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A Serious Rant About Life’s Ruiners

Disturbing Content, not suitable for children or anyone delicate.

When internet searches go awry…

I wanted to look up some trivia about actress Pam Dawber today, and lo and behold, I came across something else, someone with the same last name. It’s a story from 2010, but we see similar today, perhaps even more so, sickeningly enough.

Check out this motley crew, such shining examples of humanity:

Only if you read the full article can you appreciate the full breadth of what those people and those like them (and their protectors in government) are doing to us all. That story really pissed me off, aside from its being extremely depressing. There we have a prime example of what a slaughter-based civilized species of naked apes marching towards globalist socialism produces.

Consociationalism – where capitalism and socialism happily join forces.

And just think, there are plenty of other wastrels that approve of, patronize and enjoy what these slime bags produce. Babies and animals raped for entertainment, videos made, spread, emulated. Wealth to be gained from it all. They could be knuckle dragging idiots otherwise, but they’ve got all that tech stuff deftly mastered. And these undeniably guilty, sadistic, deranged, severely perverted people are still afforded human rights, are not put to death, are allowed to go free again someday while still able-bodied. Ever hear of life in prison or capital punishment for baby rapers? I haven’t.


People have to be full of dread over what could happen to their children at any time; it would follow that many never allow their kids outdoors unsupervised any more. People needing babysitters on occasion must always have that chilling doubt about those they entrust with their babies. But then again, sometimes their life partners are abusing the children when alone with them. Sometimes both partners are abusing them together. Hot and steamy fun times, the “liberated” say of it all. If only all these uptight hypocrites would stop being so stodgy and stifling of human sexuality, they must think.

In this parasitic narcissist’s paradise, Larry Flynt is God.

Larry Flynt (of Hustler magazine and “free speech” fame) brags of “losing his virginity to” (raping) a hen at age 9; she was so maimed by the little sociopath that he had to kill her and dispose of her body. A really savage place in HELL is reserved for such people and those who support them.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is held up by such liberated (proudly demented) minds as a model of sexual freedom for the world, along with all the other great “freedoms” enjoyed by socialist nations where everything is “free,” and where, purportedly, “inequality, exploitation and class have been eliminated.” In this freewheeling paradise, to judge anyone’s behavior or actions is the only sin. Anything else goes!

Amsterdam (pixabay)

The Amsterdam-based magazine Welstaat stated their sexual goals perfectly: “In the future, anything goes… You can have sex anytime, anywhere, with whoever wants it.” And evidently, if a baby, a dog, a bedridden paralyzed stroke victim or anyone else cannot or does not escape, then he or she “wants it.” And absolutely “anything goes” as far as what “it” entails. Marxist-style liberation at its finest.

“Give them bread and circuses”

…said a Roman writer regarding the Roman Empire. “Free” food and huge spectacles keep the populace happy, so they thought. But all it did was to destroy them. In 410 C.E., the Visigoths, led by Alaric, breached the walls of Rome and looted, burned, and pillaged their way through the city, leaving total destruction wherever they went. This continued for three days. For the first time in nearly a thousand years, Rome was fully dominated and taken over by non-Romans. The mass of contented hedonists were totally helpless to defend themselves or their city. Remind anyone of anything going on today?


Good luck with your future and the future of your children, humanists.

I can’t wait to check out of this massive lunatic asylum dominated and run by the cream of the lunatic crop. I hear “heaven” consists mainly of happy, truly free animal spirits, and that there are comparatively few human souls there. Hope I get to be one of those few, at last. Am doing what I can to make up for past wrongdoings where I’ve let down or betrayed loved ones, but never will forgive myself…it’s up to others to forgive me or not. If they would I would be immensely grateful forever. I seriously do not want to have to come back to this Earth or any sort of place dominated by a species such as this one (or its fake god) ever again. Any place like that is a hell or a cruel purgatory. No more of that for me! I’ve done my damned time!

I’ve thoroughly had it up to here and beyond with life on this Earth so raped by “humanity.”

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A Conservative Vegan? How Is This Possible?!

