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The Raging Diet Wars – Love or Hate – Sanity or Madness

ImageI’m continually disturbed by all these rage-filled debates we can find online every day between low-carb diet proponents vs. vegans vs. all raw vs. fruitarian vs. vegetarian vs. omnivore vs. paleo vs. “moderation” vs. “boozers & smokers who ate a pound of bacon a day and lived to 108,” and on and on.

It all leads one to exasperation, confusion, doubt, frustration, and hopelessness… as far as what to EAT. Yes, it’s all about the foods we consume, where they come from, how they’re grown, processed, how they work for us, how they make us fat, or thin, or constipated, or how they clog our arteries, give us cancer, diabetes…or conversely prevent heart disease, cancer, etc.

Those are the surface arguments… which can all be confirmed or debunked by one study or another, endlessly. Some people spend years online quoting and linking study after study, ridiculing, mocking, condemning, accusing, raging all in caps, obsessing. Often these arguments are unfairly and dishonestly staged by what are called “astroturf” sites and organizations with vested interests in animal agriculture, so they’re not regular people, they’re industry advocates. (See WAPF for example.)

Frankly it all stinks, like death.

But there’s something underneath that rotten, flimsy surface…something far more meaningful.

The China Study Dilemma

But before I get to what hides under that surface, adding to all the diet confusion is Dr. T. Colin Campbell, China Study author. He has thousands of die-hard vegan supporters despite the fact that he did “lab animal” experiments for 27 years and continues to cite and excuse them. Dr. Campbell is constantly cited as a great spokesman for the vegan diet movement, by vegans strongly opposed to animal exploitation/abuse. Campbell represents the health-only aspect of veganism, while ignoring what happened to those animals in his labs. What can I say about that? Except it disturbs me on many levels. His research only needed to be with humans, for human nutrition after all. He should at least apologize for the animal studies, but does he? If not…why not?

So the diet wars would seem to be all about health, right?

Wrong, I say, concluding that at its core it’s all about animal slaughter versus crop farming.

Paleo activists continually tout the products of animal “farming” as miraculous in their cure-all, weight-loss abilities, in angry deceitful response to a growing number of vegans in the world (now about 400 million) and the perceived threat of further growth in those numbers with a future free of animal farming, which is seen as Paradise-like by some (me included), or as economic and gastronomic deprivation and devastation (erroneously) by others (as in Sally Fallon et al).

Cain murdered his brother Abel over all this


This is all about basic human morality, fairness, nobility, compassion, protection of the innocent, versus cruelty, ruthlessness, iniquity, degradation, and abuse/betrayal/murder of the innocent. It’s the ages-old biblical Cain and Abel conflict…and the murder of Abel the animal slaughterer, whose murderous brother Cain was actually rewarded by God, if you’ll see the story in it’s more logical interpretation.

Cain the crop farmer was, as the story goes, among the first few sufficiently evolved people of that time to have to grapple with a huge moral dilemma, and he was given a very confusing task by God. (Please realize that I view the bible as containing a lot of fiction, but no less something that can be learned from on occasion.) So Cain did the best he could with his dilemma…he murdered his animal-slaughtering brother.

On another side note, there’s the school of thought that Jesus’s cleansing of the Temple was actually an outraged protest against the animal sacrifices going on there (and elsewhere) for ages, and I’m inclined to believe that uncorrupted, unedited version of things.

I digress with all that, but believe it’s important to the topic. The Cain & Abel story is rethought here for anyone interested: And another more logical view of the Jesus and the Temple story:

The old “slaughter vs. crops” contention…

…is still alive and unresolved in a human population of now over 7 billion. People have grown hugely in numbers (and many in body fat as well), but have we grown in morality, character, ethics, in our world of living off the fruits of animal slavery, abuse, and slaughter?

It is an utter disgrace to, as human beings, take innocent and helpless lives, breed them as commodities, “grow” them in filthy prisons, fill them with antibiotics to combat resulting bacterial diseases and make them grow faster for quicker, larger profits; then to have them shipped off, unloaded and marched through houses of death full of blood and fear and agony. Then there are the sounds, the animals’ confusion and terror, the clanking of machinery, the guttural shouts of cold-blooded killers often grown mentally ill and sadistic in their contempt for life due to what they do for a living. Of course, many slaughter workers have since childhood shown their predilection for doing the work of brutal sadists without an ounce of respect or love for life in them.

ImageThen there’s the environmental impact of animal farming, which I’ll not go into here, suffice to say, it’s not good.

All in all, great stuff to have as a huge part of the roots of human civilization, right? It’s hate in action, actually… subconscious hate for ourselves directed at others to make ourselves feel “better.” An absolute failure of course, but as they say, insanity is doing the same thing over and over despite its obvious failure. So underneath all the pretense of a happy civilization, we are largely a hate-filled and insane species…morally knowledgable human beings who have chosen this sick, cruel, bloody road for ourselves.

Thereby, we proclaim to be at the top of the food chain, chest-pounding and triumphant.

By the way, where’s the “top” of a chain, and are we in raw nature with the lions and wolves?

Never mind all that, people say, “Our brains are bigger and better than animals’…ha ha ha…so they’re ours to use and kill as we choose!” Well, apparently, so are the millions of people murdered, raped, tortured, robbed, assaulted, etc., every year, counting wars, even including infants. People too, of course, are the objects of ruthless people who can use and kill them as they choose. It goes with the territory of a “civilization” based in slaughter of innocence, in the undeniable sociopathy required for a program like this… no matter how well hidden or disguised that psychotic system is.

So we all need to get back to our basic, angelic, pre-material, pre-physical…true selves, and put an end to this disgraceful program we’re existing under. It truly is insane and absolutely shameful. We must learn to truly love life, and be fair, to be a far better embodiment of human. That takes strength, love, and good ethics… opposite of the other side: weakness, hate, sociopathy. (Do remember, Cain’s “crime” was a story of our morality in its infancy, operating under fear, given deliberately conflicting and confusing instructions.)

In conclusion…

Ask your better self, what does it all mean to you, what do you conclude?

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