The Meaning of Life – Making Sense of Our Cosmic Insane Asylum

We need a new religion…

St. Peter - "Any animal which is slaughtered is defiled, and its meat defiles."

St. Peter – “Any animal which is slaughtered is defiled and its meat defiles.”

If souls are eternal, and I believe that’s so, God is all of us, every sentient life ever born to die on this planet, for all time. These unfathomable numbers of births and deaths must be endured by God to cleanse itself, to filter out the bad from the good and eventually to be pure bliss without the pain and misery of the disease called evil. As far as what “God” is, exactly, I don’t know…we’re all in the dark about that. As an infinitesimal part of said God while here as individuals, we’re all far too cut off to see the whole, out there, somewhere. Or everywhere. Where “there” is no place we can understand.

A huge part of the cleansing process would be to purify the marginal, as in good Germans or those who are conscious of the sources of their meat, and who only support necessary cruelty, or who remain ignorant and know not what they do. Those who enable evil but are basically good themselves, often amazingly good in other ways. The marginal must be made purely good somehow, to be welcome back to the self-perfecting “creator.” That would be what we think of as heaven. While pure evil, when it is at last firmly identified, is sent off to its own reward with only itself to prey upon. As in “reap what you sow.” The obvious goal is for goodness to be in real peace at last. Rest In Peace. God is to become pure goodness, pure love, joy, all things wonderful. But the process itself is terribly messy…hellish. Here we all are, in it.

The religion mankind instead teaches itself…

The angry, egotistical, vengeful, blood-lusting, cruel god of the bibles would be a manmade charlatan, in this way of looking at it all. A demiurge, as in the Gnostic Christian view. The demiurge is defined as a being subordinate to the Supreme Being (the pure goodness in all life and the universe). This “false god” is considered to be the controller of the material world and antagonistic to all that is purely spiritual. The purpose of that, I guess, would be to keep us all in the dark, to keep our trials a total mystery to us and make them as difficult as possible. For many of us to act as mindless faithfuls, believing and attempting to live according to bible texts which rational minds see as madness.

Another purpose for said false god would be to prevent this purging and purification of the true Supreme Being, because this false god is evil itself (as in “devil”) and doesn’t want to be banished. That makes what’s behind the sadistic, brutal teachings of those bibles a lot clearer, to me anyways.

Earth as Purgatory…

In my estimation, the real God’s purging process is what we are all part of here. As in purgatory, where souls are being tested and sorted out, and where others are atoning for their sins before going to heaven. Purgatory, a state of mental anguish or suffering. Where those born as humans, possessing moral knowledge and judgment, are tested to the fullest extent by our treatment of supposedly “inferior” others, whether animal or human, but most significantly, animals.

I believe our suffering as humans also goes into account as far as our eternal fates, which would only be fair. And I believe those humans who die before they can learn and prove themselves get more chances as humans. One thing would be certain: Nothing but proven goodness would be going back “home.”

Hindu Elephant God

Hindu Elephant God

All animals everywhere would be housing God/human souls atoning for their sins before going to heaven. As in the person who regretfully supported animal abuse and killing who must endure life as a totally innocent pig or cow in a meat farm to be made to understand and become pure before being welcome back home, where evil is no longer tolerated or suffered. Some humans would require many lifetimes here as others…anyone from squirrels to cows to creatures like fleas (parasitic people?) who can be justifiably killed for being a health hazard, or whoever…before being welcome back.

Our past life(lives) seem to be obliterated from our minds while we’re here, for reasons unknown, but perhaps because the influences of the past might keep us from further learning and thus prevent our being purified, requiring more physical lives to sort us out.

The non-human (innocent and unknowing animal) existence must teach the soul a lesson that cannot be learned when one possesses human moral knowledge and judgment. Since when the individual had that great opportunity, that knowledge, he/she failed, but not to a hopeless extent. These marginal, benign but evil-enabling souls wouldn’t learn as fully functioning humans, so they have to learn as “other” (whether animals or desperately disadvantaged people, likely victims of unjust violence and undeserved deaths). Those souls clearly deemed hopelessly evil would go straight from being human to being forever banished to exist with only their kind, i.e., hell.

