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YET ANOTHER UPDATE 3/31/20 – very important:

From literature regularly shared by hospitals…

Risks of Being on a Ventilator

Patients on ventilators run a higher risk of developing pneumonia because of bacteria that enters through the breathing tube. It can also make it difficult for them to cough and clear airways of irritants that can cause infections.

UPDATE 3/28/20: See three revealing videos at bottom.
URGENT UPDATE 3/26/20 – Epidemiologist behind dire predictions for coronavirus drastically downgrades those numbers by about 96%:

UPDATE 3/25/20 – Sharing this very important related article:
The terror-happy media announced an astounding news bit about coronavirus yesterday.

There’s a new and mysterious symptom being reported by those afflicted with this terrifying disease.

Get ready, sit down…… the new symptom is…


Will these horrors never cease?

They predictably neglected to mention that this symptom of flu, cold, head cold, and allergy sufferers is well-known and very common probably since time began, and is TEMPORARY, and is a result of clogged sinuses, which virtually everyone has experienced. I had the flu twice last year, different but awful both times, lost the sense of smell/taste for a few days too, but here I am, somehow I survived, no flu yet this year.

As always, mass public FEAR is the media’s goal with this incessant, ever more “scary” corona reporting, day after day, all day long. More and more deaths, they say, worldwide lockdowns, many terrified and peering out behind surgical masks, millions of businesses at serious risk, countless jobs possibly being lost, people unable to pay their way in life, loss of homes, etc., etc.

Because of a flu.

Far milder than regular flus, but supposedly more contagious and just as extra risky for ailing elderly people and others with serious illnesses. Regular flus evidently are far more prevalent and kill far more people every year, including this year, despite (perhaps due to) all those incessantly touted, risky vaccines. Yet here we all are this year, due to corona, in terror lockdown, ready to let the economy and our self-sufficiency and freedoms go to hell in a hand basket, under the spell of the crazed, sensationalist mass media.

The media and the Globalist Left obviously hope to continue to ride the hell out of this “crisis” month after month, on up to the election in November when they dream that the public will be ready for Joe Biden (😨) to come to the rescue after President Trump has “failed to save us from corona and at the same time ridden us into a terrible economic recession or depression.” When that blame would be squarely on the media in reality…100 damned percent.

Here’s hoping that the president is able to put this mass hysteria away where it belongs, into the great trash bin of societal embarrassments. May we all come to our senses and get the economy back on track before we’re all only wishing we had, for years to come.

Listen to An0maly’s take on things, and separate yourself from the stampeding herd of mass media fear puppets (unless you’re already sensible, that is):
Just a few of many videos people are taking of their local hospitals in cities shut-down by The Virus:
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Still in Corona Panic? “What About Italy?”

URGENT UPDATE 3/26/2020 – Epidemiologist behind dire predictions for coronavirus drastically downgrades those numbers by about 96%:

UPDATE 3/20/20: See another very important video below Ron Paul’s AND the link to an article about a majority false positive rate in diagnosing coronavirus.
UPDATE 3/19/20: See Dr. Ron Paul’s statement in video below.
Image from 2015

Still in panic mode, grabbing and hoarding everything on store shelves, all for you and none for me? Okay, but I refuse to panic, will eventually find some groceries, somewhere, once my modest supply winds down, even if I have to pull over and rob a delivery truck at gunpoint, haha, I kid.

As for toilet paper, we can always use actual wash cloths with soap and water. While all of you hoarders admire your many towering stockpiles of today’s “white gold.” Such insanity! It’s almost funny. Almost. 😒 In my 63 years on this planet I’ve never seen this much ridiculousness from so many people. Ah well, the mass media, the TDS liberals and the pharmaceutical industry are happy happy happy! That’s what matters. Ain’t it?

About Italy’s “alarming” corona pandemic; just click ☟

Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out


Ron Paul, MD, statement of 3/17/20:

This coronavirus pandemic appears to have been mostly or fully manufactured by the people in the following video, back in October, two months before the “corona” outbreak. This video is about a FICTIONAL exercise and disease. Let that sink in:

CLICK HERE for evidence of approximately 75% false positives in testing for coronavirus in people with no symptoms.

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Get the Other Side of the Corona Scare Right Here!

URGENT UPDATE 3/26/2020 – Epidemiologist behind dire predictions for coronavirus drastically downgrades those numbers by about 96%:

“OMG, gotta get those surgical masks and emergency quarantine supplies before the shelves are empty! And by God, when’s that vaccine gonna be available?!”

Readers may be interested to know that Paul Offit of vaccine mandate fame said in an interview among his people that FEAR is their greatest tool against vaccine resistance. See video for source of that statement, which is attributed to Bill Gates there, but it’s actually Paul Offit speaking. And wow, do they love utilizing that fear, with their beholden media inundating us with the “scary stuff,” while they all…including Bill Gates…likely sit back to enjoy watching the public go nuts.

Remember the measles hysteria from this past Fall and at other times…always with the push for vaccines and with “compulsory” public school vaccine bills being passed all over the U.S. while the people were all scared and ripe for the picking? Remember how we were all warned of measles-infected people passing through a mall or wherever and how it was as if the Black Plague was making the rounds? (Measles was a mild disease we all had as children in the old days and thus were naturally immune to thereafter.) Why no more headline measles stories now? Or mumps, or pertussis, etc. One should wonder. And come to the conclusion that “corona” is just far juicier. (See more on the “measles epidemic” HERE)

Ka-ching! Here come those huge buckets of cash to fight the wicked COVID-19!

Please consider how this (so far) $8.3 BILLION being flushed down the bottomless toilet of “corona” funding could instead do some huge good for, say, cleaning up the water supply of Flint, Michigan, among other old, ongoing, horrible problems throughout the US. Instead it goes completely to waste, including to torture “lab animals.” People should be furious about that, but instead are furious at anyone who doesn’t believe the media narrative.

Don’t you think it’s about time people stopped listening to the mass media and their primary backers—the pharmaceutical industry? They’re not about your health; they’re about their financial well-being and luxurious lifestyles. They don’t get there by your being healthy and largely independent of them.

Just click on the orange title below for the other side of this corona hysteria, and you may also want to check out all of Jon’s other articles on this topic. It should all make you feel a lot better about this “virus,” at the same time causing you to feel a lot worse about having any sort of trust in certain people of power and influence in our world, which amounts to a large number of people being totally non-credible, shamefully (i.e. shamelessly) corrupt. I don’t remember corruption of this level being the norm at any time in the past. It’s a treacherous world and people have got to toughen up to it, stop being gullible.

Anyhow, here’s the article:

Corona baloney: it’s the money, honey