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Yet Another Anti-Vegan Lie, Dismantled Step by Step

SELENIUM – Easy to get as a vegan, a fact that’s very hard for anti-vegan crusaders to wrap their cute little “brains” around.

Brazil Nuts

This 2012 article by a Jack Harrison is a “customer favorite” (as they all seem to be) at Jack’s Daily Dose (of what, exactly?). The site is a production of a company called New Market Health, a publisher and supplement seller, said to provide natural cures and health solutions:

First, the article’s title. Oh my! Vegans feeling alienated by society and looking for an excuse to quit and get back to fitting in can stop at the title and look no further…

1) “Can veganism cause pancreatic cancer?”

Scary! Clever Jack can’t get himself in trouble there, since he’s only asking a question. Sweet.

Still not frightened into eating animal corpses, milk and eggs? Well then, look at the bold subheading:

2) “The meaty mineral that can slash your cancer risk”

Wow, sounds like there’s great hope to save one’s life with some animal products… oh boy, we’re cookin’ now!

So the teetering vegan reads on…

3) Harrison goes on to “wonder if” Steve Jobs got pancreatic cancer due to his supposed vegan lifestyle, due to his “bunny chow” diet and severe lack of this vital nutrient.

Pancreatic Cancer – Source:

The frightened vegan thinks, Yeah, pancreatic cancer is bad news, and wow, what? Jobs was a vegan, eating bunny chow? And those plant products gave him pancreas cancer and killed him, even with all his money!? Oh holy hell, I must read on and find this lifesaving nutrient I’m missing…

4) Jack then claims to be the one who discovered the cancer-fighting powers of this nutrient…selenium. Now his wisdom has caught on, he says, and a recent study found that selenium can slash pancreatic cancer risk to almost nil.

Soon-to-be-ex-vegan now says to his/herself: OMG! There must be no selenium in plant foods, only in animal protein… what a fool I’ve been to be doing this vegan thing! Curses on all those vegan cultists who put me at risk of dying from pancreatic cancer! Teach me more, Jack, please…

5) Jack then warns that you have to be a Brazil nut scarfing weirdo to survive and not get cancer if you’re a vegan, since, as everyone should know, we get proper selenium only from animal protein.

McNugget-craving reader thinks, Hah, there it is! The proof’s in the blood pudding… animal products are absolutely necessary for human health, for our very survival. And when’s the last time I saw a Brazil nut? Those big honking off-white crunchy things with the brown skins…who eats those? Not me! This Jack guy is awesome, must be a doctor or nutritionist. Learn me some more, Jacko…

6) Then he types some drivel about our need for nickel and makes a joke about it not being the coins, and says nickel can cut your pancreas cancer risk by another third.

Sausage-jonesing vegan chortles, Hehehe, he’s smart, informative, and funny! We all like a little humor with our education… I’m loving this guy! I read on with relish…

7) Next and lastly, Jackie espouses the importance of drinking clean, contaminant-free water to prevent pancreas problems… keeping out things like lead, cadmium, etc.

Who can argue with that? So the now ex-vegan says to him/herself: Such profound wisdom and caring! Ima make me up a shopping list and visit the butcher, dairy and egg sections of the market for the first time in years. I’m gonna quit being vegan and save my life, unless it’s already too late. Wish me luck everyone, I’m back with y’all in the normal way of eating. Hallelujah!

Now, what wipes all of that claptrap out thoroughly and with a flourish? …FACTS, and nothing more:

1) No, veganism cannot cause pancreatic cancer. Genes, cigarette smoking, obesity, and working with certain chemicals such as in dry-cleaning and metal works (and the early computer industry a la Steve Jobs) are primary causes of pancreas cancer.

>>> Other pancreas problems, like pancreatitis, which can lead to cancer are caused by high-fat diets like keto, see here: and here:

2) Selenium is not a “meaty mineral,” since Brazil nuts are by far the highest in selenium of ALL foods of any kind. Whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and all the plant protein foods contain selenium and it’s easy to meet your need of about 55mcg for adults on all plant foods. See here and scroll down to “sources”:

Steve Jobs

3) Steve Jobs either was or wasn’t a vegan (depending on who you listen to) and it makes no difference in this case. His possible genetic makeup and/or long history in the early days of computers…his hands-on building of them, etc…. were far more likely involved in his developing the cancer. He was closer to a pescatarian/fruitarian than a vegan. He apparently ate more fish near the end of his life under pressure from loved ones to try to save his life. It failed. If he was deficient in selenium it was due to his possibly eating all or primarily fruit for so long, since sweet fruits have almost no selenium. Foods higher in protein have selenium. Interestingly, just ONE brazil nut has all the selenium you need in a day.

