Humanity’s Self-Taught, Eagerly Learned, Yet Forever Denied Sociopathy

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By Kevin Dooley on Flickr – “Corporate Bully”

I’m currently reading “Guilty by Reason of Insanity” by Dorothy Otnow Lewis, MD, and it’s an exercise in fascination as well as irritation. She’s an engaging writer and the knowledge one can gain from her cases is intense, as long as you can overlook her personal boasting and liberal bias. Her accounts are inconsistent. She once again proved to me that even a highly trained psychiatrist is subject to a form of mental illness, and denial of such. Yet I still love reading this book…it is that well written and the cases are that interesting, if highly disturbing, and often left unfinished by her.

For just one example…

She’s proud to be the last woman who kissed Ted Bundy, and survived, as one who did extensive interviews with him on Death Row. Maddeningly, she does not delve into her discussions with Bundy except for brief excerpts that reveal nothing about him except for his great rapport with her, of which she seems proud. Bundy of course was the world famous sadistic rapist and serial killer who years ago was executed for his crimes. He of course tortured animals in his past.

Further, Lewis, who occasionally and briefly mentions the abuse of animals as a disturbing foreteller of violence and murder of humans, fails to make the connection in her own life and habits such as her enjoyment of hearty meat/egg/dairy filled breakfasts and such. She describes a knife used in a heinous murder as one normally used to cut meat, as if human flesh is not also meat.

Also, she apparently approves of animal vivisection. She writes of an example of brain injuries causing extreme violence, citing sadistic experiments on “decorticate” cats where the cat’s cortex is separated surgically from the rest of the brain. That is extreme madness in itself, subhumanly sadistic behavior. The fact that Lewis blithely cites it tells me the woman is unhinged in her own special way. No excuse justifies such things. Human brain research exists proving the effects of brain damage in humans.

But one chapter of Lewis’s book especially got to me…

And that’s the main subject of this piece. It’s the story of Roger, a Death Row inmate there for the brutal murder of a woman, her small child and their sheepdog. Roger could not remember anything about the murders nor about his and his three brothers’ childhood full of torture and rape. Their tortures occurred on an animal farm in Seattle, Washington, the home of “Mother Carry,” a crazed religious zealot, and her 20-year-old son, Hyram. Annoyingly, again, Lewis doesn’t state a timeframe for this case, but I deduced that the farm episode was likely in the 1960s…

Roger and his three brothers had been placed in foster “care” on that farm due to abuse and neglect in their own home. The four brothers were so traumatized by their time on that farm that they all pretty much blocked it out and drank and/or drugged themselves into oblivion regularly if the memories threatened to invade their minds once again. Following is an excerpt from Lewis’s book that details the tortures those four boys endured as well as what those animals endured, on pages 134–135, but Roger’s story starts on page 131:

By Stacie on Flickr – “baby lambs”

So, after reading that, among all the other past and current accounts of horrendous tortures occurring in animal “farms,” does anyone still think animal farming and slaughter do not attract, nurture the sickness in, fuel and propagate, as well as create, violent criminals and sadistic psychopaths? If you’re still of that mindset, then you’re horribly mistaken, to put it mildly. Violent human-on-human crime rates including torture, rape and murder are far higher among animal farm and slaughter workers (and other animal abuse industries) than among any other group or among the general population.

Interesting article here: Please realize, it’s not only the workers who are mentally/emotionally damaged by these violent, ruthless practices…all of us human beings, collectively and individually, are badly affected as well.

“Oh, but I know a guy who works in slaughter and he’s nice”

No, the fact that “most” slaughter workers aren’t violent or murderous against humans proves nothing. A few are decent people doing an ugly job out of desperation (while they could be making plant foods instead, if we were all vegan). One of their stories is here: The rest, so well trained in brutality and killing, restrain themselves from violent/sadistic acts upon people, for self-preservation, and others simply avoid culpability by not getting caught. The rest are the ones we hear about in the news.

What are slaughter workers to think when people’s abuse of animals is known as fact to be a disturbing, cowardly, creepy crime committed by those without a conscience, and yet society at large happily (yet quietly and in denial) approves of their daily torture and bloody slaughter of innocent, docile animals? Can people even register the level of sickness and evil that’s been allowed to fester among our species? And for these frivolous desires (like burgers) that have nothing to do with real need and are even damaging to our physical health, aside from the mental.

