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“Feed your dogs as wolves, or you’re an abuser!”

As vegans who also feed our dogs well-balanced vegan diets, we often are scathingly condemned for going against dogs’ wild nature and their desire to eat meat either cooked or raw. On the web I’ve been called an animal abuser for feeding vegan, with nasty blowhards saying my dogs should be taken away, etc. This implies that my claims of how healthy my dogs are are the lies of a delusional zealot.

Besides, no one else wanted my dogs when they were out running the streets, or when I tried to find homes for them, so taking them away from me after all these years (Mattie since 2005) would mean…what? Anyone who tried to take my beloved dogs away from me would have to be a complete fool (and may end up in the hospital). My dogs are very well cared for and happy.

I do have one dog who died last year at age 9 of lung cancer, but understand that has nothing to do with diet, but with genetics and exposure to toxins at some point in her life. My current two, Mattie and Tyler, are obviously doing very well on all vegan foods, both being full of energy, strong, playful, tireless actually, and Mattie is close to 17 years old now. She’s been vegan since 2011, and Tyler has been since I adopted him in May 2016.

“Dog Food”

Mattie does have lipomas which began growing in 2010 when I had her on meat kibble, the grain-free stuff that’s supposed to be the best. I’m not saying that caused her lipomas, but it certainly didn’t help. Since about 2012 after she’d been on vegan kibble for a couple of years, the lipomas stopped growing and have remained the same (albeit one is quite large) for going on 5 years now. Many vets do say that dietary toxins cause lipomas in dogs, so eliminating all the toxins in slaughterhouse products does seem to have helped.

The reason I don’t have Mattie’s lipomas removed is because I went through that three times with my dog Heidi back in 2004–2006, spent $1800, and each time after her traumatic experience and painful recovery, the tumor began growing back promptly and each time it got worse. The last time it recurred it got huge quickly and actually turned cancerous. I had to have her euthanized at age 14 when it was causing her discomfort in breathing, keeping her awake at night (it was behind her ribcage on her back, left side). So, cutting out lipomas is often not the answer. The answer is to get the weird toxins out of their diets. Heidi was on the grain-free premium meat foods, was rarely if ever fed vegan.

As for these very selective nature worshippers…

People cry out about the cruelty of feeding dogs vegan and how unnatural that is, while ignoring the huge pink elephant in the room: the glaring unnaturalness of dogs’ whole existence with us in human civilization. This little guy should still be with his dog family…

We are to feed them like wolves when they live nothing at all like wolves. Yet, even wolves eat plant foods and berries to satisfy certain nutritional needs. But one thing wolves do not do is split up their families when their puppies are a couple of months old, and send them off to live among strangers in some human abode, too often kept in sad and deplorable conditions, treated like trash.

Wolf families often remain together for years before some will go off to start other packs as adults, to avoid genetic problems caused by incest. Wolves plan cleverly and hunt together and travel great distances, and so forth. They don’t wear clothes or have vaccines shot into them. They don’t have bizarrely long matting coats or any of the other hindrances people have bred into them for fun and profits. What people do to dogs and their families is truly deplorable. Wholly unnatural!

If one is going to bring a litter of puppies into this world, one needs to be fully willing and capable of keeping all of the puppies for life (15-20 years) and caring for them properly. Actually, no one should be bringing puppies into this world, not deliberately and certainly not for sale. The way things are, we will always have dogs throughout the world needing homes, with not one dog breeder in existence. Dog breeders are a tremendous burden.

It would be a great thing if dogs were extremely hard to come by and truly valued and respected as individuals, not thought of as mere things you can buy and sell. That cruel mistake has led to our nightmarish puppy mills of today and our shelters being nothing more than death row prisons full of frightened dogs desperate to get out.

Anyone want to call that “natural”?

People breed dogs as commodities in cages and put them through all sorts of terrifying and grotesquely unnatural treatments to feed the continual greed of the “pet” industry. And people call that, and feeding them slaughterhouse byproducts “natural.” People become enraged that anyone would feed them all plant foods while caring carefully for them and keeping them from reproducing. Just WTF is wrong with people?

People seem to have no problem with dog breeders and the awful abuses they subject those canine families to, not to mention their adding continually to the overpopulation of dogs and their being killed by the millions yearly, everything from “shelter” executions to street injuries, to outright abuse and torture done to them by poor crazy fools due to dogs (and cats and others too) having no one to watch out for them.

