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America Invented Slavery? – So Say 1619 Project Adherents.

Image from the old Netflix tv series of the same name.

This piece is for the readers among you, as I really hope you’ll read (not just skim) and comprehend and absorb the two articles shared below, and begin thinking freely for yourself regarding these matters, if not already doing so.

See, I recently came across a comment that troubled me, under a Youtube video of Native American musician Link Wray’s performance of “Rumble” from 1974. Wray began his career as a great musician the 1950s, but went largely unknown partly (if not wholly) due to his being Native American. The comment was troubling because it was just so anti-white and racist, and it upset me more than I wanted to admit. So I had a dream/nightmare about the issue where I was desperately begging for forgiveness for the sins of people I never knew, nor am I related to them in any way. Even in the dream I had the hard heartache of knowing my apologies were not justified, or accepted…the various judges sporting admirably dark skin tones let me know without even words that my whiteness was simply the worst crime of all time and only my torturous death and eternal sentence in hell would suffice as punishment. I woke up startled and, well, just sad.

Anyhow, I’m kind of already in a sort of hell, thanks to the illicit “progressive” takeover of my country. And hey, I have plenty of my own sins that I beg for forgiveness for, from the loved ones I’ve failed to make things perfect for, or worse…far worse. I sure would love a group of people to blame my sorry shortcomings on. But, would I really? I don’t think so. I fully own my misdeeds and flaws and it’s up to my passed loved ones to set me free with their forgiveness, or not, when that time comes, in the spirit world. It’s between us and nobody else’s business. So I sure as hell don’t need to be taking on guilt for the sins of others, especially those who are not even “my fathers,” as my ancestors were poor, never owned slaves, and the Italian half were hated and discriminated against by “white America” back then upon their emigration to the USA.

I believe most thinking people would agree that this whole ugly racial “conflict” of today is based largely in the deceptive education students are getting in today’s mostly public schools and universities. Along with the mainstream media’s continual assaults on inquiring minds who still rely on them for anything resembling “news” these days. So I share the following article on the slave trade in the hope that others will find it as interesting and enlightening and truthful as I did.

Please go HERE to read.

Then there is this one on the 1619 Project, which should further educate anyone not up on all of this, but especially those who’ve only had the “progressive” viewpoint and manifesto crammed down their throats so far.

Click HERE for that one.

For perspective, here is the Youtube comment I replied to, referring to Link Wray whom you might want to check out:
“Elvis style with a cross, i guess to look white… was white men with their god that “discovered” America and put those people already living here on reservations and sent the children to residential schools later on late 1800s to convert them to white religion and culture…but white settlers needed cheap free labor and imported blacks from Africa…. the film “Rumble” gives a context to artists who were not white…”

My reply:
“Did you know that the Native American Cherokee Nation also held African slaves and sided with the Confederacy during the Civil War? You might want to read a Forbes article titled: ’After All, Didn’t America Invent Slavery?’. Quick answer: NO. Mesopotamians and Egyptians were the founders of the slave trade beginning about 6800 BC, and after a history of thousands of years, despised white people in the USA and Scandinavia were among the first to oppose and ban the African slave trade. What’s being taught in schools today is criminally dishonest and is clearly meant to destroy the USA through race wars.”

2 thoughts on “America Invented Slavery? – So Say 1619 Project Adherents.

  1. I’m not American, but I do know that slavery was well underway before slaves were brought to America. And I know that Africans themselves kidnapped other Africans and sold them to white slave traders, amongst others. There were also the Muslims from the Barbary Coast who sometimes kidnapped whole English villages and sold them into slavery. Yes, slavery is abhorrent, but whoever thinks their ancestors’ hands might be clean from having anything to do with it, had better have done their research well. This anti-white feeling, which although not without some merit, is also an ‘easy blame’ and popular because the crimes against coloured and indigenous people are so recent that no one has to think very deeply about it. Plus, the ‘power group’ always comes in for a bollocking from those who feel disempowered. I didn’t read the articles you posted, because I have read stuff about slavery before, and know that it’s not as simple as just being white = bad, and any other colour = good.

    1. It’s a bit of reading, but I really think you’d appreciate the articles. But thanks for your thoughtful comment.
      I think that any anti-white or other anti-color/race feeling is nothing but racism and racism has no merit in my opinion. I take people individually without regard to “race,” and it would sure be nice to always get that in return. Unfortunately, most people are racist, and “speciesist” and all sorts of other sorry “qualities.” It’s why slaughterhouses and vivisection labs, etc., still exist and are well-funded by the public.
      As far as anyone being responsible or punishable for the sins of ancestors, like one African-American comedian said, would he have to pay reparations to himself if his ancestors were slave dealers?
      Also, I know that by far, most violent crimes against “people of color” are committed by other people of color, not by whites or police. The criminals among that demographic also regularly victimize white people and others such as Asians; i.e., people who are not responsible for their misery. These high crime areas are mostly all run by “progressive” democrats, interestingly enough.
      Anyhow, the victimhood roles portrayed by the media are all askew; we have no actual news now.

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