So if you’re not vegan…

Please rethink what you’re eating and supporting…get honest…then be vegan, for sane ethics and for life. And be smart about it, don’t allow yourself to become an example of “failure” because you only eat pasta and lettuce, or sugary junk foods, or whatever. Study nutrition a bit, using objective sources, not industry propaganda, and eat right and get enough exercise. It’s not so hard.

Anyhow, I’m just sick after reading about “Mother Carry” and her deranged Hyram and that dismal “farm” of theirs. Baby animals tortured mercilessly, that was all vile enough, then there were the boys. There was no followup about them in Lewis’s book (another irritation) and I can find nothing about those two on the web. Apparently they went off scot-free and likely tortured thousands more animals and many kids over the years, as a “foster home” regularly used by the state. Hopefully they died long ago and are in Hell where they belong, despite the mother’s “devotion to Jesus.”

These people lacking conscience have got to stop being used for food production or anything else. They belong in intensive mental health care for life and could be phased out if our species ended its collective dementia, exorcised it at its roots. Then the child abuse, torture, rape behind all violent crime could stop being fed by society’s tacit approval in the form of the psychopathy required for us all to be fed by sadistic people who prey upon the helpless.

First, the denials and glaring hypocrisy have got to be brought into full light, and ended.


Put them into your tummy, then all is right!

Just sharing an article here, along with a brief carp fest…


Hey there, “human” (wise & kind) beings:

If you’re going to torture and execute innocent helpless animals as your fun hobby, be sure you stuff them into your face afterwards and digest them and don’t “waste” any part of them, or else people worldwide will despise you and celebrate if you die from a bumbling accident while all stoked and oblivious while out there gleefully shooting birds.

Italy – Lion hunting veterinarian dies after falling 100ft into ravine on a bird shoot:

In reference to the article’s comments saying in effect, “If he’d have eaten the animals it would be okay, but he was only having fun, so he shoulda had a lot worse death!” That of course leaves room for all the caging/using/killing normal people enjoy…but of course…gotta have that, to survive! This further goes to explain why many people also hate vegans, who somehow survive quite well without caging/using/killing animals…making good folks look like liars! The invention and thorough utilization of twisted, lofty sounding excuses for monstrous behavior, such as animal testing, puppy breeding, slaughterhouses, and all the rest of the “necessary evils” is the Hallmark of Humanity, after all. Gosh, I so love our species…


Open-Mindedness, or Gullibility, Ignorance and Apathy

The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.”

— Terry Pratchett, “Diggers”

Graffiti in Shoreditch, London -

Graffiti in Shoreditch, London – “Raw Jekyll ink” by kylaborg – Flickr

Dictionary definition:

open-minded |ˈˌoʊpən ˈˌmaɪndɪd|


willing to consider new ideas; unprejudiced.

I’ve often been accused of being closed-minded when it comes to listening to “the other side” regarding humanity’s treatment of animals. It would make me defensive, as if I half agreed there may be something wrong with that. So I got to thinking…why would I even want to be open-minded to something I know for a fact is seriously wrong? Could NAMBLA members convince me with enough crafty talk that their man-boy “love” was what they say it is? Hell no. So I’m closed-minded? Well okay then, I am.

narcissist-evil-stare“Open-minded” sounds like a good thing. Sure…who doesn’t want to be open to new ideas and unprejudiced. Having new ideas is smart! And prejudice is a bad thing! But as with any good thing, open-mindedness becomes a terrible thing when it is exploited, abused, misused by both opportunists and those duped by them.

Humor writer David Wong* of said, “Gullibility is a knife at the throat of civilization.” Sounds strange at first, at least to me. But then, think: Gullibility means simply not enough concern to have a strong position on matters of importance so that one can easily be swayed by either side depending upon who’s more forceful or has enough popularity to force conformity, regardless of ethical concerns. In that instance, open-minded means seriously gullible. That gullibility is about selfish comfort. “I won’t trouble my pretty little head about that, I’ll simply believe in whatever is popular…the majority can’t be so wrong, can it?”