4) This Jack person sure claims a lot of credit, and I’ve not yet seen any real evidence of selenium slashing risk of pancreatic cancer by 95%, as he also claims. I’ve only seen how proof of selenium’s protectiveness against pancreatic cancer is inconclusive. I wonder if this supplement company manufactures selenium supplement. It’s quite dangerous to take selenium supplement, since it is dangerously toxic in large amounts.

IMPORTANT: People are warned even to limit their number of tasty Brazil nuts. (I like them in lightly roasted nut mixes, but don’t often get them.)

Here are the top sources of selenium for vegans: So getting selenium is not a problem, but look how that Jack person tried to instill all this cancer terror in readers, leading them only to animal products as their salvation. That is reprehensible!

5) And yet more lies compounding the rest of the lies. You have to really love Brazil nuts to be vegan and get selenium? Where does this guy pull his information out from?! Again, just ONE Brazil nut and you’re all set for your selenium in a day. Can those people get any more deceitful?

6) The nickel thing is neutral; all the plant foods, especially higher protein ones, contain plenty of nickel.

7) The tap water issue is neutral too; we all should use a good water filter for consuming tap water, or use good bottled water. The reverse osmosis thing he seems to require probably has something to do with their company selling them, although I don’t know that. The charcoal filtration systems like Pur and Brita do just fine for filtering out lead and other harmful things like chlorine.

Here’s a good article about pancreas health for additional information which also proves the Daily Dose article as absolute nonsense:

What all of the above says, needlessly, is that if you’re vegan and eating a normal, balanced, non-animal diet low on any junk and high on real foods, you’ve not one thing to worry about with selenium or pancreatic cancer due to your rejecting all animal products. Those fear tactics are absolute nonsense, and as usual only serve to protect and bolster the meat/egg/dairy industries. Which is despicable. But, what else is new?

Bogus arguments against veganism · Diet wars · Education · Food · Health · Low-carb diets · Nutrition

GLUTEN FREE? But why? Really.

Only celiac patients (and a few others) need to eat gluten free.

Like paleo, keto, etc., the gluten-free fad is based in a nasty bit of profitable nonsense serving mainly to help the animal slaughter business in its ongoing struggle against the rising popularity of veganism.

Earlier this evening, I happened to catch a bit of an infomercial by a Dr. Amy Myers on public tv and I was really irritated by her routine. She’s an “ex-vegetarian” who has a smug and snide attitude about having been so silly for so much of her life as to eschew meat (while loading up on eggs and dairy). Well yeah, that was silly, but sadly so. She should have been vegan. So now, in her supposedly hard-earned wisdom, she goes on and on about the horrors of wheat, etc., with all sorts of terrifying stories to share.

She surely would advise that vegans are the most foolish creatures on the planet, especially since we are not potential customers for her array of expensive products.

Well, I’m a long-time vegan and eat a variety of tasty and healthy plant foods including grains, organic soy, etc., including gluten foods … all the things this woman says are practically poison for humans. Yet I’m a very healthy 61-yr-old woman on zero pharmaceuticals, never been on hormones. The last (and only one ever) prescription drug I was on were pain pills for an extracted impacted wisdom tooth in the year 2000.

Hypochondria for Sale

People without celiac disease or particular food sensitivities are not at all harmed by eating ORGANIC, NON-GMO whole wheat, etc., these so-called “gut wrecking, brain destroying” foods are actually good for us, providing needed zinc, selenium and so forth.

However, any grain or other produce, including GMO corn (corn is gluten free) grown using glyphosate is potentially harmful to consumers’ health, and that would be the real cause of anyone without celiac disease having problems from eating certain foods. It’s not the wheat, it’s the glyphosate (etc.); I truly believe that. Good video explaining all that:

This “ex-vegetarian,” Dr. Myers, seems to be on a quest for extreme wealth through selling books and products to gullible people by promoting hypochondria and painting eating food as more complicated than rocket science. And she’s pretty obviously in service to animal agriculture, i.e. the meat industry. But sadly, lots of people sit in her audience and eat up whatever she says, and they buy her products and follow her diet including “grass-fed beef and organic poultry.” Or at least lots of people did follow her; I don’t know how popular she still is.

Apparently eating almost nothing but fat and achieving ketosis is the new fad among the animal-ag puppets. Sigh.

Anyhow, I say, don’t trust “ex-vegetarians” with stuff to sell you.

As a 27-year vegetarian, Amy Myers ate eggs and dairy all along, probably lots of them, so any health problems she suffered were far more likely due to that than to wheat gluten or anything else.

Here’s what the real celiac community thinks of Dr. Amy Myers:

And here’s a good article debunking the whole “gluten-free” mania of today:

Circus Animals · Education · Morality

Chunee, Topsy and Tyke, three of countless lives taken by human insanity

Click on images to enlarge.


In the early 1800s the Strand in London exhibited a famous trained elephant, Chunee, who performed stunts for his owners’ profits. He was the star of numerous shows at Drury Lane and Covent Garden. He was male and huge…11 feet tall and nearly 7 tons or 14,000 pounds.

