What Is Humane Killing?

Humane means compassionate. Killing means to end the life of another.

The compassionate ending of another’s life is nothing to take lightly, nor to lie about. We end the lives of our companion animals when their lives become unbearable and there is no hope left. We usually have that dreaded task done by a veterinarian…often it’s a shot of a sedative and then when the animal is down, a fatal shot of anesthetic (actually a seizure medication), pentobarbital. Though not entirely painless, it’s a quick and fairly easy death after a life of being cared for and loved like family. Since they do indeed become like family. To those of us deserving of those animals, that is.

We all probably wish for that sort of death for ourselves when we become helpless and totally hopeless, say at age 90 or so. I think most people would wish for assisted suicide in those instances. If only our fellow humans could be fully trusted with such an enormous, deeply personal task. But with people, financial profit too often rears its ugly head, causing people to discount others’ serious needs. Money first, then you, if at all.

After all, look at what people refer to as “humane raising and killing” of non-humans.

You hear it a lot from meat eaters: “If an animal has a good life and is killed humanely, there’s nothing wrong with my eating them.” You also hear this from those who wish for cures to come from “researchers” cutting up and tinkering with animals in vivisection labs. “As long as they anesthetize them and they’re killed humanely, I’m all for animal research, it saves human lives!” parrot the puppets, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary.

In typical animal farms, large or small, those born into an environment where they are nothing more than products to be grown, used and killed for financial gain have known no real human care or love, but have known confinement, lack of freedom to be who they were meant to be, all sorts of terrifying abuse, pain and misery the likes of which people don’t even want to have nightmares about. The occasional bit of happiness may come from a caring encounter with the mother, but those are only allowed when advantageous for the humans in charge. Such as mother’s first milk for the “health” of the newly born product. Then there’s the hired help who get up to all sorts of angry mischief in those hidden away places. If you can imagine it, there are those who actually do it.

“Small, organic” farms are no guarantee of anything much better, as one can find by googling “horrible abuses at organic farm” or similar.

There’s that good life people speak of. Now to the humane killing.

Say you’re a dairy cow who’s spent her existence being artificially inseminated by cruel, frightening people. You’ve painfully given birth to many babies over the years only to have had them dragged off by heartless people, never to be seen again, before you could nurture them as every fiber of your being wanted so badly to do. Then at long last you’re no longer able to be so used. You’re now going to die by being stabbed to death. Your only hope is that they thoroughly render you unconscious before beginning the stabbing. Sometimes they do. Sometimes not. After all it’s an assembly line in those houses of slaughter, and mistakes will happen. You hear every unbearable sound in that place, the loud clanking and banging of machinery, the bellowing of your fellows, the guttural voices of humans barking orders, and more. You smell the blood and feel terror all around, it permeates your body and soul, you know that only mean, awful things happen in this place. You know your turn will be coming. And it does, and it seems like forever with the pain and gore nearly rendering you unconscious, as the carelessly delivered bolt pistol had failed to do, before you finally do black out and know no more of this life.

Cow Slaughter – Video Shows the Horrors Cows Suffer in Slaughterhouses

“I only eat grass-fed meat, humanely raised and killed. Carefully sourced. Know where my food comes from. All that. You see?”

Yes, we see all that, ad nauseam. We refuse to swallow the lies anymore; we are and we remain…vegan. Hate and ridicule all you like. Warn us of the devastating health dangers of diets and lifestyles without a basis in animal exploitation and killing…despite our good (or improved) health. Continually trumpet about extremely rare cases of nutty “vegans” who almost died or almost killed their children feeding them only bananas and water, or whatever. Throughout all of this unbelievable, toxic, lying opposition, we remain…vegan.

And yes, we will tell people whenever necessary.

It is imperative that humanity leaves off the imprisoning, using and killing of animals. Either that or our humanity always has been, is and remains the worst lie of all time. And we will carry on as is…with ruthless violence as our undercurrent. Always wondering, why?…but knowing why deep inside, while nevertheless enjoying those sausage pizzas. Humane killing involved, as usual.

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10 Videos on Why They’re STILL Vegan and Probably Will Be Forever

Like I always thought, the more some beneficial change becomes trendy (rebellious and “everybody’s doing it”), the more trend slaves hop onboard, and then when they flake out (as trend slaves usually do), look out, they go on the attack against what they failed at and spread all sorts of destructive misinformation, as in the “I’m no longer vegan” nonsense so popular today. Some are outright liars from the start, never were vegan, planned from the beginning to come out scathingly against veganism after a while, all in the interest of the industries.

