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Something I do not love … MUFFIN TOP

Because Muffin Top means someone is wearing clothes that are way too small!

Muffin tops, where jiggly belly spills over clothes waistline are, I think, especially a woman thing. With men they’re called beer bellies or love handles and are considered a “just deal with it” sort of thing. With women, appearances have always been more of a “my life’s worth depends on this” situation, so it’s a bit more urgent. First world problem, yes, but still a problem in life.

There’s a simple solution to muffin top…it’s this: Get over your obsession with being a “high status” small clothing size and wear clothes that actually fit you as you are now. Appalling idea, right? For most females, admitting to wearing any two-digit clothing size is akin to saying you’re a miserable, lowdown untouchable. From size 10 on up, it’s a nowoman’s land of shame and disappointment. Even size 8 is pushing it in the most elite of steamy hot circles. The really high class, hotsy totsy divas wear from a zero to a size 6… there’s where you find the cream of the crop. Men and women alike are awestruck and worshipful of a tiny (but usually not short and never truly skeletal) female, as long as she has a pretty face and good hair. Some shorty females can be high status if they’re cute as can be, and bubbly. Of course, in contrast to it all, tiny bust lines are are ungood, as we all know, but that’s another issue.

One area that is not to be tiny!

This is all just what I’ve observed for many decades, traveling warily through life, ofttimes aghast. So I’m probably just ranting for ranting’s sake, with no one else in complete agreement. Most women, it seems to me, defend their “right” to be so nutty, considering it all a prideful part of being the female half of Homo Insanus, along with teetering around, sexily, wearing ridiculous stilts on their feet. And most men seem to love it when women bend over backwards and jump through hoops to be considered desirable, even if those men frown at the muffin top. Okay then, good for them, but I prefer being comfortable with freedom of movement.

Imagine this girl crammed into ridiculously tight clothes, from infancy on up. Woah, kooky!

I’m in my sixties now and wear clothes ranging in size from a mislabeled petite size 8 through 14 petite, all of which fit properly, with my closest to perfect being a properly labeled 12 petite. I’m thrilled with being “medium.” (Vanity sizing is a whole other ball of wax.) Anyhow, I once wore a big women’s size 22, at 210 lbs. on a 5’3” frame. So I’m quite happy with the size 12P and weighing 138; it’s a healthy size with loads of nice fashions to choose from and I have no shame with it. Unlike when I wore massive garments simply to cover myself up; also was trying in vain to hide the fact that I was killing myself with food, mostly with drive-thru fast food (those places are evil).

But back to topic.

See, other women among us, the ones who almost need power equipment to put on their pants…those who “are a size 6 wink wink”…are those of the Muffin Top Club. They insist on stuffing their size 12 bodies into size 6 and claiming, thereby, that they ARE “a size 6,” with only women being defined almost entirely as their size number. Never mind that they’re miserably uncomfortable and have painfully cinched flesh billowing out over their waistlines and that the all-day compression of the lower half of the body is harmful, restricts movement, looks crazy, etc. They usually like “skinny jeans” too, the tight, elastic ones that are, oddly enough, just like girdles, but are outerwear. They also somehow only weigh about as much as one of their substantial legs appears to weigh, with some ladies looking to weigh over 150 claiming they weigh 110. So that women who really do weigh 150 feel as if they must be “fat lady in the circus” material…if they weigh 40 lbs more than THAT hefty girl. Yeah I digressed again.

Skinny jeans, yes, but at least they fit right.

Again, the simple solution to muffin top everywhere is to wear nicely fitting, comfortable clothing. If you need to or happen to lose weight, they’ll be a bit looser. If you lose lots of weight, get some new clothes in the right size. Resist the temptation to vanity size yourself. Trust me, you’ll be just fine…you won’t become lowest of the lowest class of women. Unless you’re an evil scumbag, that is. And that has nothing to do with your “size 0–6” body.

Whew, women…but I still love the nice ones who agree with me on everything, haha.

Conclusion: Same as usual… it’s a bizarre world we live in, folks, mostly made that way by Homo Insanus. And this didn’t even touch on the truly frightening world situation at the moment, spearheaded by USA-hating democrats, as that is, for the time being, too dreadful to even write about here.

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The Thing About Pack Rats

Looks dangerous.

It may seem to be a strange time to write about hoarders or “pack rats,” what with the USA going to hell in a hand basket under the depraved leadership of the Biden administration. But I need to block off that portion of my awareness and keep it in a “safe space” where it cannot plunge me into a severe depression. What that man is doing to our once great nation and its reputation around the world is absolutely disgraceful, to the worst degree. And yet he can and will probably do even worse. To all who voted for him: Only you deserve what he’s doing. The rest of us do not. I hope you’re coming to your senses and realizing that your Trump Derangement Syndrome was the real pandemic of the last several years. But to the subject at hand.

My mom would’ve liked this one…lots of treasures.

I lived with hoarders all of my life, and it turned me into a fanatical anti-clutter nut. I hate clutter! Don’t understand how anyone can live among masses of stuff surrounding them throughout their homes with little trails cut into the mess which only reach essential areas, like the kitchen sink, the bed, etc. Everywhere else is smothered by a hodgepodge of “stuff” from floor to ceiling. Each hoarder has his/her own special style of hoarding, but since the sight of masses of things is overwhelming to non-hoarders, they all end up looking pretty similar.

