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Rogue Cartoonist Ben Garrison – and Some CV19 Info

UPDATE 4/13/20: See at bottom of article.

First a few thoughts about this “COVID-19” sham (in my opinion)…

I’ve been at a loss for words lately, existing, as we all are, in some entirely strange, ugly, stifled world that I never opted for, never even thought anything like this could be remotely possible. A whole country (the USA in this instance) shut down except for what “they” say you can still do, and how you must do it, until they let you sort of “free” again after you’ve submitted to their orders for a suitably long time and then you will gladly take their “medicine,” forevermore, or suffer the dire consequences.

I guess now we personally know just a small fraction of what animal “commodities” existences are like. And this is all due to a few filthy rich psychopaths (Bill Gates at the helm) who’ve anointed themselves our controllers and are determined to fill our bodies with damaging vaccines by force of law. And deliberately terrified, self-righteous people everywhere, so far, have eagerly submitted to their dictates and believe every word that oozes from their mouths and that of their “reporters” and “journalists.”

I try to remain at peace, personally, keep up my usual nice activities (except for the department store shopping). I already did social distancing, but not to this ridiculous extent. I refuse to wear a mask until it is jackbootedly demanded. But I worry about what is to become of everything. We are in utterly TERRIBLE hands as long as Fauci and company are running the show.

The only real “crisis” is this “cure.”

Apparently, they’ve gone so far as to use brutally invasive, damaging ventilators on elderly and/or frail patients who likely only need CPAPs or other non-invasive breathing aids (no intubation). Such misuse of those machines is known to damage lungs and cause infections and pneumonia. In their death count, they’re counting nearly everything under the sun as COVID-19 deaths, to keep that public terror amped up high. Listen HERE.

All of it is blamed on the Bad Orange Man, President Trump, since the election is coming up several months from now; and ruining our heretofore great economy with this massive business shutdown and loss of jobs is turning out to be the perfect vehicle to accomplish democrat political goals of booting him out of office and putting themselves back in power. After every other massive, crooked attempt has failed. Never mind that the nation would be pretty well crippled, rife with abject poverty, chaos and suicides by then…they don’t give a damn, winning is everything.

Their mass media is full-blown corrupt now, proudly so, and no dirty, lowdown, sleazy tactic is too vile for them.

“Life is over as you knew it,” say Gates, Fauci and cohorts. “Why? Because we say so.” The media and their massive audience of housebound puppets bow and scrape before them. They love them some Fauci.

There’s no understanding or explaining any of this other than to say this is TOTAL INSANITY. Absolutely and shockingly deplorable. Multiplying my decades-long misanthropy a few times over. What a vile, stupid species is this “human” race. I hope to God they prove me wrong by finally waking the hell up and rising up en masse and saying HELL NO to this Great Plan, this socialist-medical dictatorship now in the works.

If you’re at all like me, you may need a bitter laugh or several these days, so in comes Ben Garrison, his stuff is great. Just click “Cartoons” and enjoy…

UPDATE: Some interesting stuff from CDC statistics for 2017 for the USA:

Number of visits to emergency departments with pneumonia as the primary diagnosis: 1.3 million. Number of (pneumonia) deaths: 49,157 = approx. 5% death rate.

That’s in one typical year. Point being that it’s fairly common every year for many people, mostly elderly but including children, to get flu-like diseases and for a percentage of them…well over a million people in the USA…to progress to pneumonia severe enough for hospitalization, with typically a 5% death rate in those cases. So, are these terrifying videos of people in distress, coughing and having trouble breathing with “covid sickness” actually standard cases of pneumonia, mostly as a complication of the always rampant “seasonal flu” (despite all those vaccines)? Have countries and economies ever been shut down for pneumonia? No they have not, of course. Only the sick and the vulnerable should be quarantined, not entire populations. I’d say something else…very bad…is going on here.

Just food for thought, make of it what you will, especially after listening to the ICU nurse HERE.