The Buddhists are right or mostly so?

phra_ajan_jerapunyo-abbot_of_watkungtaphaoI used to believe this was a fruitless, even counterproductive process because the evil required to “punish” those now innocent animals would be never-ending. So reincarnation seemed sadistic and pointless to me. But being born as animal is not actually punishment, it’s purification. Their having good lives knowing the love and care of good people teaches them just as much as their being in pain and fear from birth to death at the hands of the sadistic and/or foolish. Either way, they learn empathy from the viewpoint of the most vulnerable. They understand why evil must be identified and cast out forever.

The choices involved for humans regarding animals and the resulting actions we take are vital to judging us and sorting us out. So it must be done. As random as it all seems…and is…there is a method to the madness. Nature’s violence and predation are of course involved in the process as much as anything else…those animals, too, are God/human souls being purified.

In this purgatory, the incentive to put an end to people’s exploitation/abuse/killing of animals is as strong as ever, since that also serves to put and end to the evil, not to perpetuate it. This is the very good reason why animal advocates are more and more compelled speak up, to “preach” to everyone, as hated as we are for it. Those who know better, do better, and otherwise hopeless souls get “saved” in the bargain. Best of all, this world becomes far more beautiful, less violent, less frightening…far less hellish. No one loses from that. And soon this place of predators and prey, kill to eat, survival of the fittest, food chains, etc. …this place full of chaos, bloodshed and anguish…ceases to be necessary any longer. Everything will be sorted out and everything will be in perfection, forevermore.

pig_lactationDo I think my being vegan makes me close to perfect, heaven bound?

I don’t know. I don’t claim to know how the decisions are made about who gets to go where and when, but I’m more and more trusting that the system makes perfect sense and that justice prevails in the end, that everything works out for the best, despite what a miserable hell this world is for so many innocent ones, as well as for those of us who empathize and suffer continually for the most persecuted and suffering of others.

I of course don’t know for certain where I’ll go after this life, but certainly hope it’s heaven (who wouldn’t?), or if I’m not pure & good enough yet, to a human life here again but in an enlightened, healthy, secure family that is already reliably vegan for ethical reasons, so that I can more effectively help to get this extensive and excruciating process to completion. Or maybe I need to live an animal existence to perfect my soul…and I would certainly hope to be a companion animal for someone like myself or better, and never victimized by evil. Another (selfish) reason to fight for animal rights and human kindness everywhere.

Most importantly, I believe the animals and other innocent victims of evil here are in bliss, safe forever at the end of their “processing.” Back home. But a far, far better home. A perfect home.

A personal memory and hard-learned lesson…

chasing_ghosts_at_cha%cc%82teau_de_vianden_3940080719My grandma’s spirit somehow communicated all of this to me in brief seconds the night after she died in our home, although I was typically slow in catching on, all caught up in teen angst and a custom brand of misery. She was my first close family death and it was beyond sad, it was life-changing. On that strange night and afterward, she spiritually got through to me that animals are far more important than people realized and that everything will be made perfect in the end. She came to me as I lay in bed (scared the living daylights out of me) to get this message through, probably because she was soon to be reborn as an animal to be purified. After that brief appearance as a ghost in late 1973 and then for awhile as a part of my mind, grandma was then not heard from again, even though I needed much more guidance.

Guide yourself, young doofus, it all seemed to say.

I first went vegetarian for awhile in the year following grandma’s ethereal message, but it didn’t last and I was still somewhat of a malignant asshole for many years, interspersed with being the opposite (and vegetarian off & on), as if to compensate. But that important seed was firmly planted, and here I am, a far better person than ever possible before that. So, I’m one of these many obsessed vegans and animal liberation blatherers of today. But it is vital. Thank you, grandma, for that salvation.

