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The great big Autism obfuscation

UPDATE 5/20/19: He’s back! Here’s the LINK to his article again.

UPDATE 5/11/2019: John Rappoport’s blog has been suspended, so the link to his article is gone, for now anyways…sorry. I left this here for the comments down below in case anyone is interested.

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When Correlation Does Indeed Equal Causation


It’s popular among pro-vaccine activists to viciously ridicule people for blaming the vaccines when children become autistic (or otherwise damaged) following vaccinations. They’ll say things like, “My grandpa died of swine flu after he got his shoes shined, so shoe shining causes swine flu death! Hahahaha, anti-vaxxers are a new kind of brain dead!”

Talk about a nasty, blatantly deceptive straw-man argument. Talking to such people is crazy-making like nothing else can be.

Medical research is ALL based on correlation equaling causation.

Simplistic example: If you do a specific thing to somebody, something specific will happen. Give a man suffering with a headache a couple of aspirins and his pain will not only be relieved but can often go away completely. This translates to aspirin being a great treatment for pain…in people…not in cats for whom aspirin is deadly. But aspirin can be taken for pain by dogs, too, although they must have lower doses and go farther between doses than people. It’s all species specific (and individuals may vary), so using one species as a “model” for another is sham science at its worst.

The Vioxx Disaster

There are treatments that work for some without causing obvious harm, but which will be extremely harmful or even deadly to others. Not everyone who took the anti-inflammatory Vioxx in the early to mid 2000s, for instance, died from heart attack, but an alarming number of people did die, with about 140,000 more suffering serious heart damages. Many went unscathed by Vioxx, yet the drug was finally removed from the market due to it being so undeniably dangerous after it killed 60,000* people, despite that it had been “proved” safe and protective against heart problems in several different animal studies. (*Vioxx probably killed at least twice that number of people worldwide.)

Ironically, the first cases of heart damage in people taking the drug were overlooked, the drug company preferring to rely on the “lab animal” results. So, THAT correlation was conveniently considered causation, as in animals had Vioxx forced into them and their hearts were not damaged, nor was anything else, supposedly. Conclusion, Vioxx was safe for humans. Oh no, it was not.

Relying on animal studies is one of the worst scientific errors ever committed by people, and, take note: Vaccines and animal experiments go hand in hand. Vaccines are developed, tested, and manufactured via animal abuse. They’re rife with animal ingredients such as gelatin, egg protein and bovine products.

Animal studies have proved time and again to be in no way predictive for people except on a hit-or-miss basis. That is not, by any definition, to be considered science. Countless people have suffered damage or died using animal-test approved drugs/treatments. Yet most people still will say, “But if we don’t test drugs on animals, what are we supposed to do, use people?!” Well, ask that of the ghosts of the countless people who died from Vioxx, and their loved ones. Vioxx is just one of many drugs that have injured and killed people after being animal tested. There’s where correlation legitimately equals causation, as with vaccines and autism, etc.. But people refuse to see that.

Does anyone really wonder why animal activists become misanthropic?

Read about the 10 worst drug disasters up to 2010 here:

Betrayal of the faithful, who then become “ignorant heretics.”

So now we have all these devastated parents speaking out about their horrific damages; people who once believed in vaccines, in their safety and protectiveness, their being lifesaving. Case after case of former faithfuls who proudly took their babies and children in for all their scheduled shots, something like 70 injections now, from immediately after birth to age 18, and always increasing in number. These are the “unfortunate” ones who had perfectly healthy babies, developing well, engaging, communicating, eager to learn, etc. …until immediately or shortly after that fateful vaccine or round of vaccines. Then their children are suddenly totally changed, withdrawn into themselves, having become severely autistic and many of them doomed to being helpless as infants for many years if not for their whole lives.

Autism is described by WebMD as “a complex neurobehavioral condition that includes impairments in social interaction and developmental language and communication skills combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors. Because of the range of symptoms, this condition is now called autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It covers a large spectrum of symptoms, skills, and levels of impairment. ASD ranges in severity from a handicap that somewhat limits an otherwise normal life to a devastating disability that may require institutional care.

“Children with autism have trouble communicating. They have trouble understanding what other people think and feel. This makes it very hard for them to express themselves either with words or through gestures, facial expressions, and touch.”

Since 2004, autism has increased by 15% to 1 in 59 children in 2018. In 2004 it was 1 in 166 children. In 14 years a 15% increase, yet we’re told that the far more alarming increase since the 1970s is not true. On a side note, there’s been a 27% increase in childhood cancer since 1975, which is conveniently attributed to just about anything other than the huge increase in vaccines since then.

See here for information on vaccines and cancer:

More on Autism

Going back to the 1970s, autism was said to afflict about 1 in 2000 children. But a handy dandy excuse was invented to blow those statistics away. The alarming rise in autism is said to be due to increased diagnoses. So I suppose autistic people in the past were just said to be difficult or “mental” or “out there somewhere,” needing a spanking or something? Where now they’re being diagnosed correctly? Yeah, right, okey dokey. It has nothing to do with the concurrent alarming increase in the number of vaccines kids get from birth onward, where a small percentage of them “switch off” and become helpless immediately following vaccines. That’s said to be in no way evidence that the vaccines caused the autism. Even though if they caused “autism-like symptoms in lab animals” by vaccinating them, that would be considered scientific evidence of serious autism risk from vaccines.

Lab experiments are all about correlation equaling causation, even when totally unscientific and unethical, as in using caged animals as surrogates for human beings. After all, other scientists could say autism is NOT caused by vaccines based on their particular animal studies. Which are the preferred studies, of course, along with the studies showing the majority of kids who are fully vaccinated and do not become autistic. And those few studies that document unvaccinated kids who are autistic. Correlation is said to be causation (in the negative sense) there, “funnily” enough.

