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bukowski meme
… “doubt” as in being skeptical of people and the world, and possibly of themselves. To me, “full of confidence” means unwarranted or ridiculous overconfidence, like the cardiac patient, bacon-cheeseburger lover boasting about being “top of the food chain, supreme over all the inferior creatures.” Truly deserved confidence is another matter, and is usually a far more humble thing. ~ Laura









































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The 4 M’s – Morbid, Mistaken, Malevolent, Maudlin – Animal Research

The 3 R’s versus the 4 M’s

Alliance for Animals - Jeremy Beckham's work (University of Wisconsin)
Alliance for Animals – Jeremy Beckham’s work (University of Wisconsin)

We have the old “3 R’s” (Refine, Reduce, Replace) which has been gladly tossed about in the world of animal testing for decades, while vivisection continues raking in even more funding and torturing countless more animals in a fruitless quest for knowledge and cures.

Speaking of the “4 M’s,” most people have heard the old, warbled, almost teary-eyed (thus the “maudlin”), “But if we don’t use animals, people will die!” But animals are not our models; each species has its own special physiological makeup, requirements, etc., which even vary somewhat among individuals of same species. So using one species as a stand-in for another is glaringly unscientific. People are regularly injured and even die due to that core mistake.

1950 - Group of Animal Vivisectors, National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London, England
1950 – Group of Animal Vivisectors, National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London, England

A Word on Morality and Fates

3c7f25c8770b91043761b75de6da40d5This world is random, cruel and unjust. This may well be a purgatory, where we’re all dumped and abandoned, given free will among billions of other lives, and where as human beings our eternal fate is determined by our full life’s actions, learning, improvements, etc., all weighed out at the end, to our ending up in a “heaven” or “hell,” forever. This judgment would be due to our special, moral knowledge, which innocent animals do not possess.

Treatment of animals would be a significant test of our characters. The animals themselves may be souls past who were human but borderline “bad people” deemed appropriate to serve as now “purified,” innocent animals, to test us in a most important way, and after their sentence as animals they all go on to some heaven to be free of suffering and death forever.

Ivan Pavlov, Russian dog torturer from the late 1800s, famous for "his dogs," put through hell for his curiosity.
Ivan Pavlov, Russian dog torturer from the late 1800s, famous for “his dogs,” put through hell for his curiosity.

This brings us back to the subject of vivisection (a.k.a. animal experimentation), which deserves special mention, for the immense, unspeakable suffering it has caused for countless innocent beings. From vivisection’s practitioners, to their obedient believers, to their aggressive supporters… they are among the most ruthless, blindly selfish, and just plain WRONG that humanity has to offer.

I believe the die-hard practitioners (those who do not change their minds or reverse course and compensate somehow) are bound for a “hell” after this life, and that their die-hard supporters come back as animals. Same for all of humanity’s accepted forms of exploiting, abusing and killing animals, such as animal farming and slaughter, puppy mills, etc., etc., to the point of nausea. I may be crazy for believing that. (But maybe not.)


Following are some thoughts on vivisection from noted people:

Animal studies are done for legal reasons and not for scientific reasons. The predictive value of such studies for men is meaningless. ~ Dr. James D. Gallagher (Eminent Cardiologist)

During the last 80+ years, scientists experimenting on trillions of animals, came up with 900 ways of causing cancer in a mouse…BUT NO CURE TO HUMANS! ~ J. F. Brailsford, M.D. (1888-1961) – Radiologist and world authority on diseases of bones & joints)

Galen Pig Vivisection around 500 B.C.
Galen Pig Vivisection around 500 B.C.

Results from animal tests are not transferable between species, and therefore cannot guarantee product safety for humans…In reality these tests do not provide protection for consumers from unsafe products, but rather they are used to protect corporations from legal liability. ~ Herbert Gundersheimer, M.D.

55f2eae91e8372d603dd9ca2bc1a8563Science that fails to embrace all living beings is far more dangerous than any virus! ~ Steve Simmons (Environmental Scientist)

The American public has been trained to accept anything that sails under the flag of science. ~ Hans Ruesch (Author & Medical Historian, “Slaughter of the Innocent” 1978)

You are not handling a lump of plastic. You are handling animals with central nervous systems that feel pain and suffering. ~ Janice Swanson, Ph.D., with the AVMA (who ironically works in animal agriculture etc. to  endow animal exploitation/killing with an air of “humaneness”)

We sacrificed daily from one to three dogs, besides rabbits and other animals, and after four years experience, I am of the opinion that not one of these experiments on animals was justified or necessary. ~ Dr. George Hoggan (1875) who became a leading and ardent anti-vivisectionist after having been a student of Claude Bernard, M.D.

Claude Bernard, Monster Extraordinaire
Claude Bernard, Monster Extraordinaire

Claude Bernard (1813-1878) was France’s most famous (& infamous) physiologist, noted for his coldhearted sadistic acts upon animals. He asserted that progress in medicine was not possible without physiological research using animals. He taught that the researcher must be hardhearted and not at all affected by the cries and desperate struggles of the animal subjects. Read all about him and his madness in Hans Ruesch’s Slaughter of the Innocent: Sample pages can be read here:

Painting by Joseph Write of Derby (1768) - Torturous experiment on a bird in an air pump.
Painting by Joseph Write of Derby (1768) – Torturous experiment on a bird in an air pump.