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YET ANOTHER UPDATE 3/31/20 – very important:

From literature regularly shared by hospitals…

Risks of Being on a Ventilator

Patients on ventilators run a higher risk of developing pneumonia because of bacteria that enters through the breathing tube. It can also make it difficult for them to cough and clear airways of irritants that can cause infections.

UPDATE 3/28/20: See three revealing videos at bottom.
URGENT UPDATE 3/26/20 – Epidemiologist behind dire predictions for coronavirus drastically downgrades those numbers by about 96%:

UPDATE 3/25/20 – Sharing this very important related article:
The terror-happy media announced an astounding news bit about coronavirus yesterday.

There’s a new and mysterious symptom being reported by those afflicted with this terrifying disease.

Get ready, sit down…… the new symptom is…


Will these horrors never cease?

They predictably neglected to mention that this symptom of flu, cold, head cold, and allergy sufferers is well-known and very common probably since time began, and is TEMPORARY, and is a result of clogged sinuses, which virtually everyone has experienced. I had the flu twice last year, different but awful both times, lost the sense of smell/taste for a few days too, but here I am, somehow I survived, no flu yet this year.

As always, mass public FEAR is the media’s goal with this incessant, ever more “scary” corona reporting, day after day, all day long. More and more deaths, they say, worldwide lockdowns, many terrified and peering out behind surgical masks, millions of businesses at serious risk, countless jobs possibly being lost, people unable to pay their way in life, loss of homes, etc., etc.

Because of a flu.

Far milder than regular flus, but supposedly more contagious and just as extra risky for ailing elderly people and others with serious illnesses. Regular flus evidently are far more prevalent and kill far more people every year, including this year, despite (perhaps due to) all those incessantly touted, risky vaccines. Yet here we all are this year, due to corona, in terror lockdown, ready to let the economy and our self-sufficiency and freedoms go to hell in a hand basket, under the spell of the crazed, sensationalist mass media.

The media and the Globalist Left obviously hope to continue to ride the hell out of this “crisis” month after month, on up to the election in November when they dream that the public will be ready for Joe Biden (😨) to come to the rescue after President Trump has “failed to save us from corona and at the same time ridden us into a terrible economic recession or depression.” When that blame would be squarely on the media in reality…100 damned percent.

Here’s hoping that the president is able to put this mass hysteria away where it belongs, into the great trash bin of societal embarrassments. May we all come to our senses and get the economy back on track before we’re all only wishing we had, for years to come.

Listen to An0maly’s take on things, and separate yourself from the stampeding herd of mass media fear puppets (unless you’re already sensible, that is):
Just a few of many videos people are taking of their local hospitals in cities shut-down by The Virus:
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Still in Corona Panic? “What About Italy?”

URGENT UPDATE 3/26/2020 – Epidemiologist behind dire predictions for coronavirus drastically downgrades those numbers by about 96%:

UPDATE 3/20/20: See another very important video below Ron Paul’s AND the link to an article about a majority false positive rate in diagnosing coronavirus.
UPDATE 3/19/20: See Dr. Ron Paul’s statement in video below.
Image from 2015

Still in panic mode, grabbing and hoarding everything on store shelves, all for you and none for me? Okay, but I refuse to panic, will eventually find some groceries, somewhere, once my modest supply winds down, even if I have to pull over and rob a delivery truck at gunpoint, haha, I kid.

As for toilet paper, we can always use actual wash cloths with soap and water. While all of you hoarders admire your many towering stockpiles of today’s “white gold.” Such insanity! It’s almost funny. Almost. 😒 In my 63 years on this planet I’ve never seen this much ridiculousness from so many people. Ah well, the mass media, the TDS liberals and the pharmaceutical industry are happy happy happy! That’s what matters. Ain’t it?

About Italy’s “alarming” corona pandemic; just click ☟

Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out


Ron Paul, MD, statement of 3/17/20:

This coronavirus pandemic appears to have been mostly or fully manufactured by the people in the following video, back in October, two months before the “corona” outbreak. This video is about a FICTIONAL exercise and disease. Let that sink in:

CLICK HERE for evidence of approximately 75% false positives in testing for coronavirus in people with no symptoms.