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The “Kill Yourself” Squad (a.k.a. KYS Trolls Unleashed)

There are certain people in life who’ve taken it upon themselves, as their overriding goal in life, to do everything in their power to cause people they perceive as superior to themselves (as in jealousy) to suffer extreme depression, so much so as to commit suicide. “Think you’re better than me, eh? Well, I’ll kill you by your own hand (or at least drive you to debilitating mental illness)…then see who’s better.”

Jealousy is a particularly nasty root of evil.

These “suicide makers” obsess over targeted “goody two-shoes” types to figure out just how deep they must go to cause profound grief in someone with a conscience. They find these endeavors and successes a whole lot of fun, a way to feel “high.” They probably tingle all over when they feel they’ve hit pay dirt, such as seeing tears well up in someone’s eyes. A target’s hysterical sobbing may even elicit sexual arousal, even climax. They probably moan in ecstasy and do a happy dance for quite some time when one of their targets actually commits suicide.

These people are sadists of the mind and emotions.

They would murder those they envy if not for the potential of going to prison or being killed by the state. They’re too smart for that.

A target’s death by suicide isn’t their primary goal, it’s just the ultimate in satisfaction. The rest of it in its entirety is a close second in gratification and with the extra benefit of being done over and over and over, against new and old targets. There’s the thrill of someone new, yet re-traumatizing an old target is thrilling too.

When not engaged in such gleeful hijinks, the mental sadist is quite miserable and bored, overflowing with venom and restless as all hell. If he/she has internet access (which they all of course manage to do), it’s easy to pop online and hunt down and find people to torture. We see it all the time. These are the unfunny “trolls” (as opposed to the funny or entertaining ones). They’re not the other nasty variety trying only to piss people off and get attention, but are instead intent on deeply upsetting obviously sensitive people.

Possible inner thought: “I don’t have any emotions except for hatred, so I’ll expertly torture those who feel other emotions.” That doesn’t make sense? Well, these people don’t think they need to make sense, to you. Again, jealousy comes to mind.

Why are they like this?

Unloved by those who should have loved them. Rejected by those who should have proudly held them. Abused and even tortured when innocent and helpless, even by those who should have cared for and protected them. Usually…probably.

Jealousy plays a big role there too, of course, as in siblings who got treated better, both real and imagined, and other kids whose parents properly loved and protected them. Happy families can appear to them as either totally phony or absurdly virtuous.

Then there are the rare individuals who had none of the above childhood traumas, only the opposite, and still became evil. Then there are the other unusual people who suffered terribly in childhood, even at the hands of those who should have protected them, who become pretty much the opposite of their abusers. With great strength they can transcend it all and are able to forgive and thereby even heal their abusers, to have a loving and much healthier relationship after all. But back to the former type…

A typical example of “kill yourself please and make me high”:

Someone whose beloved brother had died by drug overdose in front of him was told scathingly in some public comment section, by someone who knew and hated the good, successful man: “You could have saved your brother if only you’d have acted faster instead of pacing around wailing like an idiot. Everyone knows you delayed calling for help because you knew your brother was better than you. You purposely let him die.” Let that sink in, and realize the depth of the hatred, the horrid intent.

Vegans and animal activists have this sort of written or spoken assault blasted at them time and time again, so much so that we become impervious to it. But that imperviousness is only personal…we still suffer extreme sadness for the animals and other innocent victims, and these suicide makers know that, and continually get thrills by sticking that “knife” in again and again and again, never ending.

One thing they apparently haven’t realized though…

Surviving our extreme sadness only makes us stronger, our having become “hardened” to the emotion, able to turn it off and be pretty happy in life much of the time, compartmentalizing these parts of ourselves and holding them together with as little as a modicum of valid self-respect or self-love, in order to not fall to pieces. Our falling apart would be a great source of pride and joy for the “kill yourself” squad, naturally. But we’re armored against falling apart, despite unbelievable grief and worry for the innocent victims of this world. Our own non-participation in the absolute worst habits of “humanity” brings a sense of personal peace that cannot be broken by people who’ve made being poisonous and causing ever more grief in others their purpose in life. Let your inner peace be your suit of armor.

