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To the Countless (possible) Cannibals Among Us

WARNING – Adult/disturbing material, read with caution.

In a nasty, cruel, murderous world, certain conventional restauranteurs would have it made. Think about it. What better way to dispose of human bodies than to serve the meat to hungry customers, disguised as “pork” or other meats?

Joseph Roy Metheny

Serving people to people is exactly what Joseph Roy Metheny did, with two “crack whores” (as he called them) in the 1990s. Customers at his roadside BBQ stand loved the “special meat,” as he called it. Those two women were among about ten people in all that he viciously murdered, strictly for the fun of it, and the power. To quote him: “I had real roast beef and pork sandwiches and why not they were very good… The human body tastes was very similar to pork. If you mix it together no one can tell the difference.” He was found dead in his Maryland prison cell at 62 this August (2017). Maryland is of course one of the US states.

Joe Metheny

Food establishments and their shady cronies, ah yes, what a convenient body disposal method that would be for them. But no, that can’t be true, can it?

Disturbing Numbers

Worldwide as of 2013, over the previous 20 years, 4,432,880 people had gone missing, never to return. In the US, close to 500,000 children are reported missing each year, with only about 20% of them being found. Most are runaways or taken by relatives or acquaintances; only a small percentage are taken by complete strangers, something like 60 per year (very rough estimate). Some of those 500,000 are repeat runaways, so the actual number of missing children isn’t so high. Still, each year in the US, something like 300,000 (very rough estimate) missing children are never found. Even I have a hard time believing that 500,000 reported yearly, but here’s the source:

With always a few people like Joe Metheny and Nathaniel Bar-Jonah (see below) out there, you have to wonder where some of those missing people might have ended up. I’m not trying to be crude or funny here, but I have to wonder how many meat lovers have likely dined on human meat in restaurants and elsewhere? I wonder how many people’s flesh I might have eaten back when I ate burgers, sliced meat sandwiches, cold cuts, and other processed meats like hot dogs, etc.

I’m ever disgusted and guilty over the fact that I very likely ate dog or cat meat once, in 1984 at a group lunch at a Korean restaurant. I was not vegetarian back then and ordered the “healthy soup.” It was revolting, a big bowl of murky orangish fluid with chunks and strands of stuff floating in it, among them an octopus’s tentacle, some mushy vegetables and some long slices of pink-brown mystery meat that looked and tasted strange. I left most of the soup untouched after that. Not long after that I went vegetarian/vegan.

That mystery meat was probably the most persuasive dietary catalyst for me. So, what of the possible human meat being served up out there, for all those great people people we hear boasting about how much they enjoy life and love people? Those who “put people first!” Or, do they also love people – tasty, tasty people? Like some say about animals on their bumper stickers. Real comedians those people are.

Vegans are said to be anti-human and to value animals as much or more so than we do humans. Well, at least we don’t eat people, like meat lovers possibly do. The cannibalism wouldn’t be deliberate of course, but vegans are constantly blamed for unintentional acts of harm simply by our existing, so…have a bit of your own medicine, you, who know who you are. Eating people unintentionally does seem a lot worse than anything vegans might do, doesn’t it?


Surely someone would come up with, “Well, those fake meats could have people in them too!” But that’s far less likely. Makers of veggie meats do not deal in carcasses, so, no dead bodies = no meat. But if the occasional murderer did manage to get some human meat into the veggie meat mix on some rare occasion, it wouldn’t really concern me, since I don’t eat much fake meat. Anyway, I have a fair amount of trust in makers of vegan foods to assure their ingredients are what they claim. Meat processors on the other hand, who enjoy killing animals, I don’t trust.

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah mugshot

He was another cannibal, from Massachusetts. In prison, he was witnessed by guards to indulge in one of his favorite childhood treats, sucking at and eating his own scabs. He was seen to be “having sex” while chewing and relishing a scab. He’d snatched countless children away from their lives, took them to isolated areas, tortured and raped them, and murdered some, let others live. Several of his victims were never found. He’s said to have  served meat from some of his victims to guests at his cookouts in the form of burgers, chili, meat pies, casseroles, etc. He too died in his prison cell, of a heart attack in 2008.

