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HR6666 The US Democrat Resolution to Strip You of Your Constitutional Rights, Must Die

The Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE Act) is HR6666.

UPDATED 5/18/20 – Sharing two important, related articles GO HERE and HERE on the real situation we’re in; the connection between the Rockefeller, Johns Hopkins and Gates foundations and the testing and tracing programs – must-reads if you’re to break free of the mind control. STOP COMPLYING.

UPDATED 5/14/20 – For full list of HR6666 co-sponsors (vile people to vote OUT): GO HERE. To write to the Republican leader of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce which is where HR6666 is up for vote since May 1 and as of today May 14, GO HERE …and of course urge him to vote NO on HR6666 and urge all of his fellow Republicans to do same, just in case by some odd chance some might vote yes. Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats on that committee, so it’s very important that Republicans all vote NO. Full committee membership HERE. This awful thing is very unlikely to get far, and surely President Trump would veto it if it got to his desk, hopefully without having that veto overridden by the Democrats, but it’s best that it’s killed where it’s at now, to get the message through to Bobby Rush and his cosponsors that the American people will not stand for this trashing of our constitutional rights.

UPDATED 5/13/20 – New petition added below.

Sharing two very important actions for all United States residents to consider joining in on. They regard this nightmarish proposed national resolution, appropriately titled HR6666 (can’t make this stuff up) which needs to be killed, burned and buried to never enter anyone’s thought processes ever again: Read about it here.

And/or watch:
Here are the actions (also see UPDATE 5/14 above for further action)…

The first is growing in signature numbers quickly, but the second (We The People) needs a lot of help as of now. Be aware that with PETITION 1 HERE your position on this matter and your contact information in the hands of enemy politicians in power (i.e. likely 100% of democrats and even a few “republicans” like HR6666 co-sponsor Jefferson Van Drew of New Jersey) may not be a good thing, so you may want to copy the letter and only send it to your representatives that you trust and have corresponded with. With PETITION 2 HERE, all you need to confirm to register your signature is your email.

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