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Hooray for Springtime…and HANDBAGS!

Despite what’s going on in the world today, my love for beautiful vegan handbags is as crazy as ever, possibly even more so. Here are ten bag finds for Spring 2021 that I hope will be able to please a variety of ladies out there. I find each one of them absolutely adorable and wish I could own them all. But I’m happy with my current collection of more “affordable” (dirt cheap but lovely) bags, so I’m not complaining. I do have one of the following (Fashion Puzzle 6th down) in a few neutral colors (sadly, not that blue-grey), but naturally it’s the least pricey of the bunch. Must say, if I should win the lotto, I’ll need a separate room just for purses, and these ten would all be included…

^^ Fashion Puzzle Lightweight Tassel Bucket Bag – BLUE-GREY
^^ Nicole Lee Floral Astrid Laser-Cut Cross body – BLUE
Floral Astrid with strap


Me at Ross, on Ebay or wherever 😳

2 thoughts on “Hooray for Springtime…and HANDBAGS!

  1. A lovely selection of bags. I’m jealous that I don’t live in a place where vegan clothing and accessories are easy to find in local shops. Although I must confess that I prefer pockets to handbags as a general rule 😊

    1. Those bags are all mail-order, so no need to be jealous. But yes we do have a lot of non-leather bags in local shops, which is where I got most of mine. Pockets would never hold all my stuff, not without bulging insanely. Anyhow, I get a “high” from adorable purses, gotta have ’em. 😍

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