Some more inconvenient, denied causation: aluminum damage in people:

Here’s an example of current medical research utilizing only human beings, which is of course how it all should be done: Yet the case against vaccines is not only about aluminum in vaccines causing autism. The aluminum adjuvant is just one of many legitimate, serious concerns.

The sort of correlation=causation “they” (vaccine advocates) like…

Think about how, when kids who get measles vaccine do not come down with measles or autism, it is viewed as concrete evidence that vaccines are effective and safe. Correlation suddenly equals causation, hands down, and how dare you even suggest otherwise!

Yet, when several DO come down with measles (or mumps, whooping cough, etc.) after being fully vaccinated, there’s always some great excuse as in “bad vaccine batch,” “nothing’s 100%,” “it was the unvaxxed kid who caused his measles,” etc., etc. They would never blame the vaccine for the kid having measles…suddenly correlation in no way equals causation.

In Conclusion

Well, I think I’ve made the points, scattered as it all may be (that’s how my poor mind works). Hope people can make some sense of all this and learn to differentiate between real news in medicine (an extremely rare thing!) and that serving only to benefit the medical/pharmaceutical industry.

Say NO to mandatory vaccines and support politicians who are for vaccine freedom of choice. Let that be a matter of objectively informed choice with no fear-mongering or bullying involved.

We are not a “herd,” and no one without polio, measles, etc., who’s not vaccinated, is going to cause a disease in anyone else, especially, you would think, not in a thoroughly vaccinated person.

Anyone with a contagious disease should, of course, quarantine oneself. Those who don’t, and who may spread disease, are not in any way the fault of people who choose to be vaccine free. After all, vaccinated people also get and spread diseases, as in some recent cases where the majority of disease spreaders were fully vaccinated.

Additional thoughts in the comment section would be appreciated, as long as they’re civil. Got vaccinist venom? Take it elsewhere.

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Why we should eat non-GMO 100% organic corn and soy

 [See UPDATE at bottom]

Corn and Soy…

…are the most genetically modified crops out there, due to their being used in vast quantities by animal farmers and their wanting the stuff cheap and easy to grow, regardless of the health consequences. So those two crops, when not grown organically, are heavily modified.

Tofu, Eggplant & Rice Dish

Monsanto’s glyphosate is the chemical at issue here…it’s also known as Roundup®, which is the most used herbicide in the USA and is being used increasingly around the world. “Roundup-ready” genetically engineered crops are grown from seeds engineered to contain a gene from “Agrobacteria.” That genetic modification makes the food crops resistant to glyphosate, meaning that only unwanted foliage cannot survive, serving to keep the food crops pure and most profitable. Users of Roundup-ready seeds are required to treat their crops with Roundup®. Corn and soy are the primary Roundup-ready crops, since, again, they’re the mainstays in the diets of “food animals.”

Of course, the manufacturer of glyphosate says it is beneficial and relatively harmless, so if you’d like to see that side, simply Google “Monsanto’s statement about glyphosate.”

Canola oil is another item which is heavily modified using Roundup® on the rapeseed crops, so it’s also wise to avoid anything but 100% organic non-GMO canola oil, if you use that oil at all.

What’s wrong with glyphosate?

[See UPDATE at bottom]

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide which is said by some scientists to disrupt the way the body manages sulfur. Autism, for example, is associated with poor sulfur metabolism. Glyphosate also supposedly causes aluminum to be more toxic in the body, which is a great health concern due to the aluminum in vaccines.


Glyphosate is said by some to kill beneficial bacteria in the gut which allows pathogens (disease-causing bacteria) like C. difficile to overgrow which leads to “leaky gut syndrome” and indirectly promotes aluminum uptake by cells. All this can lead to kidney failure which leads to aluminum retention in tissues (including the brain) which can lead to dementia, a.k.a. Alzheimer’s disease.

Some scientists also claim that glyphosate disrupts the “shikimate pathway” in our guts and depletes our tryptophan, which is the precursor to melatonin. Melatonin transports sulfate into the brain and reduces heavy metal toxicity in the body. Good stores of melatonin are said to bind to toxic metals like aluminum, lead, etc., and reduce their toxic effects in the body. But unfortunately, those scientists (Samsel and Seneff) get much of their data from animal studies. But if the above is true for humans, our being low in melatonin can bring on a lot of damage.

Vegan foods (preferably organic) high in Tryptophan are: Nuts, Seeds, Tofu & Soy, Oats, Beans, Lentils

Foods (preferably organic) high in Melatonin are: Pineapples, Bananas, Oranges, Oats, Sweet Corn, Rice, Tomatoes, Barley 

So, especially for anything containing corn, soy products or canola oil, just be sure it’s labeled 100% organic and non-GMO and you should avoid any problems related to glyphosate. If corn, soy or canola oil are listed in ingredients without the terms “organic” and “non-GMO,” simply avoid that product to help protect your health.

It makes one wonder how the animals and the animal products most people consume are affected by this herbicide. Surely some of the common illnesses farm animals suffer are due to glyphosate in all that corn and soy, among many other unhealthy practices. It’s likely that the meat, milk and eggs that come from these intensive farms has harmful effects, in concentrated form, for people who consume them. Sorry for the following image, but this is the reality…

UPDATE: Current related article concerning suspicions of people developing non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a form of cancer) as a result of exposure to glyphosate, despite the findings from animal studies which concluded that the herbicide would not cause cancer in humans: Another case where animal testing is shown to be unscientific and dangerous, aside from the sadistic cruelty perpetrated by “human” beings against the innocent and helpless.