Chunee was bought by a Mr. Pidcock of the Exeter Exchange which had been part of the Strand. Pidcock exhibited Chunee as well as a two-headed cow, kangaroos, beavers, and exotic birds. After Pidcock died in 1810, the animals were sold and Chunee ended up owned by Edward Cross.

Sixteen years later, in February 1826, while Chunee was being exhibited at the Strand, he finally snapped and killed one of his keepers. From there on he became more and more determined to escape his miserable captivity and there were fears that he would break right out of his small cage. Edward Cross decided to have Chunee killed.

On March 1, his keeper tried to poison him, but Chunee refused to consume it. Then soldiers were ordered to shoot Chunee firing squad style. As the elephant knelt at the command of his keeper, he was hit by 152 musket balls, but lived through it. His keeper then stabbed him with a large spear. Chunee died in a prolonged agony.

The human vultures then put on a show of butchering and dissecting his remains for sale to various opportunists. His skeleton was paraded around the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly and then ended up at the Royal College of Surgeons until it was destroyed by German bombing in 1941.

Chunee’s death led to extreme outrage among the public. People wrote to newspapers complaining about the horrible caged existences of the animals, and more complained about the hideous murder of Chunee. People no longer wanted to patronize the animal shows and as a result the Exeter Exchange soon shut down around 1829. The remaining animals were transferred to a zoo in Surrey.


The year was 1903. Topsy the elephant was electrocuted to death on Coney Island on the US’s East Coast.

It’s commonly believed that Thomas Edison was responsible for Topsy’s execution, that he did it to discredit a competing form of electricity—alternating current (AC)—which was discovered by Nikola Tesla. Topsy’s murder was said to be one of many animal electrocutions conducted by Edison in this so-called “war of the currents.”

But others say Topsy was to be killed anyways because she had killed a man and became more and more desperate to escape her horrible existence after a trainer had tortured her with a pitchfork. The war of the currents had ended in the 1890s, while Topsy’s killing was in 1903.

The original plan was to hang Topsy, but animal welfarists objected to the cruelty. So they’d decided that electrocution by alternating current would be more humane.

Edison’s supporters were determined to show that Tesla’s alternating current was even more dangerous than direct current (DC), so they along with Edison had in the past electrocuted a number of animals, including dogs, to prove their claim.

Topsy balking at crossing bridge to her execution.

However, nobody had ever electrocuted an elephant before, so Topsy’s killers decided to poison, strangle and electrocute her.  She was fed cyanide-laced carrots and her feet were strapped into conductive copper sandals so she could be electrocuted.

It’s unclear if Edison was a direct part of Topsy’s murder. His presence isn’t mentioned in newspaper accounts of the execution, and none of Edison’s writings mention Topsy in any way.

Topsy’s terrible death can be seen on video here …and is said by author Michael Daly to represent “the culmination of an intensively personal and private drama” for Edison.

But the war of the currents had already been lost by Edison, and Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse had won, as their AC became dominant in the electric power industry.

Needless to say, Topsy should have had a life filled with adventure and traveling with her herd, not existing and dying as she did.


Tyke the elephant was murdered in Honolulu on August 20, 1994. She was 20 years old (usual lifespan would be about 65), an African elephant, and was owned by Circus International.

On this day as she entered the ring at the Blaisdell Arena, circus patrons believed she was kicking around a dummy. But it was instead her groomer and he was severely injured. The audience became panicked and ran for the exits. Tyke’s trainer then intervened and was crushed to death by her and then she made a break for it, fleeing the arena desperately, to be anywhere but there any longer.

For a half hour, Tyke ran through the streets of the nearby business district amid heavy car traffic. Circus promoter Steve Hirano tried to fence her in but she trampled him. The Honolulu police ended up shooting her 87 times before she finally expired due to nerve damage and brain hemorrhages. Many horrified people witnessed the awful spectacle.

Video can be seen here without age restriction.

Over two decades later, witnesses still remember it clearly, and in Honolulu animal circuses are no longer popular. No elephants have performed in circuses there since Tyke’s killing, even though using circus elephants remains legal.

In 2014, Moscow International Circus wanted to exhibit “wild animals” in Honolulu, so PETA circulated a petition against it. As a result the circus told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that animals would no longer be used in their shows, so PETA said in a press release:

“As the world saw 20 years ago when Tyke lashed out and died bellowing on the street, forcing frustrated animals to perform in circuses can have deadly consequences. PETA supporters and kind people around the world will be relieved to hear that the Moscow International Circus is putting safety and kindness first and going animal-free in Hawaii.”

Despite it all, many circuses still use exotic animals, including elephants, in their shows today.

PETA provides a list of animal-free circuses here:

Promotional poster from 1899