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Cruel, Destructive Empathy (a.k.a. Sadism)

Empathy is the ability to put oneself in the place of another, to feel what they feel, or at least relate to what they feel, and to have pity for them, as for ourselves, and want to relieve any physical or emotional pain they’re experiencing. The same way we want our own suffering pitied and ended. That’s normal human empathy. Do unto others as you’d have done unto you, as the saying goes. This comes from deserved love for ourselves which extends to love for others, including animals. But with people, that love is reserved only for those others who have not earned our revulsion by their cruel, harmful acts.

Still from American comedy short film Cruel, Cruel World! (1914)

Sadistic Empathy

Sadistic people are also highly empathic, but without the pity, with the exact opposite of pity. They’re highly attuned to the feelings of others and they get a thrill by witnessing their suffering, especially when they themselves cause that suffering, since they feel powerful as well in those cases. The sadistic thrill is born from hatred of innocent others. That hatred is born from self-hatred, which in turn is born from their having been despised and severely beaten, physically and/or emotionally and mentally, especially by those assumed to be close, protective and loving towards them when they were small, innocent children. That of course does terrible emotional damage to a child. 

What turns a naturally compassionate, loving human being into a sadistic abuser?

We’re all born innocent, and most are born to loving and protective parents who do their best to make life good for us. But some are products of parents and/or extended family or friends (or enemies or strangers) who damage them severely in a wide variety of possible ways. But all such abuse shares the same roots. Abusers are, almost 100% of the time, former victims of severe abuse, either real or at times imagined. Many of us can mature and transcend this damage to become good, kind, trustworthy people. But this is about all those who do not, in the extreme.

Two primary ways of dealing with such an upbringing are:

1) He/she can identify with the abuser(s) and emulate them in a way meant to rage against but also to justify the abuse and to “empower” the abused as in, “I’m in the power position now, stupid weakling!” This is meant to please their abuser(s) as well, as in imitation being flattery. Stockholm Syndrome is a form of identifying with and dealing with abusers in a sick but self-preserving way, serving to somehow “empower” the victim. In any case, the resulting young bully and/or animal abuser often continues on the same path to commit violent crimes against people as an adult.

2) Or the child can rebel and rise above the abuser and do everything in his/her power to be the opposite, to properly rage against the abuse and the injustice of it, and to truly empower his or her self. To become a strong and morally sound, compassionate human being, refusing to be destroyed by the abuser(s). That’s of course the well-meaning empath who feels terrible for the suffering of others and who strives to relieve suffering in the world. This is also a type of person who is hated intensely for being so “emotional” and they’re often mentally abused by their opposites above.

The sadists’ emulators are those seen posting images or videos of themselves “happily” torturing innocent, helpless animals. They’re the same cowardly people who will do the same to helpless people such as the disabled in care homes, but in the interest of self-preservation usually won’t broadcast those acts due to fear of punishment.

Photo by Anna-Maria Oléhn –

I believe sadists enjoy mentally torturing victim sympathizers even more than they enjoy the suffering of their direct victims. They’re intensely angry that no such people ever came to their defense and rescued them when they were victims of hideous abuse. So, jealousy of those who ARE protected and rescued and loved is the key to their vicious acts against those they see as innocent, like they once were.

The main reason we have animal abuse is because we have child abuse.

Very few people are actually naturally evil from birth where no amount of loving nurturing parenting will allow them to develop into kind, loving people. A child is made evil by abuse, plain and simple. But as with the other example above, most abused children rebel and develop their own sense of empathy and compassion despite the abuse they endured. That takes real strength; mental and emotional strength that the other extreme are severely or entirely lacking. So those toxic “caretakers” or other abusers not only turned them evil, but rendered them extremely weak in character as well.


Wish I had some concrete ones, new and effective. But whenever we witness a child or animal (or anyone else) being seriously abused, we need to act against it or report it to those in authority who will take decisive action to deal with it and get it ended, and get the victim to safety. And that includes what is considered legal and acceptable! Make no mistake, legalized evil is nothing but highly destructive to us all.

