve found that, apparently, former Gov. Rick Perry of Texas is the best Republican 16491728589_bc5370ceed_kpresidential candidate regarding both issues, animal “welfare” and vaccination freedom. Here’s where he passed an anti-puppy mill, anti-breeding law a few years back in Texas, which animal exploiters and “sportsmen” absolutely despised him for: And here’s where he’s shown to at least be for personal choice exemptions from vaccines even if he supposedly believes vaccines are safe & effective. Note that back in 2011 he admitted to a mistake in pushing mandatory Gardasil vaccines for girls, actually listened to the people in that regard, saying that these decisions should be up to parents, not forced by the government, and that’s probably the best we’ll ever get on this subject from any politician:

Two other Republicans who are better than most on vaccine freedom are Michele Bachmann and Scott Walker, however both of them are TERRIBLE on the animal issues. Michele Bachmann is especially good on the vaccine issue, realizing the untold (covered up) damages vaccines lead to in far too many people. But on animals, she’s horrid… still, those in power who have a passion for citizens’ freedom are often swayed by public demand to support actions favorable to animals despite their personal feelings. So who knows?…anyways, she’s not running for president. Scott Walker, however, apparently is running, and he’s a bit troubling on vaccines, for personal choice but not strongly, not reliable in my view. And again, he’s TERRIBLE for animals. I hope the information on him and Rick Perry serve to help any voters reading here in some way.

So, I plan to vote for Perry, detestable as I may be to some people for admitting that. However, if he picks a sociopathic animal killer like Sarah Palin as his running mate, all bets are off, I likely will quit voting altogether. In any case, there’s probably no hope to be gained with any of these people. How I wish we had a truly heroic figure in the running.

Important: Please note that Hillary Clinton and all the Democratic candidates are tyrannically pro-vaccine, as in forced by any means necessary, no personal belief exemptions allowed. You only need to google each one of them on vaccines to see the evidence.

Original now-recanted article below, as painful evidence of my misjudgments due to ignorance of Carson’s more troubling nature…

bccurrentConservative Republican Dr. Ben Carson may run for president in 2016…

And he’s vegetarian. From an LA Times article in October 2009:

Dr. Benjamin Carson, professor of neurosurgery, oncology and pediatrics and director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore, has noticed a similar change in attitudes. A vegetarian for 15 years, Carson is “amazed by the number of vegetarians today.” Attending scientific functions in the United States and abroad, he sends word ahead that he requires vegetarian food; at dinners with colleagues he finds, “Everybody is coveting my vegetarian meals.”

Now that’s vegetarian, not vegan, presumably, but he’s Seventh Day Adventist and many SDA’s are now vegans. And the first vegetarian president would be a vastly different influence than anyone we’ve had in the white house before, except for perhaps vegetarian Ben Franklin, not president but a founding father of our country, and quite conservative.

Dr. Carson’s record indicates that he opposes Topic 8 “human needs over animal rights” at, which means he believes we should balance animal rights with human needs, accounting for nature’s value for humans as well as for other environmental benefits. He may not be an animal advocate in the best sense, but I believe he’s fair, honest, and wise, certainly not opposed to caring for animals, and is likely opposed to their abuse. He’s a pioneer in separating conjoined (“Siamese”) twins, but I could find nothing anywhere about him experimenting on animals, which is a good sign to me. I’m of course open to learning more about him there.

Giving us all more incentive and freedom to fight even more and achieve far more is what I believe he’d be best at. And his being vegetarian (possibly even vegan) for his health would go a long way towards getting huge numbers of people to at least eat far less animal products.

Here’s Dr. Carson being interviewed:

331px-Condi_riceCondoleezza Rice would be my choice for his vice president.

Now imagine this: A conservative vegetarian, first vegetarian president, first female vice president, both of them black, both unstereotypically conservative Republicans. C. Rice would be only the second unmarried potential president, as James Buchanan has been our only unmarried president. I don’t know about C. Rice’s diet but she has a very good record on animal issues, same position as Dr. Carson: …And they’re both very attractive looking as well, not that that’s so important, just another nicety…ha, you like that word, “nicety”? And I see them both as qualified and credible, wise and strong, the sort of leadership our nation is starved for, even if anyone may disagree with them on some issues.

So think of all those fantastic firsts! And let’s make this happen. Our country is in serious need of some great morale boosting and renewed, real hope. I truly believe that Carson-Rice would lead us, and the animals we share the world with, in a great direction as opposed to the stale, ugly road we’ve been going down for a long long time.

It seems hardly anyone reads here except for you stunningly wonderful few, at least those who agree with me who is always correct on everything (lol), so I’ll have to rely on other ways of our nation achieving this. But I want it so!

Anyone have any thoughts? Please share below…so tired of talking to myself here…gosh it’s lonely.

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