When I turned 18 long ago and began voting, my first major vote was for Jimmy Carter for president, and just about everyone I knew voted for him. He won, of course, and went on to disappoint me and many others as the leader of our country. I had been far more liberal minded when I first voted, although not really understanding why; liberalism was just somehow “required” at the time, but not for long. But at 18—20 I still had the “rich people bad, poor people good” notion, despite all sensibility and despite that in life I’ve run into plenty of wonderful, kind wealthy people and nightmarishly evil poor people…and vice versa.

Here’s a summary of the problems with Carter’s presidency:

So anyhow, there we were in pre-Prop-13 California – kicking Grandma out of her long-time home.

The next year I was employed by an accountant and stayed there for a couple of years, and my boss was pushing for Proposition 13 (P13) when it came up for consideration in California. P13 is why I became politically conservative. This measure was in essence a citizen revolt against the punitive, debilitating property taxes being levied on anyone who owned property in the state…taxes so high that many people could no longer afford to stay in their homes, and businesses and jobs were being forced out.

Elderly people, too, were being forced to lose their homes because they could not pay hundreds of dollars per month as some “greedy owner penalty” in addition to all the other household and other expenses of living. My parents (homeowners) were of course in favor of P13, which put a cap on property taxes for both residential and business properties, explained in detail here:

High property taxes also cause rents to increase, so apartment dwellers and other renters are harming themselves by opposing P13, aside from the higher unemployment resulting from high taxes.

“But why shouldn’t owners be willing to pay property tax?” one might still ask.

They are willing, and they do pay a large chunk of money which should all go to support vital communal services. The average homeowner with a newly purchased $500,000 home pays about $700 per month in property tax due to the tax rate plus extras tacked on by liberals, and the home’s assessed value raises by 2% each year and is taxed accordingly. We already pay too much, even with P13 in effect, but liberals want a whole lot more.

And despite P13, property and other tax revenue is higher than ever in CA (See Here) due to high property prices when sold, etc., so obviously there’s something else behind the goal to destroy P13. It’s not about “taking care of the people,” but about destroying individual freedoms…except for those enjoyed by the elite.

The problem is with all the waste and special giveaway programs designed by “equalizers” wherein they heroically take from the “rich” and give to the “poor,” even when those poor are non-citizens, while also throwing a large chunk of change down the rabbit hole of “administrative costs” and outrageous overpayment for everything. It’s fun spending other people’s money!

From the Ten Years After song “I’d Love to Change the World”…

Tax the rich, feed the poor

Till there are no rich no more

…but excluding the usual suspects like billionaire celebrities, naturally! And the “bad rich” are anyone outside of the exclusive elite crowd who now owns anything or has more than he/she “needs,” or has more than anyone else among his/her class. That class would be the bulk of the population—the equalized lowly class—who in the new Socialist Paradise would make their humble livings as unsavory yet condescendingly tolerated (at arm’s length) servants to the mega-wealthy elite.

Liberals have what I call “Robin Hood delusion.” They relish getting their hands on huge volumes of community money, and it’s clearly evident that they love to waste it and invent ever new ways to waste even more, always under the guise of helping the little people who cannot run their lives without Big Brother’s hand in everything they are and do. Thus, there’s always the “hunger” and “need” for people to pay ever higher taxes. “Liberal” – that’s a great word for people extremely liberal with community money they’ve been entrusted with by force. But the story of Robin Hood isn’t what they’ve made of it, at all.

Efforts have been made to weaken P13 continually since it went into effect 40 years ago. We in California are having P13 challenged again in 2020 when a measure on the ballot, if it passes, will cause business properties to lose much of their protection from overtaxation, resulting in more loss of businesses and employment, harming California citizens aside from harming business owners. That’s aside from all the jobs already lost by citizens to illegal immigrants, which is another issue, and the businesses utilizing non-citizens have largely themselves to thank for our huge problem with illegal immigration.  But it’s a deeper issue than that, which I won’t get into here.