This needs to be EVERY month.  (U.S. Air Force graphic by Naoko Shimoji)

So very much abuse is overlooked as with people being intimidated or wanting to mind their own business and such. But this is ALL of our business, as it’s our world and we must live in it and be subject to its dangers. There are so very many, and being victimized by other human beings should not be one of them.

We get to the root of this huge problem only by facing the hard truth about ourselves as a species and putting an end to all of our excuse making and blathering about “necessary evils” as in making “inferior” others suffer for our supposed “benefits.” Such thinking only destroys our humanity and our natural sense of empathy.

Nothing good comes from that.

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Animal Abuse Is Serious Child Abuse

maxresdefaultI hate the human race with a passion and would not think twice about annihilating it, and in that little girl’s face is every reason why. She’s in Vietnam and this crime occurred just last month, March 2015. That’s her much beloved dog, raised from a puppy, stolen by lowlives and viciously slaughtered to go through the foul digestive tracts of absolute scum.

That little girl has yet to receive her monster training, which we all endure as an ages-old tradition, some cultures better or far worse than others. The training either will or will not take effect in her… hopefully it does not, needless to say. And hopefully she’s not rendered mentally ill due to enduring this horror and at so young an age. May it strengthen her as she grows, and may she become a vegan animal advocate, to make the best possible use of her human existence and to fight until her dying breath at a very old age, to purge the insane, ruthless, cowardly, bloodthirsty thug out of this species calling itself “humanity.”

We always hope that this fight will no longer be necessary before long, but how long must we hope in vain?

How I hate us.

We stupidly pass on this horrendous child abuse from generation to generation, all having been well-trained as victims of it, and engaging in Stockholm Syndrome to tell ourselves it’s all based in love, it’s the way life is, it’s just in the pursuit of nutrition, or whatever fabricated need. But we know full well that’s absolutely untrue, not with the endless possibilities of human innovation. The amount of other foods we have available is ridiculous in its excess… only greed and stupidity keep allowing millions of people to go hungry around the world while other parts of the world let tons of good produce rot and be discarded, not even making use of it for compost to grow more crops.

People, in all that boasting about our intelligence, can’t seem to get anything right, after all these eons of “brain growth” (i.e. bloat). The only fully developed characteristics are: arrogance (totally unmerited), ruthlessness, and cowardice (which allows people to victimize the helpless and innocent). Making of that much bragged about human brain primarily some instrument of a particularly stupid brand of evil.

We should all look deeply into that girl’s face…remember when that same realization hit us like a wrecking ball for the first time. We need to rise up again and again, gaining more strength at each blow. Be one with her in that moment, to say to the human race of arrogant brutes: DIE, YOU FILTHY DISEASE.

On the “productivity” of the above? Please stop with such nonsense…

On “thinking positively”

Let’s not console ourselves in thinking our good outweighs the bad, nor that it even comes close. Yes, animal rescuers and those who step in to save anyone from being brutalized by idiots are shining examples of what should only be considered basic human decency. Every human being on Earth needs to be that sort, and stop kowtowing to the “necessary evils” crowd.

Those ignorant brutes have a strong, well-fed root system, severely mistaken as being correct for its entrenchment. At its core…at those diseased roots of “humanity”…there is something extremely rotten. And people will never get to the source of this debilitating disease without meaningful changes in the way we all live. But people’s lip-smackin’ enjoyment of bacon cheeseburgers is far more important to them than ending all of this awful abuse of everything good and innocent.

Regarding the little girl’s devastation they will say: “Oh, she’ll get over that as she grows up.” When in fact it takes the extreme opposite of growing up to “get over” our love for others and our empathy as human beings. It takes severe hypocrisy, degradation and sociopathy to “mature,” in most people’s concept of the word.

So let’s get with and stay with that child in the photo, and be human beings.