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21 Sweet Vegan Dreams

Vegan desserts, food porn alert!

Look away if this will cause you to bake (or prep) up a storm and pig out! But to find the recipes if you dare, just tap “Click Here” under photos.

I’ve always been a bakery junkie; the smells alone that waft from those happy houses of sweet and rich are so very intoxicating, drawing one in like a bee to nectar, but much worse of course, as nectar is good for bees.

Those people who whip up these delectable, ultra-rich baked goods and desserts are like the Devil in Fairy Godmother finery to me. They’re like drug pushers. But since I went strictly vegan back in early 2009 I’ve managed to curb my luscious-sweets addiction with a healthy big bowl of mostly molasses sweetened cereal every morning.

Still, I can’t have the sorts of things in this recipe collection around and be alone with them. They whisper (or scream) my name relentlessly until I give in and start in on “just one dainty serving, like a normal person.” Then all bets are off…the whole bunch of it is going down the hatch, but slowly, as I’m a slow eater, always the last to finish a meal in any group. No eating-contest style wolfing for me. Anyhow, I must say a resounding NO to these luscious sweet concoctions, and can only dream, since all that sugar really wreaks havoc on our health.

I do envy those smuggies who can have a dainty slice of cake and then push the plate away and be done, really done. Me? Never. Unless there’s no more to be found. As long as it’s not on my radar and reachable, it’s safe. Sigh.

So on with those vegan desserts (or main dishes as with the pancakes), in random order…mmmmmmm!


Crispy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies from Click Here


Guava Cake from the Click Here


Jelly Donuts from Click Here


Blueberry Muffins from Click Here


Vegan Glazed Cinnamon Apple Fritter from Click Here


Vegan Date Cookies from Bishdar on Click Here


Vegan Shortbread Cookies from Click Here


Vegan Chocolate Mousse from ElodiV on Click Here


Pumpkin Muffins (with surprise center) from Click Here


One-Bowl Gluten-Free Carrot Cake from Click Here


Lemon Meringue Pie from Click Here


“Paleo” Vegan Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies from Click Here


Lemon Pie with Ginger Cookie Crust from Click Here


Easy Vegan Lemon Almond Poppy Seed Bread from Click Here


Vegan Cheesecake with Salted Caramel Fudge Sauce from Click Here


Pancakes from 😋 Click Here


Easy Raw Vegan Fudge from Click Here


Vegan Confetti Cookies from Click Here


Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake from Click Here


Vegan Eclairs from Click Here


Vegan Cherry Pie from Click Here
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29 Ladies’ Fashion Statements 1868–2020

How things have changed in just 15 decades (152 years)!

⥥ 1 ⥥

1868 Rosebud Garden of Girls by Julia Margaret Cameron – Victorian Era

⥥ 2 ⥥

1870 Portrait of African American women (5 years after slavery ended) – Victorian Era

⥥ 3 ⥥

1882 Victorian Era (public domain in USA due to age of photo)

⥥ 4 ⥥

1885 (approx.) Studio Portrait – Victorian Era

⥥ 5 ⥥

1891 Arena Magazine Volume 4 – Anti-Parisian fashion statement.

⥥ 6 ⥥

1900 Victorian Ladies in Shirtwaists and High-Top Blouses

⥥ 7 ⥥

1910 “Peysuföt” (left) Traditional Icelandic Costume & Danish Dress

⥥ 8 ⥥

1920s Flapper Decade

⥥ 9 ⥥

1922 Flapper Girl in Idaho, USA

⥥ 10 ⥥

1930 began the Great Depression (worst economic downturn ever) decade, yet these Australian ladies look pretty comfortable.

⥥ 11 ⥥

1939 Russian Ballerina Tatiana Riabouchinska darning the ballet shoes.

⥥ 12 ⥥

1943 Utility Clothes in Wartime Britain

⥥ 13 ⥥

1952 Vinyl Record Ladies

⥥ 14 ⥥

1954 Summer Dress – Happy Australian housewife?

⥥ 15 ⥥

1963 Sears Catalog – mod & cheery. (But made of silk…not good.)

⥥ 16 ⥥

1969 Women’s Fashions, Sears Catalog (Source: Retrowaste)

⥥ 17 ⥥

1971 Nearing the post-hippie era. (Source:

⥥ 18 ⥥

1973 High School Girls (Source: photo by Ed Uthman on Flckr)

⥥ 19 ⥥

1979 The Three Degrees showing late 70s Disco style. I was 22 and no dancer!

⥥ 20 ⥥

1980s New Wave Decade – Trendy girl at King’s Road, England (Source: Reddit)

⥥ 21 ⥥

1985 Catalog showing 80s-style semi-casual wear. (Source: Retrowaste)

⥥ 22 ⥥

1988 Nordstrom Catalog showing more formal cobalt blue on black look.

⥥ 23 ⥥

1990 Catalog – Bleached denim everywhere!

⥥ 24 ⥥

1993 Cold Weather Career Wear (Source: Retrowaste)

⥥ 25 ⥥

1995 Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes wearing the grunge look. (Source: Last FM)

⥥ 26 ⥥

2001 The oh-so-trendy Juicy Couture velour tracksuit worn by celebrity(?) I don’t recognize.

⥥ 27 ⥥

2010 Futuristic Fashion (Source: photo by Rodrigo Carvalho/”visiophone” on Flickr)

⥥ 28 ⥥

2019 Style from, which I call comfy and sleek.

⥥ 29 ⥥

2020 & beyond – Multicolor midi dress from (only thing I don’t like are those shoes – stilettos, ugh!


[Most mages are public domain or free to use, EXCEPT where source is indicated here; then that must be done wherever used.]

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22 Mind-Altering, Shareable Graphic Messages





bukowski meme
… “doubt” as in being skeptical of people and the world, and possibly of themselves. To me, “full of confidence” means unwarranted or ridiculous overconfidence, like the cardiac patient, bacon-cheeseburger lover boasting about being “top of the food chain, supreme over all the inferior creatures.” Truly deserved confidence is another matter, and is usually a far more humble thing. ~ Laura