Put them into your tummy, then all is right!

Just sharing an article here, along with a brief carp fest…


Hey there, “human” (wise & kind) beings:

If you’re going to torture and execute innocent helpless animals as your fun hobby, be sure you stuff them into your face afterwards and digest them and don’t “waste” any part of them, or else people worldwide will despise you and celebrate if you die from a bumbling accident while all stoked and oblivious while out there gleefully shooting birds.

Italy – Lion hunting veterinarian dies after falling 100ft into ravine on a bird shoot: 


In reference to the article’s comments saying in effect, “If he’d have eaten the animals it would be okay, but he was only having fun, so he shoulda had a lot worse death!” That of course leaves room for all the caging/using/killing normal people enjoy…but of course…gotta have that, to survive! This further goes to explain why many people also hate vegans, who somehow survive quite well without caging/using/killing animals…making good folks look like liars! The invention and thorough utilization of twisted, lofty sounding excuses for monstrous behavior, such as animal testing, puppy breeding, slaughterhouses, and all the rest of the “necessary evils” is the Hallmark of Humanity, after all. Gosh, I so love our species…



Making Lemons into Lemonade – On President Trump

President Trump in January 2017 – OMG!

donald_trump_phoenix_2016Check out the two older articles linked below, they’re especially relevant to vegans and animal activists on this day; lots of food for thought in them. I like Thinking Vegan a lot more than full-blown socialist Roland Vincent, but both of them explain how Trump could possibly be good for animal rights and veganism regardless of his assholery on the issue or left-versus-right politics:



I especially feared Hillary in power because she would have forced vaccines (through appointing her CDC director) on us all as a lover of policymaking and enforcement and a strong proponent of vaccines, while the anti-vax people say Trump is suspicious of vaccines and not at all likely to have them made compulsory by appointing a vaccine nazi as CDC director.

Whether you favor or oppose vaccines, no one should support forcing others to submit to them, which is where the vaccine movement is headed and has been for some time.

Sadly though, Trump is no friend of animals or vegans, but, believe me, neither are the Clinton, Obama or Sanders crowds, even if they talk a good game at times.

Also see the two videos and the 10/2015 Savage-Trump discussion linked below.

Outspoken radio talk host, Michael Savage, trained in medicine, is a possible choice for Trump’s Director of the NIH (or possibly the CDC instead?), and this would most likely be very good for the anti-vivisection movement, especially for those poor animals stuck in those cages. Listen to him here especially around 4:50 to 5:55:

The NIH directs all funding to research institutions! So keep a watch and hope for Dr. Savage to get this appointment, as it has been suggested by some.

Savage also opposes vaccines and would likely never support compulsory vaccines as shown here:

Savage is not a friend of animal activists though; he often rages against us too, says he hates animal cruelty but can’t stand us either…so keep that in mind. But what he says and what he’ll actually do and its effect on animals is what we have to keep in mind, not our touchiness about being condemned as activists.

Trump-Savage interview:


Israeli Jews and Arabs Protest Together for Animals


First, for a better perspective…

A complete history of the conflict between Israel (Jews) and some of the Arab world: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab–Israeli_conflict

Some historic footage which only animal activists heard about, it seems…

First, a very brief video from just last month of Jews and Arabs coming together to speak up against animal exploitation and killing: https://www.facebook.com/LetLive.Israel/videos/vb.154763454549808/1218538474838962/?type=2&theater

And a longer video from one who attended…the ever-lovable Henya, YouTuber most famous for her “Vegan Style” parody of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” (also very worth watching, can be found on her YouTube page):

Then an excellent article from The Vegan Woman…

On this front-page newsworthy show of unity for animals between Jews and Arabs, largely ignored by the mass media for some inexplicable yet predictable reason: http://www.theveganwoman.com/jews-and-arabs-march-together-for-veganism-and-animal-rights/

That’s it, just a bunch of food for thought, hope it heartens you, dear readers, despite our world continuing to be overrun and led by lunatics, sadists and tyrants, largely elected by our majorities. Keep true and kind and reasonably dignified (well, mostly dignified anyways, don’t get carried away with that, lol)… We at least have personal control over those things.