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Total Quackery – Austria’s Graz University “Study”


Austria’s Graz University’s recent “study” is said to show vegetarians are unhealthier than meat eaters.

You can read about it here, many of the comments are good:

But what’s the real story?

From the supposed study, which was really only a survey of self-proclaimed diet followers:

“15,474 individuals, aged 15 years and older, were questioned in computer-assisted personal interviews…” “…only 2.2% of all participants consumed a vegetarian diet…”

Most of those “vegetarians” (343) consumed milk & eggs and many ate fish. Less than 10% (31) of the vegetarian group were vegans, as vegans were only 0.2% of the total survey.

Further to show the unscientific nature of the “study,” three meat eaters’ results were lumped in with each “vegetarian’s” results for some bizarre reason, because the number of “vegetarians” was so tiny. So the study shows virtually nothing about vegans, or vegetarians for that matter. It only shows huge animal-ag bias and pseudoscience, conducted, paid for, published, and eagerly grasped onto and touted as real by the media, animal ag interests, and their consumer puppets.


From the study, except for the (numbers) after %:

“While 0.2% (31) of the interviewees were pure vegetarians (57.7% female), 0.8% (124) reported to be vegetarians consuming milk and eggs (77.3% female), and 1.2% (186) to be vegetarians consuming fish and/or eggs and milk (76.7% female). 23.6% (3,651) reported to combine a carnivorous diet with lots of fruits and vegetables (67.2% female), 48.5% (7,505) to eat a carnivorous diet less rich in meat (60.8% female), and 25.7% (3,977) a carnivorous diet rich in meat (30.1% female)…

“Since the three vegetarian diet groups included a rather small number of persons (N = 343), they were analyzed as one dietary habit group. Moreover, since the vegetarian group was the smallest, we decided to match each of the vegetarians (1) with an individual of each other dietary habit group (carnivorous diet rich in fruits and vegetables (2), carnivorous diet less rich in meat (3) and a carnivorous rich in meat (4)).”

So, 31 vegans out of a group of 15,474 people, nearly 100% of whom eat animal products regularly, are said to give real information about vegan or vegetarian lifestyles in some way.

Science? No. This is madness, showing the utter desperation of meat industry interests in the face of veganism becoming more obviously a very healthy and humane way to live and gaining in popularity.


So please, keep being vegan, or go vegan, and stay free of fear-mongering and bogus “research” meant to keep the slaughterhouses running, the blood flowing, the medical coffers brimming, and the animal product industries happy.

Let’s all stop believing in lies.