So in conclusion…

516396125_1280x720The real God is good. Goodness is its own reward. Evil requires retribution as in banishment. Reap what you sow. Have faith and be kind and fight for it. Live by the Golden Rule. Clichés, yes, but meaningful and true. Earn your way back to our newly perfect…Home. Best of all, to be with all of your loved ones once again…perfectly devoid of evil, suffering and death.


The Birth of Abandonment

Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, said:

baby2“Our time in our mothers’ wombs was a wonderful time. We did not have to worry about food or drink. We were protected from heat and cold. We didn’t have to do homework or housework. Protected in our mothers’ wombs, we felt quite safe. We didn’t have to worry about anything at all. No worry is wonderful. I believe many of us still remember that time spent in our mothers’ wombs. Many people have the impression that they were once in a safe and wonderful paradise and now they have lost that paradise. We think somewhere out there is a beautiful place without worry or fear, and we long to get back there. Paradise was inside of our mothers.”

It’s the birthing that’s the problem…

baby-elephant Circus_baby_elephant_training9125587694_03c9e066b6_b ready to be born dog in womb RPregnant_female_dog_bitch_mongrel_Jan_2008_Shot_in_Jalandhar_Punjab_India_by_gopal1035_017 3128712766_ddd5137876_z 3178940462_d6e0a3fb83_z

…The being expelled, first from our heavenly, true home and into the new womb leading to earthly existence, to abandonment, to almost 100% guaranteed suffering during life, and the agony of physical death. Including the agony death brings to loved ones.

Death of Minnehaha

Death of Minnehaha

Our time on Earth may reveal our true individual nature, as a way to expel the poison (evil) from our creator (source of being), but it seems to have failed and instead we are now like a stuck record, forever repeating, compounding the mistakes…the evil…with no end in sight.stock-footage-human-baby-moves-gently-inside-a-mother-s-womb

Tricked and trapped by deceptive entities intent on continuing all of this, since they’re entertained by it…they are evil…and have no interest in their own demise. Continual births, rebirths, on we go for millions of years, trillions upon trillions of lives and deaths.

But who would knowingly choose to be born randomly into this place, into any of the terrible realms of possibility we can imagine?


The White Slave statue – child sold for “sex”

Graffiti_StripperIt’s time to stop being tricked, being tricks, mindless slaves to that extreme carnal pleasure which continually multiplies suffering and death.

Time to face the truth about what we call life. Stop the foolish celebrations of human arrogance. Quietly celebrate only love and kindness. Stop being cruel to the innocent or the benign. And the original cruelty is to bring them into being on Earth, since we’re all on our own here…abandoned…despite all that possible company, those family members, those “friends” whose true colors may well, in time, sicken us.Near-Death-Experience_Illustration

Back to the cosmic womb, the real one…safe in bliss for eternity. No more of this goddamned shit.DOCTOR_ATTENDS_PATIENT_SUFFERING_FROM_RED_LUNG,_ACQUIRED_IN_THE_IRON_MINES._(FROM_THE_DOCUMERICA-1_EXHIBITION._FOR..._-_NARA_-_553035

Of course, serve your full term here as long as you possibly can, while fighting against evil to the best of your abilities. It’s at least a way to pave the way to a better future for us all should we have no choice other than rebirth again after death.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABut do your utmost to avoid again entering some seemingly safe and comforting womb that will deliver you back here, again. This place holds such beauty and intense pleasure (like the orgasm), but that comes along with the extreme and unfathomable opposite. It is not a proper place for us and all of those wonderful animals.

That’s the important part…to somehow get this message to the animals…

Perhaps by making ourself more whole again by reuniting in a far more pure way at our source, we can gain some real power over existence, some real and effective knowledge and communication, especially with non-human animals. And the evil and sadistic parts of our “oneness” can then be separated and cast out from the rest of consciousness, forever. Which I believe was the original goal, before it was thwarted.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel, but we have been deceived.