*Note: Edited above – My source for David Wong’s quote attributed it to The Scarlet Plague, which was Jack London’s 1912 novel, so that was an error and has been corrected.

When you consider the results of such apathy and ignorance among the masses, you can see just how true David Wong’s quote is. Mercenaries, or those only concerned with profiting, devoid of ethics, regularly take advantage of such gullibility in others, and that is THE root of all that is wrong with human civilization. Such collective gullibility allows the masses to accept and even embrace things that normally would horrify and repel them, make them rise up in force and put those practices to an immediate and permanent end. Puppy mills, for instance.

By Josh Henderson

By Josh Henderson “bugginout” – Flickr

Over thousands of years, humanity has developed the “open mind” to listen to a sector intent on doing evil; letting their concocted, seductive language penetrate and soak into our minds and becoming acclimated to it, allowing it to become our own opinion. This is a severe mental/emotional defect among humanity.

mental-health-1420801_960_720Things we would never do ourselves, we will give license and approval to those that will do them, so that we can enjoy cheese and steaks and such. While at the same time we try to have taboos against equally vile things being done to a select few animals we consider our own “pets.” So those societal “rules” are scoffed at and our beloved companion animals can become prey for the worst cowards among us. Not to mention our children, our elderly, ourselves, also becoming prey, subject to the worst untimely deaths. We hear every day of random violent crimes committed against our own species by hate-filled sadistic deviants. There is a reason for all this…

The root of all evil is the human imagination devoid of a conscience. The nurturance of such sociopathy is misused, abused…open-mindedness.

G. K. Chesterton said, “Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.” Simply put, once you know something is wrong, such as slaughterhouses, shut your mind against those who would convince you otherwise. Escape that programming, and no longer allow it to corrupt you.

But of course, most people have their limits on what they’ll be open-minded to. Child abuse, pedophilia, rape, murder, etc., are things rarely anyone can be convinced to accept and embrace even by the most skilled opportunists. “Ted Bundy couldn’t make me accept his crimes as anything but pure evil to be despised by all, so I’m not gullible!” people could say.

con-artist-1293292_960_720But theirs is a selective gullibility, based in selfishness and deliberate ignorance. That selectiveness is an evil thing. It is the sort of lowly, less-than-human mindset that allows and consumes the worst evils committed against the most helpless among us…cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, dogs, cats, and so forth. Highly sensitive animals we’ve domesticated to exploit and make money off by selling them in a variety of wholly disrespectful and even torturous ways…all the while saying that we love them and are superior to them. Oh yes, don’t anyone forget, we’re better than them! (So much so that we need to repeat that claim, endlessly.) Yet, we morally intelligent beings have such a hard time consistently distinguishing simple right from wrong, because our minds are so corruptly “open.”

When it comes to doing right, with no helpless victims involved, sure, be open-minded to new ideas! That’s how we make positive progress. But when it comes to wrongdoing, our minds should be slammed and glued shut against the other side, not gaping open and ready for the toxic lies to saturate and become one with us. People en masse for eons have allowed that to happen, letting their base desires (e.g. “bacon!”) convince them to just give pure evil a listen and make friends with it…when convenient and when we’re not the victims, of course. But with that comes the nurturance of injustice, ruthless violence against the innocent and helpless; basically the embracing of sadistic wickedness committed by human beings in the guise of “necessary evil.” Things we must do to survive!…so those who profit from or enjoy those tasks tell us, anyways. That lie has ruined them worst of all.

signs-1172209_960_720Well, it’s better late than never to say, “enough is enough!” Time to put an end to this huge lie and this abuse and trashing of open-mindedness. People everywhere have got to close their minds to the crafty persuasions of the ruthless opportunists among us. Otherwise we’re doomed to never realize true peace and happiness, security and safety; will always have that unspeakable fear whispering in the backs of our minds…dread for ourselves, our children, elderly, loved ones…which taints all of our lives in a variety of ways.

Life could be so much better, extremely beautiful for all of us and all animals who coexist with us, if only not for this human gullibility…this knife forever at our throats.