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Hmm, seems something is missing from this story…

Can anyone figure out what’s been left out here? I think the last video posted here has it figured out. 😏


This video poster wisely concluded (do note his/her extreme sarcasm*) that the privileged WHITE woman attacked the poor BLACK (and Muslim) man…*if you go to youtube and see the vid description and comments:

Imagine living in this world for 92 years, surviving all sorts of life’s blows, and still able at that age to walk around town…then possibly dying like this. But it’s okay, you see. Slavery. Black rage. White privilege. All that.

It was such a relief to see that she survived and will recover.

The man has been arrested for assaults and other violent crimes about 100 times but always gets off through New York’s liberal loopholes. How progressive! I’m impressed.

None of the mainstream media reports on this mention race or color. Imagine, if you can, the situation being reversed…young white man, very elderly black woman. Imagine. Worldwide headlines. “Black/white. White man. Frail black woman. White privilege. White racism. Slavery. Reparations. Rage. Riot. Loot. Destroy. Laugh, and laugh some more.”

Rage against whites.



Cities burn.


Things remains shitty for the triumphant.
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Still in Corona Panic? “What About Italy?”

URGENT UPDATE 3/26/2020 – Epidemiologist behind dire predictions for coronavirus drastically downgrades those numbers by about 96%:

UPDATE 3/20/20: See another very important video below Ron Paul’s AND the link to an article about a majority false positive rate in diagnosing coronavirus.
UPDATE 3/19/20: See Dr. Ron Paul’s statement in video below.
Image from 2015

Still in panic mode, grabbing and hoarding everything on store shelves, all for you and none for me? Okay, but I refuse to panic, will eventually find some groceries, somewhere, once my modest supply winds down, even if I have to pull over and rob a delivery truck at gunpoint, haha, I kid.

As for toilet paper, we can always use actual wash cloths with soap and water. While all of you hoarders admire your many towering stockpiles of today’s “white gold.” Such insanity! It’s almost funny. Almost. πŸ˜’ In my 63 years on this planet I’ve never seen this much ridiculousness from so many people. Ah well, the mass media, the TDS liberals and the pharmaceutical industry are happy happy happy! That’s what matters. Ain’t it?

About Italy’s “alarming” corona pandemic; just click ☟

Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out


Ron Paul, MD, statement of 3/17/20:

This coronavirus pandemic appears to have been mostly or fully manufactured by the people in the following video, back in October, two months before the “corona” outbreak. This video is about a FICTIONAL exercise and disease. Let that sink in:

CLICK HERE for evidence of approximately 75% false positives in testing for coronavirus in people with no symptoms.

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22 Mind-Altering, Shareable Graphic Messages





bukowski meme
… “doubt” as in being skeptical of people and the world, and possibly of themselves. To me, “full of confidence” means unwarranted or ridiculous overconfidence, like the cardiac patient, bacon-cheeseburger lover boasting about being “top of the food chain, supreme over all the inferior creatures.” Truly deserved confidence is another matter, and is usually a far more humble thing. ~ Laura