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Get the Other Side of the Corona Scare Right Here!

URGENT UPDATE 3/26/2020 – Epidemiologist behind dire predictions for coronavirus drastically downgrades those numbers by about 96%:

“OMG, gotta get those surgical masks and emergency quarantine supplies before the shelves are empty! And by God, when’s that vaccine gonna be available?!”

Readers may be interested to know that Paul Offit of vaccine mandate fame said in an interview among his people that FEAR is their greatest tool against vaccine resistance. See video for source of that statement, which is attributed to Bill Gates there, but it’s actually Paul Offit speaking. And wow, do they love utilizing that fear, with their beholden media inundating us with the “scary stuff,” while they all…including Bill Gates…likely sit back to enjoy watching the public go nuts.

Remember the measles hysteria from this past Fall and at other times…always with the push for vaccines and with “compulsory” public school vaccine bills being passed all over the U.S. while the people were all scared and ripe for the picking? Remember how we were all warned of measles-infected people passing through a mall or wherever and how it was as if the Black Plague was making the rounds? (Measles was a mild disease we all had as children in the old days and thus were naturally immune to thereafter.) Why no more headline measles stories now? Or mumps, or pertussis, etc. One should wonder. And come to the conclusion that “corona” is just far juicier. (See more on the “measles epidemic” HERE)

Ka-ching! Here come those huge buckets of cash to fight the wicked COVID-19!

Please consider how this (so far) $8.3 BILLION being flushed down the bottomless toilet of “corona” funding could instead do some huge good for, say, cleaning up the water supply of Flint, Michigan, among other old, ongoing, horrible problems throughout the US. Instead it goes completely to waste, including to torture “lab animals.” People should be furious about that, but instead are furious at anyone who doesn’t believe the media narrative.

Don’t you think it’s about time people stopped listening to the mass media and their primary backers—the pharmaceutical industry? They’re not about your health; they’re about their financial well-being and luxurious lifestyles. They don’t get there by your being healthy and largely independent of them.

Just click on the orange title below for the other side of this corona hysteria, and you may also want to check out all of Jon’s other articles on this topic. It should all make you feel a lot better about this “virus,” at the same time causing you to feel a lot worse about having any sort of trust in certain people of power and influence in our world, which amounts to a large number of people being totally non-credible, shamefully (i.e. shamelessly) corrupt. I don’t remember corruption of this level being the norm at any time in the past. It’s a treacherous world and people have got to toughen up to it, stop being gullible.

Anyhow, here’s the article:

Corona baloney: it’s the money, honey


8 thoughts on “Get the Other Side of the Corona Scare Right Here!

    1. You must mean your facebook, thanks. The media is blissfully into “COVID-19” for the long haul, talking about procedures “in the months to come,” and so forth. 😒😡 Anyone reading here would also have their eyes opened regarding another issue by clicking on your name.

  1. I adore bats and set up a bat house in a tree for them. But the only thing to take up residency were wasps. But that’s okay, too. Jon has some telling insight, eh? On several subjects.


    1. He sure does; I read his book “Aids Inc.” decades ago. You get “the rest of the story” with Jon. And yes, bats are adorable, and so beneficial in the environment, now with demented morons massacring them due to CDS (corona derangement syndrome). Cities across America are expected to declare a state of emergency due to “corona cases/deaths,” then in comes the windfall of federal money, to be wasted on counterproductive nonsense as usual. What a species.

      1. Hi Laura, I just now saw & pinned your comment on my video & replied (there was a Google delay because of the url) The sad truth is that the majority love Fear Porn. They’ve seen for themseles that the government and the mainstream media are not to be trusted, yet both vegan & conspiracy theorist groups are 100% buying into what they’re selling on this one! It’s all just One Big Theatrical show, as the “presidential election” will be. We get a Terror Alert/Code Red every election year to bump up the panic and confusion, and this is no different. If anyone more than usual is getting sick or dying, it’s from taking and spreading vaccines and the usual food poisoning from eating the bodies and secretions of animals. Thank you so much for sharing my video link. I have no doubt that bats have been added to all the other animals they’re torturing in the labs…

        1. I agree with you on this one 100%, and couldn’t resist posting your video. The part with the lab goon stabbing the helpless, writhing mouse with that dagger of a needle, shooting some freaky toxin into him/her; well, it made my blood boil. The fear porn addicts (doofuses) out there consider that some real darn tootin’ SCIENCE right thar, and say “thank goodness they have them animals to use instead’a us!” Isn’t it also a nice coincidence that this “coronavirus” appeared at the height of flu vaccine season. I wonder if their “new” vaccine for this crap will cause paralysis and brain damage in the unfortunate, like the H1N1 vaccine’s narcolepsy effects in 2009-10 and the late 1970s “swine” flu vaccine causing GBS (paralysis). They can shove their Terror Alert/Code Red garbage.

          1. Hey Laura, have you seen the new Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth documentary? It was released in theaters right after this bogus “outbreak” hit! Gee, what a coincidence. They made sure to bury any talk of that with the 24/7 pandemic breaking news. I bought it streaming online at the vaxxed website & I highly recommend it. And yes, of course it also happened during the “get your flu vaccine now!” season. I really thought this would blow over but they keep ramping it up. They have so many agendas and this is accomplishing all of them – vaccines, fear, control, lockdown/quarantine, mass culling bats, crashing the economy…. It all makes my blood boil too, especially those sweet little mice trying to get away from those sadistic bastards.

            1. I keep thinking every day that surely people are catching on by now, surely things will get back to normal real soon; but no, not yet. The media and people like our governor in CA keep on fanning the flames, shamelessly, in their quest for more and more power and lots of federal funding for this “crisis.” The disruption of the economy has a real and bad impact on countless people’s lives. CA governor Newsom is talking martial law now, if “necessary,” to restrict all of our “movement.” CA schools may be closed until the Fall. Etc. This is all so disgusting.

              No I haven’t seen Vaxxed II yet, but hope it sends out all the right messages; no animal studies referred to (Wakefield did vax studies on animals), and no implying that they’re for “safe vaccines,” not anti-vax. Wakefield was on Larry Elder’s radio show here in January and Larry stated that Wakefield isn’t anti-vaccine, that the MMR is only a problem in combination and when given to kids under 3 yrs old, and Wakefield didn’t correct him even though he had plenty of opportunity. People would be left with the impression that as long as all the vaccines are given singly, at the right ages, they’re totally safe. I think I also heard Del Bigtree claim to be pro-safe-vaccine, not anti-vax once, but cannot remember where.

              I do believe if there’s any real disease going around now that it’s a result of flu vaccines, with likely flu-vaccinated people being the most susceptible, but able to spread it to others, possibly. Still, I tend more towards the hoax theories.

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