Yet if you really want to see people get loudly and self-righteously outraged, just tell them your dog is vegan. While those same people’s eyes will glaze over at the actual unspeakable abuses going on out their due to the whole “pet” industry. They’ll accuse you of being “negative” and even causing people to abuse animals by speaking about it. I have seen this firsthand. Something is truly rotten, not only in Denmark (of animal “brothel” fame), but in all nations where dogs and animals are allowed to be treated as products for sale.

Treating animals as commodities or things has got to end before people will ever be justified in claiming any sort of moral “superiority.” As it all stands now, we’re nothing but monsters, despite the good among us which cannot ever compensate for the horrors incalculable numbers of animals live and die through under our “care” every minute of every day.

So no, I will not support the slaughter industry by buying meat or animal products for my animals. Now, put a sock in it, those of you who rail against feeding dogs vegan. You seriously need to direct your outrage elsewhere.

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Over 800 Cats and Dogs Rescued In China

Thanks to Nancy at Our World (

Just sharing some good news and more ways to help in the fight against the dog/cat meat trade. But of course, don’t forget, you must be vegan to be standing on firm ground on this issue. Also, for more about the rescuers, check out:

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Animal Abuse Is Serious Child Abuse

maxresdefaultI hate the human race with a passion and would not think twice about annihilating it, and in that little girl’s face is every reason why. She’s in Vietnam and this crime occurred just last month, March 2015. That’s her much beloved dog, raised from a puppy, stolen by lowlives and viciously slaughtered to go through the foul digestive tracts of absolute scum.

That little girl has yet to receive her monster training, which we all endure as an ages-old tradition, some cultures better or far worse than others. The training either will or will not take effect in her… hopefully it does not, needless to say. And hopefully she’s not rendered mentally ill due to enduring this horror and at so young an age. May it strengthen her as she grows, and may she become a vegan animal advocate, to make the best possible use of her human existence and to fight until her dying breath at a very old age, to purge the insane, ruthless, cowardly, bloodthirsty thug out of this species calling itself “humanity.”

We always hope that this fight will no longer be necessary before long, but how long must we hope in vain?

How I hate us.

We stupidly pass on this horrendous child abuse from generation to generation, all having been well-trained as victims of it, and engaging in Stockholm Syndrome to tell ourselves it’s all based in love, it’s the way life is, it’s just in the pursuit of nutrition, or whatever fabricated need. But we know full well that’s absolutely untrue, not with the endless possibilities of human innovation. The amount of other foods we have available is ridiculous in its excess… only greed and stupidity keep allowing millions of people to go hungry around the world while other parts of the world let tons of good produce rot and be discarded, not even making use of it for compost to grow more crops.

People, in all that boasting about our intelligence, can’t seem to get anything right, after all these eons of “brain growth” (i.e. bloat). The only fully developed characteristics are: arrogance (totally unmerited), ruthlessness, and cowardice (which allows people to victimize the helpless and innocent). Making of that much bragged about human brain primarily some instrument of a particularly stupid brand of evil.

We should all look deeply into that girl’s face…remember when that same realization hit us like a wrecking ball for the first time. We need to rise up again and again, gaining more strength at each blow. Be one with her in that moment, to say to the human race of arrogant brutes: DIE, YOU FILTHY DISEASE.

On the “productivity” of the above? Please stop with such nonsense…

On “thinking positively”

Let’s not console ourselves in thinking our good outweighs the bad, nor that it even comes close. Yes, animal rescuers and those who step in to save anyone from being brutalized by idiots are shining examples of what should only be considered basic human decency. Every human being on Earth needs to be that sort, and stop kowtowing to the “necessary evils” crowd.

Those ignorant brutes have a strong, well-fed root system, severely mistaken as being correct for its entrenchment. At its core…at those diseased roots of “humanity”…there is something extremely rotten. And people will never get to the source of this debilitating disease without meaningful changes in the way we all live. But people’s lip-smackin’ enjoyment of bacon cheeseburgers is far more important to them than ending all of this awful abuse of everything good and innocent.

Regarding the little girl’s devastation they will say: “Oh, she’ll get over that as she grows up.” When in fact it takes the extreme opposite of growing up to “get over” our love for others and our empathy as human beings. It takes severe hypocrisy, degradation and sociopathy to “mature,” in most people’s concept of the word.

So let’s get with and stay with that child in the photo, and be human beings.