Making Lemons into Lemonade – On President Trump

President Trump in January 2017 – OMG!

donald_trump_phoenix_2016Check out the two older articles linked below, they’re especially relevant to vegans and animal activists on this day; lots of food for thought in them. I like Thinking Vegan a lot more than full-blown socialist Roland Vincent, but both of them explain how Trump could possibly be good for animal rights and veganism regardless of his assholery on the issue or left-versus-right politics:

I especially feared Hillary in power because she would have forced vaccines (through appointing her CDC director) on us all as a lover of policymaking and enforcement and a strong proponent of vaccines, while the anti-vax people say Trump is suspicious of vaccines and not at all likely to have them made compulsory by appointing a vaccine nazi as CDC director.

Whether you favor or oppose vaccines, no one should support forcing others to submit to them, which is where the vaccine movement is headed and has been for some time.

Sadly though, Trump is no friend of animals or vegans, but, believe me, neither are the Clinton, Obama or Sanders crowds, even if they talk a good game at times.

Also see the two videos and the 10/2015 Savage-Trump discussion linked below.

Outspoken radio talk host, Michael Savage, trained in medicine, is a possible choice for Trump’s Director of the NIH (or possibly the CDC instead?), and this would most likely be very good for the anti-vivisection movement, especially for those poor animals stuck in those cages. Listen to him here especially around 4:50 to 5:55:

The NIH directs all funding to research institutions! So keep a watch and hope for Dr. Savage to get this appointment, as it has been suggested by some.

Savage also opposes vaccines and would likely never support compulsory vaccines as shown here:

Savage is not a friend of animal activists though; he often rages against us too, says he hates animal cruelty but can’t stand us either…so keep that in mind. But what he says and what he’ll actually do and its effect on animals is what we have to keep in mind, not our touchiness about being condemned as activists.

Trump-Savage interview:


Everyone’s Favorite Friendly Topic – Vaccines – Yay!

UPDATES AT BOTTOM – New link (doctors’ vaccine safety guarantee), etc., and blurb about correlation ≠ causation.

Just sharing some information here, please check it all out. Although I strongly disagree with Levi Quackenboss (his blog linked below) about diet, and about childless people not empathizing with parents of vaccine-damaged children and our supposedly being pro-vaccine because we don’t have kids. Wow, quite the erroneous blanket statement there. Speaking from my own perspective, not only do we empathize completely, we worry about mandatory vaccines coming our way too, with the ratchet effect of such laws being quite obvious. Other than that, a wealth of information can be found in all of the following:

Please, really listen to and watch this family’s story, every bit of it…quite revealing and chilling:

See all this man’s articles, not a boring one in the bunch and quite informative…except for his dietary advice which is absolute BS…he sounds like a meat-addicted nutjob in that area:

And, from the belly of the beast itself, have a look at all the package inserts (in large enough type where you can actually READ them) for all of today’s vaccines:

ADDED 9/6/16:

Try to get any doctor to sign the form linked below before shooting vaccines into you or your children, lotsa luck…but why should they have any problem with it?

NOTE: I’m not one to tell people to vaccinate or not, I’m saying it should be our own decision based on objective evidence (we don’t get that from the industry or their cohorts). What we allow in our bodies should not be anyone else’s decision, never by force. I will never take a vaccine voluntarily and would never have voluntarily allowed children to be vaccinated if I’d had any, which I didn’t. I do feel sorry for parents of today with all that’s going on…49+ vaccine doses from birth to age 6, all the autism, the fatal allergies requiring EpiPen use, and so on. Life is rough…to have to deal with governmental/medical tyrants on top of that is just obscene.

ADDED 9/8/16:

“Correlation doesn’t equal causation”…

…say the vaccine pushers in authoritatively proclaiming vaccines don’t cause autism, etc.. Yet strangely enough, any time someone doesn’t contract a disease after being vaccinated for it…even though unvaccinated people also do not contract the disease, and vaccinated people still get the disease(!)…the vaccine is loudly proclaimed to be THE definite cause of any supposed immunity. Yes, vaccinated people can and do contract the diseases, as with last years 85% of whooping cough victims having been fully vaccinated. That’s always excused away by bad vaccine batches, their not being 100% effective, the unvaccinated gave them the disease, etc., etc.

FYI: Any insidious dolt who questions any of the industry’s knowledge is a luddite scourge!

So, evidently the pros absolutely LOVE and rely fully upon correlation as causation when it suits their own vested interests. Funny, that. Yet when serious damages immediately follow vaccinations in family after family after family, the cause is said to be anything OTHER than the vaccines. Hard to wrap your head around that one, unless you understand the mysterious ways of Medical Science…so unless you’re a Scientist, just shut up and don’t worry your little head about these things. Trust the experts and take your shots! How dare you not; how dare you endanger the population with your grubby unvaxxed self?!

Oh, what a diseased place the human mind can be.

Does Veganism Kill Babies?

First, here are some handy guides to raising healthy vegan kids:


2) Gluten-free pregnancy using no supplement except B12: (“Gluten free” just to show anyone in the modern world can be vegan.)

3) Gluten-free pregnancy using lots of supplements:


Yep, another “malnourished vegan baby” story hit the news like a stink bomb recently…

Royalty-free stock photo of sick newborn, most likely not vegan

Royalty-free stock photo of sick newborn, most likely not vegan.