Human corruption on parade, so commonplace these days. Ho hum.

So, in response to all that, and in random order, below are 10 smart, healthy, loyal vegans who prove the lie of the anti-vegan ex-“vegan” trend of late, about 1-1/4 hours of video in total.

I’m with them all on this issue alone, having no idea how they are politically or on other issues and may disagree with them strongly on some things; but on this, “why stay vegan,” I’m with them 100%.

So take your pick or watch them all, they’re all pretty great.

My favorite? All of ’em…


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Presenting: The Super Athlete and Showman, VEGAN!

Nobody likes a showoff?

When a shift in consciousness is relatively new, and unaccepted or even ridiculed by society, those enlightened to the new way of being often have a great deal to prove, and enthusiastically do that proving every chance they get. It’s something like the woman compelled to be an amazing achiever in business or any formerly repressed group or minority being compelled to overachieve and make sure everyone knows how competent and impressive they are.

Take the amazing, marathon running, flipping and cartwheeling, heavy weight lifting and hurling, human flag vegans we’re so often impressed by, even on into their elderly years. Superhumans of strength and vitality, amazing spectacles! Get your tickets here, folks, see the Mighty Vegans in the flesh! Much like the sad spectacle of circus animals, only at least the vegans are doing it of their own free will and not tortured into it. (Except for the mental torture of facing the realities of this world, honestly and with a conscience.)

“Look at me and what I can do!”

Vegans do have a lot to prove, but it’s not for their own benefit. It is, of course, usually done for the benefit of animals. To show that people do not need to use and eat animals, that we can be amazingly fit and healthy without all that. The goal is to shut down the meat/egg/dairy farms, the slaughterhouses, and all the rest of the horrors we “humans” subject animals to as if it’s perfectly normal, acceptable, and even fun.

But must vegans all be super showy athletes who run around nearly naked, proud, flexing and doing arduous stunts as if it’s all easy as pie? Well no, no we don’t, although all that “look what I can do!” stuff can be very impressive and fun to watch.

This isn’t at all a put-down of those vegan athletes, just a “you’re a bit of alright too” pass for the rest of us. (I fantasize that anyone cares what sort of “pass” I bestow upon them, lol, I’m a twit.)

Hey, I’m just plain old me, deal with it.

Anyhow, just be your best as a vegan, that’s what I say anyways. I’m 62 and walk about a mile and a quarter daily, do a brief upper body workout a few times a week, eat healthy and try to not let the horrors of this world stress me into ill health. I’m not bad for an old lady who was very obese for much of my younger life and has had a bumpy life, to put it cutely.

Aside from all of that, in just the last two years I’ve lost my younger brother and several family animals to death and have done my best to not sink down into debilitating depression in dealing with all of that. I can’t become helpless due to depression because I have dog(s) to care for and an older brother who needs me and vice versa. So I remain sane and capable and relatively happy (as long as I don’t think about things that happen in this world every day to countless precious, innocent lives).

I’ve become rather accustomed to the horrors, unfortunately, but they’re no less in their urgency. They’ve simply got to be ended. Either that or this species has got to be dismantled, reinvented and rebuilt with an entirely new foundation.

An exercise in arse-backwardness.

It’s absolutely unacceptable that human beings treat animals the way we do. Yet it’s accepted widely and aggressively, and any who dare to step outside that mindset and see things entirely differently, honestly, are to be despised and painted as weak, stupid, unhealthy, i.e., wholly unacceptable. Everything we eat is toxic trash or the product of suffering and everything we do is wrong. (Except for the cool, non-judgy, good vegans, that is.)

Vegans on the whole are vile scourges, you see, and those who gladly engage in abuse and murder of sentient beings are the good guys. They’re normal and going along with the way things have always been. That’s good, ain’t it?

So is it any wonder that many vegans are quite zealous and eager to prove themselves as being strong, smart, healthy and fit, the total opposite of what we’re painted as? But we don’t all have to be athletic dynamos or mentally brilliant or anything else. All we need to be is ourselves, but better than before, preferably healthier than before, and determined to remain with this good cause for as long as is needed. Until it’s no longer a cause, when it’s just the way things are and when people look back on these and past times with regret and no desire to go back.

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