Basically good people: You know who you are and what the truth is…from the terrible and ugly to the wonderful and beautiful in you. You’ve no need to let some sick person invade you as these people so desire, to disturb your life and your personal growth and cause great harm. Don’t let them in, ever. Let them implode. Let them self-poison, even more than they already have. Many of them are unforgivable.

Let them self-exterminate.

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Let’s Talk Bullies

Bullying VictorianVegans are often called bullies for assertively urging others to take up the lifestyle. First, a definition:

bully 1 |ˈbo͝olē|
noun (pl. bullies)
a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.

verb (bullies, bullying, bullied) [ with obj. ]
use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants: a local man was bullied into helping them.

Now, consider how vegans are concurrently said to be weak and wimpy. That bullies’ “strength and power” and “superior strength or influence to intimidate” would seem to negate that wuss charge, wouldn’t it? But never mind logic or truth…people have got abject ruthlessness to uphold. And by God, they will fight tirelessly for it!

Anyhow, somewhere there is a lie or two, or three…

maxresdefaultFirst, vegans are not weak or wimpy; if we were we’d still be lolling in the comfort of society’s aggressive (bullying) majority, still willingly partaking in the exploitation, abuse and slaughter of animals (more bullying), since that’s all the norm, for ages. And several top athletes are vegan, including MMA fighters and bodybuilders, like Frank Medrano shown at left. It also takes huge strength of character and compassion to stand up against these aggressors who act as society’s henchmen, continually, bitterly condemning veganism (as in more bullying). So we’re anything but weak or wimpy.

Second, we’re often said to be all fuss and bother for no good at all, foolishly wasting our time on soft-hearted “nonsense” which nobody cares about, nobody’s listening to. “People will always use and kill animals and there’s not a damn thing you vegtards can do about it!” they’ll rage. (Hmm, seems rather bullying to me, on their part.) They really can go on and on about how “you can’t change anything and nobody cares,” ironically.

Also quite ironic that those same types, by calling us bullies who thereby turn people off “our cause,” are by definition accusing us of using “superior strength or influence to intimidate,” doesn’t it? Especially when that’s instead what they’re doing, big-time, aggressively and hatefully using their vast majority power to try to intimidate us and stop us from speaking up, etc. The irony is so very thick. “Thick” also as in stupid. 

1024px-Victoria,Lagunajf3443_07Third, to harm or intimidate others who are weaker…as in animal farming…to force them to do what one wants, are quite opposite of what vegans are trying to accomplish. Veganism is about love for others who are not evil; bullying is all about hate and abuse of innocence, and is thereby evil. Ethical vegans only try to influence others to stop participating in the extreme bullying of animal abuse by telling the truth about animal farming, etc.. And we all realize that no one can be forced to be vegan…we certainly weren’t. Unless you think of “force” as being made aware of the simple truth by someone showing or telling us, and then our voluntarily stopping our participation in it. If that’s force, then I was forced to finally go fully vegan in 2009, by listening and looking at what people had to say. “Forced” by my conscience. Which is only a good thing.

In Conclusion

duck-019 I didn’t get into the food and nutrition arguments here; those points are equally controversial and inspiring much wrath from the loud and aggressive faction of society’s animal agriculture defenders…those who cherish the practice of growing animals as products to be used, slaughtered, eaten, worn, as if they are animate objects devoid of “real” feelings or needs. So unlike humans, they say, except when we deem them appropriate as test models for us, as in medical and psychological “research.” People so love throwing huge amounts of the public’s money into that bottomless pit of sadistic “science.” It makes people feel so special… “inferior” others must suffer or be sacrificed in the search for cures for our ills.

All the while, the most needed “cure” of all remains conspicuously elusive.

Now ask yourself, who are the actual Wikibullybullies? Who are those who use ill-gotten strength and power totally unfairly to use others who are helpless and/or innocent, to force them to do things, to intimidate, harm, kill them? And so forth, including all their vileness towards animal advocates. Who fights for humans practicing the morals and ethics of hyenas, but only when deemed “necessary evil” done against “others”?

“Nobody likes a bully,” they say, which is true, but there they refer to assertive or zealous vegans and animal advocates. But underneath it all, who are they really referring to? Self-hate mixed with extreme hubris comes to mind here. Quite the insanity-inducing conundrum. Who are they? They know who they are. And so do I.

Escape the insanity. Come be vegan with us and fight for animal liberation, which is all that can free us from our subhumanity. We can change this world.