Why you, why here, why now? (the meaning of life)

Gustav_Klimt_-_Death_and_Life_-_detail_Google_Art_ProjectPlanet Earth has nurtured (and extinguished) life for billions of years. It’s estimated by scientists that life first emerged here about 600 million years after Earth’s formation about 4.54 billion years ago. But why did life emerge at all? Scientists, the religious, and everyone in between can only guess at that.

DNA_orbit_animated_static_thumbI’ll muddle through my own theories herein…

The planets of our solar system started forming about 9.1 billion years ago. (A billion is 1000 million for those who forgot, such as me, ha.) So think of the billions upon billions (“googols” is the term) of conscious lives with ability to feel pain, and the drive and ability to flee from pain, who have lived and died on Earth. Everyone, from those obscure creatures living at the very bottom of the deepest ocean to the most advanced of humans taking trips to the moon, etc., today.

All were born with the desire to live and enjoy it in freedom, to avoid pain and death; yet most everyone suffers pain, lack of freedom, and absolutely everyone suffers death. No amount of wealth, knowledge, fame, nor anything else, can prevent death.

French_-_Pendant_with_a_Monk_and_Death_-_Walters_71461Why must we serve these terms here?

Now, some people believe this is their first time in existence, that life and death are once only and final, that souls, afterlife, reincarnation, etc., do not exist. But if that’s the case, then why are YOU here now, as opposed to some other time in some other of those trillions upon trillions of lives past or future? And are you 100% certain you will not come back again after this life…really? I’d say that belief is due to fear, and rightfully so, as it’s a dreadful prospect, with what we’ve made of this world. But no one can be certain that this life is the be-all and end-all of existence…it’s entirely likely your consciousness has lived many lives, possibly in many different life forms, including as animals.

It’s possible our consciousness lives on forever, that we’re part of some unexplainable entity that never dies, which is in severe conflict and wants to be rid of its own negative and miserable aspects. That may well be the purpose behind life on Earth, to weed out and somehow eliminate the evil. But the plan seems so far to have been a dismal failure, because something is fouling up the works. That “something” is what we have to root out and kill off. That “something” causes us to continue nurturing evil, through deceit.

solar_system_by_invadershmee-deviantart.comThe Great Erasure is a huge problem.

As humans we’re born essentially as blank slates; it seems to me that some malignant force has a keen interest in keeping us in the dark. Animals seem so much more knowledgable about their lives, what they’re supposed to do and be. To me it seems people’s previous lives and knowledge have been deliberately erased, yet something in us (referred to as instinct) remembers vaguely certain things about life that we’d have no way of knowing yet.

For example, children with zero knowledge of sex can be sexually stimulated by nude images of people. This is a ploy often used by child molesters, to show them nude images to stir them sexually, to make them available for abuse. “Biology” is the excuse people like to use for children’s instinctual response to pornographic images. But I believe “biological response” is just a scientific way to explain away vague memories from past lives, because science adherents mostly reject spiritual and other such possibilities.

Innocent_bloody_children_by_Nari_IceEvidence of a Great Deceiver wanting us oblivious…

Yes we can be programmed biologically to be sexually excited by images of breasts, for example. But that “programming’s” source is what’s up for debate. After all, shouldn’t children more likely respond to nude breasts by getting hungry for mother’s milk, rather than sexually awakened? A young child’s body isn’t yet capable of reproducing and can be seriously harmed by molestation by an adult. Yet young girls can be sexually awakened by images of nude women or men, even though they don’t understand it at all. And boys by nude men too, but they’re most excited by female nudity of course.

Excitement over same-sex nudity doesn’t mean one is lesbian or gay, or in any way ready to engage in sex, but that we have some past (erased) memories of the naked body (especially the female) being a great inflamer of desires. A young, totally innocent child would have no other reason for being sexually aroused by anything.

What’s up with all that anyways?