Soylent Green

The meat industry’s animal abuse should be enough to make anyone go vegan. But how many people are so hopelessly addicted to meats that the possibility of eating people, even innocent murdered children, wouldn’t phase them?

Anti-vegans enjoy saying things like, Soylent green…it’s people! whenever some vegan mock meat is being promoted. But it seems the sad laugh is on them, doesn’t it? I mean, they’re the ones almost certainly eating people on occasion, and it would be the meat of innocent murder victims to boot.

I say that eating any meat is cannibalism…they’re our fellow Earthlings and as such, their lives are as precious to them as yours is to you, and their dead bodies are as much off-limits to me as human meat is. Although still far from perfect, I take my humanity very seriously after a lifetime struggle to reach this level of of conscience. So corpses of the abused and slaughtered, and stolen body fluids (eggs & milk), are simply not food. There’s so much else that’s great to eat, and that we don’t have to make up crazy excuses for.

Well, in closing, for those of you who find me and other vegans ridiculous, or whatever disparaging term you prefer…

Meet some other cannibals and see how they describe human flesh:

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Over 800 Cats and Dogs Rescued In China

Thanks to Nancy at Our World (

Just sharing some good news and more ways to help in the fight against the dog/cat meat trade. But of course, don’t forget, you must be vegan to be standing on firm ground on this issue. Also, for more about the rescuers, check out:

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Dog Meat and Child Brothels…side-by-side cultural practices of our day.

Human devolution at its finest

tempAs the popularity of shoving tortured dog meat into perverse mouths rises in Indonesia, so does child rape (called prostitution) and the selling of children (mostly girls) by their own families into the sex slave trade. Same goes for other cultures into “dog meat.”

And people use “animal!” as an insult?

With a true, all-loving, all-knowing God, such human detritus as dog torturers and 5611594783_8e9a533564_bchild rapers, et al, would not exist. And ALL nations are guilty of animal torture and child abuse by more or lesser degrees. All innocents, all animals, are worthy of our respect for their lives and our treating them with kindness. Animals are innocent of our unique knowledge, making our every exploitation of them totally unfair and unethical, and our abuse…even torture…of them the worst sin possible for humans, surely to be compensated for in full, when the time comes.

Reap what you sow.

Conventional religious diehards need to ask themselves: Why are such creatures foisted on this world…upon sweet, innocent beings…by religions’ fictional, loving, all-powerful creator? It’s time for an entirely new “religion,” a “god” (collective human consciousness) that eliminates human evil, no excuses accepted, nor even listened to.

The unacceptable should be roundly, unanimously rejected by all people everywhere. And we all know what is evil and unacceptable, regardless of the idiotic excuses attached to these “cultural” practices, regardless of long-standing habits that only serve to keep our species stagnating in violence, severe inequity, pious dishonesty, etc. …all of it vile. Our good never outweighs our bad, not as long as our world is so full of these disgusting depravities.

Three articles on Indonesia’s child sex slave trade and increase in pedophilia:

Please see Tony’s video (part 2) here, and sign the petitions linked in his description by opening the video in YouTube…

I advise to replace the text in the petition about “saving” the Indonesian dog breed. It’s about ending the evils of torture and slaughter, not preserving a dog breed. To hell with dog breeders. Actually, it’s better if you don’t look at the video, if it destroys your will to live to see the absolute worst of sub-humanity in action, to see lovely beings tortured and dying at the hands of ruthless fools. The Part 1 video is even worse…

To the animals:

Rest in Peace, all of you, trillions upon trillions of murdered innocents whose existences here were ruined and who suffered deaths of the worst kind, thanks to “humanity’s” stupidity, willful insanity, and ruthlessness. Make your way to Heaven and stay forever; don’t ever grace this largely dead-hearted, pretentious species with your presence ever again. All of us who love life, animals, and innocence can only hope to join you in the hereafter, when (or before) this huge insane asylum full of suffering and death is finally deceased itself.