…This time from Italy, and it was triumphantly grabbed onto by “news” outlets and run with, vehemently. Again painting veganism as fraught with terrifying risks, a godawful lifestyle…especially terrible for children and babies! I won’t plug the story here by delving into it or with links…people can find that oh-so-easily on their own. The powers that be want you to find it.

I only want people to consider this:

Thousands and thousands of vegan parents give birth to and raise perfectly healthy vegan children. Those kids have far fewer illnesses than their peers and are very rarely obese; they’re active, bright, nicely behaved, full of character, all in all, prime examples of how to parent and raise healthy kids (see above links). And a large number of “omnivorous” kids raised on pancakes, sausages, bacon, cheese and other junk suffer malnourishment every day, even suffering or dying from heart disease and various cancers at young ages. And no one wants to link any of that to all that bacon and ice-cream. But feed kids vegetables and fruits minus the hot dogs, and look out, you’re headed for tragedy!

People basically believe what they want to believe, with truth and facts having no bearing on any of it. Note how we have no news pinheads trumpeting about the dangers of animal based diets for children. After all, media sponsors are animal agriculture and pharmaceutical industries. So, “meat/milk/eggs are wholesome health-giving foods fed to their children by smart and loving parents!” And don’t you DARE even think otherwise!

16Now, let there be some out-there kooks or irresponsible orthorexic or anorexic “vegan” parents that unintentionally starve their babies or children and end up in trouble and having their kids taken away, and you’ve got a huge news story on your hands. Something that will be gleefully and hatefully spread like wildfire, full of talk about vegan idiots and child abusers who’ve no right to even exist in this world. A huge load of vileness which the public is all too eager to join in on in an ugly attempt to justify their continuing to support animal “growing,” abuse, torture, and slaughter…being the “necessary-evils” believing animal lovers they are.

Note: I put “vegan” in quotes up there because some people who apparently know the full story in the news recently wrote that it’s not true that this baby was vegan, and that the whole story has been debunked (see youtube comment screenshots below). Regardless of what’s actually the case, however, the damage has been done. People so need to have “reasons” to condemn animal-free diets/lifestyles, so they will have those reasons, come hell or high water!screenshot 2screenshot 1

A Comparative Case in Point…

Vaccines GOOD – Veganism BAD!

Consider how those same masses…when hearing parent after parent after parent tell of their cases of serious, life-changing, debilitating, even fatal VACCINE damage in their kids…stand firmly with the “authorities” in disbelieving them, hating them, condemning them as unfit parents. Basically raging against them as societal scourges who should be rounded up, put in camps and forcefully vaccinated with every shot out there, and their kids confiscated by the government and of course vaccinated up the wazoo as well.

So here we have human delusional dementia exemplified:

Flimsy cases of “vegan malnutrition” are instantly believed by the public, who enthusiastically swallow it all, hook, line and sinker. Suddenly anecdotal “evidence” becomes concrete as can be and the many other instances proving the opposite…that vegan kids are healthier than others…are to be ignored as more of those heinous vegan LIES.

While case after case after case of actual devastating vaccine damage reported by all sorts of sensible, educated parents, as well as certain more honest and therefore despised doctors, is roundly dismissed as anecdotal and therefore to be ridiculed as trendy hysteria spread by irresponsible luddites under the undue influence of certain despised celebrities. Tales of unvaccinated kids being far healthier than their peers and of those vaccinated peers actually spreading diseases which they’re vaccinated against are all filthy LIES!

To clarify (or muddy up) the point even further…

Child eating veggie burger – Flickr pic by kellyhogaboom

You are to believe unquestioningly that veganism is dangerous and a form of child abuse because of the entirely anecdotal “evidence” of occasional dimwits who have eating disorders and thereby starve their babies. And you are to hatefully dismiss the myriad of evidence to the contrary provided by smart vegan parents with very healthy kids from conception onward. You are to continue to believe all that even when it turns out the malnourished child was not vegan. Why? Just because and how dare you ask! And just forget about all those omnivore kids who are sick and malnourished, to the tune of 62.8 million kids worldwide who suffer from acute malnutrition today. While…

You are to believe unquestioningly that vaccines are safe/effective and therefore excellent childcare, despite many parents’ accounts of life-ruining damage manifesting immediately (or weeks/months later) following vaccines. Anecdotal is bad, bad evidence, don’t you know? Even when hundreds and hundreds report the same types of damage. And all those accounts of parents who say their kids are all vaccinated up and healthy as heck are to be believed 100%…how could anyone doubt a smart and aggressive parent’s word?! The industry has done studies, after all, and shown themselves as heroes. To doubt is to sin!

In a Nutshell

Rare, questionable anecdotal evidence of vegan baby starvation, even when contradicted by real life and scientific evidence, is to be believed in alliance with the powers that be…in this case, animal agriculture.

While copious, demonstrative anecdotal evidence from parents with vaccine-damaged kids, when contradicted only by vested-interest evidence, is to be roundly rejected in alliance with the powers that be…in this case, the pharmaceutical/vaccine industry.

Convenient, how that all works out, ain’t it? And the public eagerly gobbles it all up and becomes ever more gleeful with hatred against “bad parents” of both the vegan and anti-vax type. Simply wonderful. I think I’ll reconsider being a misanthrope. Turn in my card. Hah.