Messy Desk

Sometimes it’s a matter of one being an overworked slob with a chaotic mind and no sense of order, as with work areas jammed with stuff, like the above pic. Although I think most hoarding stems from worrying about the state of the world and of their lives, as in wanting to have plenty of spares and huge stockpiles of anything that either is essential or might come in handy or even pleasing or cute someday, for when everything has gone to hell and we can’t get stuff anymore. Makes sense in a way. But who wants to live like that? Not me!

Where to put your feet!

I say hoarding makes sense only in that all of my family except for me are or were hoarders, and over the years many of their hoarded items have been put to good use by me, in loving memory of them after they passed on. I got Mike Lindell’s My Pillows, a supply of tooth brushes, cotton swabs, flash lights, etc., etc.. Boring stuff to write about, but that’s too bad, haha. Anyhow, having hoarders in the family is like having your own sundries store, and it’s free!

Rather untidy, this one 😉 …trail almost gone.

That’s the good part. The awful part is the cleanup, as you can well imagine. The things you’ll find in those piles, too, wow. Years ago in my mom’s collection I found several rare antique vases, etc., which I sold for boo-koo bucks to uppity antique dealers. Hoarders also provide their loved ones with adventures like that…dealing with testy dealers who make you feel like you’re assaulting them for coming in and offering such “tawdry” pieces (like beautiful Rookwood vases) for “so much money.” Yet they usually come around and give you what you wanted in the first place, even though you started out much higher.

Pops of red. Nice.

I have one more hoarder left in the family, but he’s sort of succumbed to my relentless nagging and preaching about it and has hauled away tons of stuff to thrift stores and such. Still, there are tons left, so more nagging and preaching are in order, along with my hauling stuff away from his house as well.

This is the one most similar to my late younger brother’s hoard.

You won’t find anything resembling hoarding in my home, except for my purse collection, all of which I USE, however. And some spares of household items all in one closet. I’m a neat freak if not so much a clean freak. I’ll dust and clean on occasion but hey, one doesn’t want to get too carried away with that! Mainly I have everything in its place and ample empty space, and yes, I’m one of those kooks who cannot have a crooked picture hanging on the wall without it bitching at me to come straighten it.

The microwave is a nice touch.

I know this is probably boring to any readers, but I wanted to share the (public domain) hoarding pics seen here and thought I’d blither some using my poor old typing fingers to at least explain why the pics are posted. Whoever you are, reading this, I hope you got something out of it.

Don’t judge. You don’t know what it’s like.

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America Invented Slavery? – So Say 1619 Project Adherents.

Image from the old Netflix tv series of the same name.

This piece is for the readers among you, as I really hope you’ll read (not just skim) and comprehend and absorb the two articles shared below, and begin thinking freely for yourself regarding these matters, if not already doing so.

See, I recently came across a comment that troubled me, under a Youtube video of Native American musician Link Wray’s performance of “Rumble” from 1974. Wray began his career as a great musician the 1950s, but went largely unknown partly (if not wholly) due to his being Native American. The comment was troubling because it was just so anti-white and racist, and it upset me more than I wanted to admit. So I had a dream/nightmare about the issue where I was desperately begging for forgiveness for the sins of people I never knew, nor am I related to them in any way. Even in the dream I had the hard heartache of knowing my apologies were not justified, or accepted…the various judges sporting admirably dark skin tones let me know without even words that my whiteness was simply the worst crime of all time and only my torturous death and eternal sentence in hell would suffice as punishment. I woke up startled and, well, just sad.

Anyhow, I’m kind of already in a sort of hell, thanks to the illicit “progressive” takeover of my country. And hey, I have plenty of my own sins that I beg for forgiveness for, from the loved ones I’ve failed to make things perfect for, or worse…far worse. I sure would love a group of people to blame my sorry shortcomings on. But, would I really? I don’t think so. I fully own my misdeeds and flaws and it’s up to my passed loved ones to set me free with their forgiveness, or not, when that time comes, in the spirit world. It’s between us and nobody else’s business. So I sure as hell don’t need to be taking on guilt for the sins of others, especially those who are not even “my fathers,” as my ancestors were poor, never owned slaves, and the Italian half were hated and discriminated against by “white America” back then upon their emigration to the USA.

I believe most thinking people would agree that this whole ugly racial “conflict” of today is based largely in the deceptive education students are getting in today’s mostly public schools and universities. Along with the mainstream media’s continual assaults on inquiring minds who still rely on them for anything resembling “news” these days. So I share the following article on the slave trade in the hope that others will find it as interesting and enlightening and truthful as I did.

Please go HERE to read.

Then there is this one on the 1619 Project, which should further educate anyone not up on all of this, but especially those who’ve only had the “progressive” viewpoint and manifesto crammed down their throats so far.

Click HERE for that one.

For perspective, here is the Youtube comment I replied to, referring to Link Wray whom you might want to check out:
“Elvis style with a cross, i guess to look white… was white men with their god that “discovered” America and put those people already living here on reservations and sent the children to residential schools later on late 1800s to convert them to white religion and culture…but white settlers needed cheap free labor and imported blacks from Africa…. the film “Rumble” gives a context to artists who were not white…”

My reply:
“Did you know that the Native American Cherokee Nation also held African slaves and sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War? You might want to read a Forbes article titled: ’After All, Didn’t America Invent Slavery?’. Quick answer: NO. Mesopotamians and Egyptians were the founders of the slave trade beginning about 6800 BC, and after a history of thousands of years, despised white people in the USA and Scandinavia were among the first to oppose and ban the African slave trade. What’s being taught in schools today is criminally dishonest and is clearly meant to destroy the USA through race wars.”