Back to Prop. 13

Zip Ties by Kyle Grow on Flickr – The Ratchet Effect

In effect, businesses losing their protection is only a much-awaited foot in the door for power-hungry splurgers, who know they cannot destroy P13 all at once lest we have another revolt and return to majority conservatism in California. So the takedown of P13 must be done gradually, bit by bit, with the ever handy ratchet effect clicking firmly into place each step of the way, not allowing any “backsliding” once “progress” has been made. Next will come more and more slices being carved out of P13 until we’re back again with homeowners no longer able to afford their homes, businesses no longer profitable unless they lay off employees, charge outrageous prices, etc., none of it good for true American freedom.

The goal of liberals is obviously to “equalize” everyone and have government run absolutely everything, except perhaps for moviemaking, since there’s no need for government tyranny there…they already do their utmost for socialism and to demonize conservatives and those who believe in kind, responsible capitalism and the freedom to make your own way and keep what you earn or otherwise possess (i.e. your security in life) without having it forcibly taken from you to support programs and people you do not want to support.

Our State Board of Equalization (state tax collector) isn’t named as such for nothing.

In the socialist dream world, they’ll have us all (except for the elites of course) happily obeying all government mandates and living in bleak government housing. This vast majority (peasants) will be “content” in having Big Government run our lives and in not feeling envy for any of our peers having more than us. We’ll then be “safe” according to the elites who now fear “the people” they consider their charges. Look at the walls and security gates around their mansions.

A roughly $8000/mo. property tax bill is hardly felt by billionaires.

The elites…liberal celebrities, doctors and others, and their favorite politicians in power…will continue to live like royalty in lavish mansions resembling hotels, traveling the world in personal jets, partying and all that. But there’ll be a class in between them and the peasants: overpaid, lax government workers (including law enforcement and lower rung “healthcare” workers), who of course wouldn’t want to live among the riffraff but aren’t quite elite status—they’ll be the new Middle Class. The peasants will happily allow the new Middle Class their higher status, since who else will keep us obedient and medically dependent, and who else will do all the paperwork and record keeping for us all? Never mind that our lives will be spent waiting in ridiculously long lines or packed in like sardines for hours (not exaggerating) for bad service when we go to do our civic duties like drivers license renewals, or for medical “care” and such. We’ll just think of it as a duty, yet also a social gathering among our peeps.

And don’t worry about catching nasty diseases in those close quarters with your fellow peasants, we’ll all be pumped full of every vaccine concoction possible, numbering in the dozens or hundreds (more = merrier). The socialist dream is also rife with mass vaccination clinics for the unwashed masses. The Upper Crust will of course be exempt from such programs. Naturally!

Well, actually, you should worry about catching those diseases, and much else, despite (i.e. due to) all your shots; but fear not, there’ll be a clinic in every town for you to line up for your harmful treatments! Anyhow, just let your guardians in power do your worrying for you. They know best, and you’d do best to realize that.

How neat and orderly society will be, ah yes.

So all that, in a long-winded “nutshell” is why I became politically conservative and have pretty much stuck with it all these decades, although I’m not hugely politically minded. And it all has absolutely nothing to do with my love and respect for animals; neither mindset is badly affected in any way by the other.

People often wonder how someone who’s not very wealthy and who loves animals can possibly vote for Republicans who are largely “filthy rich” and are even worse on animal issues than are Democrats and others. Example: Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin are absolute abominations in regard to animals and it makes me sick that they’re part of the Republican wing. I would rather not vote at all than vote for a Palin type; and that among other reasons is why I don’t respect the late John McCain as much as I might, since he had her as his VP running mate in 2008.

So, the reason animal advocates like me can vote Republican is because we don’t believe politicians and leaders really affect the way people live, ethics wise. And I believe the more freedom we are afforded in general, the more free we are to work towards our goals of animal liberation, promoting veganism, defunding and ending animal vivisection, and so forth.

Republicans are far from perfect, but far better than the alternative, in affording us our freedoms.

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Boom: the Clintons, US uranium, Putin, and the FBI – Oct 23 – by Jon Rappoport

It becomes even more evident that Putin feigned support for Trump for US President in order to help Hillary win, but it wasn’t quite enough of a boost.

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