I brought all that up just to illustrate my point, which I’m still not quite sure how to make clear. I just have this troubling feeling of being deliberately placed in the dark about past lives and what’s actually going on here in our world and in the universe, the purpose behind it all, behind consciousness, joy, sorrow, pain, death. The reason for the very possible erasures of our minds (or souls) and this continual rebirth as blank slates (when human anyways) is something we may never know unless its source decides to reveal it all. But it also seems each of us (including animals) are parts of that source, that, collectively, we are IT. And mainly what it seems to want (and achieves) is to force in us all the desire to reproduce. But to what end is that?

canadageeseI believe the animals understand life and the universe better than we do, in all their “lack” of human intelligence. Their more instinct-driven lives I believe signify their much more intimate connection to the source of life, to the good part of it anyways, which I believe must prevail if there’s to be success. Thereby, if that source of life is our creator and judge (referred to as God), we as humans have a huge amount of absolutely horrible wrongdoing against its creatures, its closely connected animal life, to answer for.

So here’s the great problem:

Some say Karma, for sadistic abusers, is to be born again as victims (animal or human) in abuse situations, as punishment if they haven’t already suffered enough in the current life. (That assumes life exists as a means for our creator to purge itself of evil.) So that would excuse all our animal farms, slaughterhouses, vivisection labs, basements with lone sickos torturing the helpless, sadistic nannies, etc., as places where justice is being administered, for us not to be too concerned with it all, as those supposed victims are paying for past crimes, learning lessons…so lighten up and realize everything is as it should be. Ha, hell no…

5478274044_f1b9f32c5d_zThink about this in the case of animals, so totally helpless under people’s unique cleverness: Those now innocent beings are likely far more closely connected to the source of life and thereby cared for, so thereby people (the only ones with such intelligence and moral consciousness) are being judged by our treatment of those “dumb brutes.” Not only that, but the sadistic evil people required for those abuse situations to occur have then got to be so punished as well, and so on and so on, it grows like a cancer! So the evil and the suffering continue on forevermore, as we can see throughout history and till today.

I’d say that’s a terrible plan…the way to perpetuate Hell on Earth. And this beautiful Earth should not be a hell, it should be a Heaven. There should be no need for a hell to exist if we could conquer evil.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

124876638_88782cea6f_zSo how do we get past this malignant vicious cycle?

Karma in the form of reincarnation serves absolutely no good purpose, it only allows evil and suffering to continue to flourish, while it needs to be ended. So how do we end it? Well, if you’ve read my stuff before (or even if you haven’t) you already may know the answer to that. If you’re new to all this, here’s the secret to ending (or virtually ending) deliberate suffering and evil in the world and moving towards the only good goal possible for our “creator,” and making any possible future lives for yourselves and your loved ones far better, more peaceful, enjoyable, and immensely less dreadful:

Go vegan and stop participating in animal (and human) exploitation and abuse in every way you can, and speak up, encourage others to do the same.

There’s no other way other than getting at that root, digging it out, and destroying it…and stopping the insanity. Empathy is key, to actually feel for others and want their freedom from suffering. We cannot instill empathy in others but can only plant the seeds needed for it to grow and take over, to obliterate those “weeds.”

But, what about necessary exploitation/killing?

Of course there are people who have no choice for survival other than to use animals, until they advance further (e.g. Eskimos), and that’s not necessarily evil unless deliberately made so by sadistic individuals. But remember, same could be used in defense of human slavery, since how could pyramids and other vital constructs have been built without those slaves? “As long as the slaves weren’t abused too much”…and there you go down the slippery slope of “necessary evils.”article-2542682-1AD3682B00000578-144_964x550

We humans have a special calling, don’t you think? We need to always strive towards allowing ALL sentient beings to live their lives in freedom, regardless of our perceived needs to use them. This is our test. And no, animals in nature who must eat others to survive and to keep populations in check are not doing so by deliberate choice, they have no other options…that’s an entirely separate issue, so people need to stop using the “but lions do it” excuse.

Thanks for reading, and please add your thoughts in comments below…I need help in clearing up and solidifying this whole thing in my mind as well, as you can probably tell.