During my medical education – I found vivisection horrible, barbarous and above all unnecessary. ~ Carl Jung, M.D. (1875 -1961), Founder of Analytical Psychology. His break with Freud altered psychoanalytic thought. Jung stressed the human psyche’s quest for spiritual and individual meaning, versus Freud’s concentrating on sex and aggression.

Harry Harlow, infamous baby monkey torturer from the 1950s-60s supposedly "studying mother love."
Harry Harlow, infamous baby monkey torturer from the 1950s-60s supposedly “studying mother love.”
Rene Descartes, French philosopher responsible for the animals-are-soulless-machines mindset.
Rene Descartes, French philosopher responsible for the animals-are-soulless-machines mindset.

Vivisection has done little for the art of the doctor at the bedside, but it has done immeasurable harm to the character and mind of the rising generation of doctors. ~ Dr. Rudolph Hammer, LLD (1909) (LLD = Doctor of Laws, Academic & Science)

I abhor vivisection’. I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty. The whole thing is evil. ~ Charles W. Mayo, M.D. (1961), son of the co-founder of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Charles W. Mayo (1898–1968). The Mayo Clinic is consistently ranked among the top three U.S. hospitals.
At present it is a rare person that emerges from medical training with his or her humanity intact.
~ Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 261, p. 2011, (1989)

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Animal Research: Its Impact on Humanity

Necessary Evils?

The infamous Pandora’s Box

From as far back as the mid 1980s, when I first became fully aware of what goes on in “basic medical science” (i.e. vivisection), I’ve heard from certain willfully programmed puppets that people opposed to animal research are a danger to humanity because, as everyone knows, animal research is only done as a necessary evil, to save human lives. No matter the evidence against that claim, those types will either smugly ignore it or authoritatively “debunk” it, preferring instead, with a religious zeal, to believe what their almighty lab-coated animal-sacrificing priests tell them. Ah, religious faith, isn’t it admirable?


Science fans will loudly decry a religious label being attached to their superior philosophy…but it is no less a religion than any other. The only difference is that their “god” is their own species…meaning themselves and other chest-pounding humanists, with no “big all-powerful guy out there somewhere” pretenses involved. People with god complexes (i.e. narcissists) are not those to listen to on matters of actual science. Science is a humble discovery and learning process, leading to innovation and progress…nothing more…and it must be done legitimately to achieve legitimate results.


Now, using animals as models for human beings, despite a host of known significant differences in anatomy, physiology, etc., is not science in any sense of the word. It is 9451613143_2d907c6932_blunacy. And when confronted with their colossal mistakes which lead to damage and death to humans, vivisectionists will usually come out with, “Well, that proves that not enough animal testing was done.” In what other branch of science will you see anything remotely like that? Nowhere. But say it they do. No matter the question or problem, no matter the human death toll from something like Vioxx, etc., all roads lead back to: “We need MORE animal research.”

Hidden Crimes

I won’t get into details here because that’s not the point of this post, but anyone who wants to learn of the invalidity of vivisection can watch a 1986 documentary titled Hidden Crimes, Part 1 here:

Parts 2–8 can be watched here:

An Old Memory (but a pivotal one)…800px-USDA-ARS_Guinea_Pig

At my workplace in 1986 I posted on the company bulletin boards about a charity event to raise money for an anti-vivisection group I was working with which produced the Hidden Crimes documentary above. It was for people to sign up for a running event with sponsors supporting the runners. The notice was up for weeks and only a couple of them got only a couple of very brave signers. And one notice had written on it by some angry cruel coward: “Stop animal research and allow people to DIE!” This was when I realized just how vile most people were and when my misanthropy got its biggest, saddest boost. Although my first devastating, life-changing moment was seeing news coverage of this in 1984:

Fear Works Best

That anonymous coworker’s mentality makes one realize just why, exactly, something as deplorable and unforgivable as vivisection has been allowed to become the unstoppable juggernaut it is…because of foolish public support. Because of people being scared by vivisectionist claims, and wanting others to suffer and be “sacrificed” in an attempt to alleviate those fears.

The fear of sickness and death is a powerful tool, used to its full advantage by opportunistic sadistic egotists labeling themselves as Scientists with the power fear-615989_640of life or death and health or sickness over us all. This is perhaps the rottenest lie ever perpetrated by our species, fostering so much ruthlessness and destroying so many innocent lives that it is unmeasurable.

How to kill all that is good…

Rather than saving human lives, this lie has served only to KILL OUR HUMANITY. Animal research kills…does not save…humanity. It kills our empathy and compassion, our sense of fairness, our honesty, our love…everything good about us. And it feeds everything terrible about us: ruthless opportunism, egotism, sadism, greed, dishonesty, and so forth. So animal testing doesn’t only harm and kill people via dangerous and invalidly tested drugs and procedures, it also destroys the very meaning of our humanness.

The way out of this shamefulness…

Rather than being afraid of and faithful to these “researchers,” people need to see them as the sadistic narcissists they are, and stop throwing innocent animals to them to sacrifice to “science.” For the only thing really being sacrificed there is our humanity. You stop this by no longer handing your power over to deranged people…do not allow them to frighten you and lie to you any longer. Their power ends when people’s gullibility and implanted fear ends. And when our mean arrogance is put in its lowly place. Coldhearted denialist public support is what keeps vivisection going. It’s bad enough that it ever was allowed to happen; it most certainly should be ended by now.

We so desperately need to stop vivisection and all of our animal exploitation/abuse/killing, and at last gain our humanity.

Photo by Michel Pourny, Green Hill protest 2012
Photo by Michel Pourny, Green Hill anti-vivisection protest 2012